Is there a website for grandparents…? Yes!

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Lately I’ve come across lots people asking the same question, ‘Is there a website for grandparents?’

With a huge push to get people online, especially the elderly, I think it’s important to highlight the huge range of websites which are online and available to explore. 

But the question is what websites are out there specifically for digital grandparents?

grannynet logo


Are focused around been a grandparent, offering support, advice and some of the the best information available online. The greatest thing about Gransnet and Grannynet is the community feel which they offer. Both sites boast forum set ups, which run solely on the interaction of users- the perfect place to tell your thoughts and opinions. With such a niche audience finding friendships is really easy and makes surfing the internet good fun.



I thought it was important to include websites which cover the legal rights of grandparents. Both Grandparent Association and Grandparent Plus offer legal help in regards to a grandparent’s role within the family. These sites contain valuable research and campaign policies which can be a greatly inspirational to grandparents.

digital unite

Having a go-to source when you get stuck, confused or aren’t sure what you should do next is really important when getting started online. The Digital Unite website has a specially designed ‘Learning Zone’ which can help get you on track.

I’d recommend this site to everyone because the online guides, which range from how to set up a document, setting up a Twitter account, downloading music and how to watch TV programmes online are incredibly easy to follow with step by step instructions making learning accessible to all. Brilliant!

Are you a grandparent? If so, what websites do you enjoy using or would you recommend to a friend?

The technologies which are getting elderly people online quick!

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I’ve come across a really interesting article on The Guardian online, which displays some wonderful statistics regarding how mature people are getting online and becoming more favourable with technology.

The information taken from AARP – The American Association of Retired People focuses directly on mature people’s involvement in the digital age. I’m sure elderly focused organisation and charities, along with the UK’s Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox will agree that these figures are fantastic and a real pleasure to read.

baby boomers on the internet

The facts to prove technology isn’t as alien to elderly people as some might think-

  • Over-65s are joining Facebook faster than any other age group’
  • ‘The fastest-growing demographic on the dating site is the over-50s’
  • ‘60% of baby boomers in the US (almost 47 million people) are consumers of social media including blogs, forums, podcasts and online videos’

The article, which focused primarily around care and housing provider ‘Housing 21’,  features fantastic tales of elderly people using online sources such as Facebook, Google maps, Google search and voice recognition to revitalise their lives or relive the past.

Personally I feel really impressed and inspired to know that elderly people are willing to try something new like the internet or social media. It’s great feeling to think that more of my customer base is trying to get online and connected.

Overall these statistics come as a huge relief for many who are trying to encourage their elderly friends and relatives to get online. Providing proof that technology is something to be welcomed rather than ignored.

AARP video- packed with facts and figures about baby boomers online!

Helpful online guides from Age UK’s myfriends online week

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 Age UK Myfriends Online Week easy to use guide

Yesterday I blogged about Age UK’s ‘myfriends online week’, a campaign which wants to help elderly people discover the social side of the internet with the help of their relatives and close friends.

In ‘We’re supporting Age UK’s myfriends online week’ I spoke about how online resources such as Skype can be extremely beneficial to users who maybe communicating with friends and family abroad and attached an easy to use guide.

Focusing my thoughts on the benefits of Skype I found myself thinking about how other online networks can really impact the lives of elderly people who are new to the web.

Age UK have published easy to use guides on websites that they believe will encourage elderly people to become more sociable online. The guides are really easy to follow, have brilliant links and helpful step by step instructions- perfect!

Age UK My friends online week

Elderly people enjoying a conversation via Skype

Age UK’s online guides include ‘How to…’ Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype and get online in a more general sense, which means that there is plenty of help on hand if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

I’m really impressed with the website choices that Age UK have made. As everyone has a Facebook account these days I think that encouraging elderly people to get a profile is wonderful. It makes sharing photos, events and general day to day happenings with family and friends so easy. An elderly person who is connected to their family via simply having a Facebook profile can feel so much involved!

Twitter is a great choice for anyone as it is so simple to use.  You can follow anyone and everyone from friends, to favourite celebrities and even companies and brands which you like. It’s perfect for getting quick snippets of information and has been famously used by elderly people in the past to document their lives.

Ivy bean Oldest twitter user 104

The late Ivy bean- one of the world oldest Twitters users

The late Ivy Bean was 104 when she died, Ivy used to tweet from her nursing home, talking about her life in general from her health to what she was having for dinner. Ivy found the online networking site a great way of making new friends and staying engaged with the world outside of her care home. So social networking really can make a difference and be beneficial to elderly people who are getting online.

I find it really encouraging to see Age UK willing people on, getting people to local events and persuading families to help. Hopefully so much support will allow more elderly people to discover the social side of the internet.

We’re supporting Age UK’s myfriends online week!

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blog banner myfriends online week

It is great to see that Age UK is encouraging the elderly to get online.

Their latest campaign, ‘myfriends online week’, which runs from 21st to 27th March 2011 is encouraging elderly people to get online to connect with family and friends, and to even make some new ones.

The campaign is also hoping to get family and friends of elderly people involved. Age UK want relatives to pass on their computer skills to give their elderly loved ones a helping hand into the digital world.

In the community Age UK are hosting events up and down the country to support elderly people who wish to get online. Events include ‘a guide to social networking’ and ‘simple computer basics’ classes, which means that there is something for everyone regardless of experience.

The ‘myfriends online week’ campaign is hoping to open up the minds of elderly people, giving them a new perspective on the digital world. Introducing elderly people to social networking resources where it is easy to communicate with relatives and make friends online. Helping to avoiding the loneliness that many elderly people feel from time to time.

I think that getting more people online is great. In particular I love the idea of more elderly people using online resources such as Skype, where you can directly connect with friends and family via online telephone calls. Programmes such as Skype are brilliant if you have children or grandchildren who live abroad or maybe are away at university. Not only is the service free but you can see who you are talking to in real time.

As my grandchildren live in Italy I find that Skype is a great way to stay in touch.  Its video technology makes a phone call to them extra special. As not only do I get to speak to them, I get to see how much they are growing, they can even show me their new toys and school projects. It’s perfect and so simple to use!

As Skype is an online service which really does show off how easy it is to use the internet to stay connected, I’ve uploaded an easy to use guide. I hope it’s helpful and that your first Skype venture is wonderful!

Skype how to make free video calls easy to use guide

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