Annette’s Websites of the Week- Naidex National 2012

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Annette's websites of the week

Naidex National 2012 has been a focus point this week because of the annual exhibition at The NEC in Birmingham. Having already posted my highlights from Naidex I thought it would be a nice idea to finish the week with a Naidex themed websites of the week.  – If you visited Naidex this week you no doubt came back with a list of products that you want to research online. Thankfully the Naidex website is set up with a simple A-Z category system that makes searching for products and suppliers stress free. 

Naidex National 2012

Along with directing visitors to everything featured at the show- exhibitors, products, industry experts- I like how includes a live Twitter stream which made following the expo throughout the week easy and fun.

If you’re planning on visiting Naidex National next year I’d recommend visiting the site to get a feel for what you can expect from the show- check out the printable PDF’s of ‘Show Features’ including The New Product Showcase which I’ve found really useful. Rethinkthings is home to one of my highlights from this year’s Naidex the stylish ‘Flo’ walking frame. The website is full of quirky products which all have a similar artistic style to the Flo. Plus the site includes a blog that explains all of Rethinkthing’s products in greater depth which is definitely worth a read.

rethinkthing logo Orthros by Lepmis was my favourite product from Naidex 2012 because I was bowled over by how much joy the one handed video gaming joystick gave to its fans. A small but informative site, hosts a variety of different products which are all adapted to make video gaming accessible to disabled fans so it’s definitely worth book marking if you’re a gamer who currently has difficulties handling  generic controllers. I’m sure you can tell from my Highlights post yesterday Naidex is hugely diverse so it’s a delight to say that accessible gardening was also on display from The Mobile Garden who has come up with an in or outdoor gardening solution.

Their invention, a circular rotating planting tray, allows gardeners to plants vegetables, flowers and plants from their wheelchair or the comfort of a chair. It’s a lovely product which I’m sure all keen gardeners will be interested in especially as summer is just around the corner. I’d recommend visiting the website where you can watch a demonstration video which explores how the mobile garden works in its entirety.

www.ihusaccess.comThe Independent Living Home Show was hosted by iHUS who specialise in creating living spaces which are accessible to you. Their website includes an impressive portfolio of work which is exquisite and shows how homes can be adapted with additional living space.

Although I know that renovation is a big step for most people we have worked with customers who’ve used the Bath-Knight in speciality adapted Granny Flats, our latest was featured on Grand Designs. I think the iHus website is a great one to keep on file for future options and inspiration.

Naidex National 2012

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Naidex National 2012

Today is the opening day of Naidex National, the UK’s largest exhibition for disability, homecare and rehabilitation. Naidex attracts the leading names in the industry and truly is an event which shouldn’t be missed (I’m travelling down to the NEC this morning) as it’s the place to find out what’s new and what we can expect from 2012.

I’ve attended Naidex year after year as the exhibition works around the mantra of ‘Inspiration for Independent Living’. Strong to its word Naidex features a hugely diverse selection of products and service for people who require additional help in maintaining or regaining their independence.

Products at Naidex include facilities for elderly people, disabiled people and superb ranges for children with disabilities. Anything featured at Naidex is guaranteed to be one step ahead as manufactures often choose Naidex to showcase their brand new products and technologies.

Last year I was lucky enough to see the ReWalk by Cyclone, a devise which fits around the bottom half your body including sensors and computerised motors enabling paralysed people to stand up and walk independently. Claire Lomas, who was left paralysed after she fell off a horse, is currently making headlines as she attempts to complete the 26.2 mile London Marathon in the ReWalk.

I’m confident that this year’s event will prove to be even more innovative than last and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how much more product development has been made throughout the year.

A highly anticipated event this year’s 2012 exhibition will be opened by Falkland’s war veteran Simon Weston OBE, who has overcome some of the toughest challenges in his life and truly is an inspiration to live independently and enjoy every moment of life. Hopefully I’ll get to catch him over the course of the day.

I’ll be blogging about my time at Naidex throughout this week.

Kensington Palace reopens to the public after £12 million renovation

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Kensington Palace, the birth place of Queen Victoria and royal residence to Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales, was reopened to the public yesterday after a two year renovation projection that cost £12 million.

Steeped in history Kensington Palace has been a tourist attraction for years; it first opened its doors to the public in 1899. But the royal palace had a reputation for being ‘stuffy’ and visitors were often left disappointed by the number of restricted areas.

The recent renovation hopes to not only showcase the history and heritage of Kensington Palace but also bring the palace up to date with the modern royal family. To do such, a new Jubilee Garden has been created, which will now be used as the official entrance, and once inside visitors will be greeted by a contemporary light sculpture called ‘Luminous Lace’.

Luminous Lace light sculpture

‘Luminous Lace’ light sculpture

Visitors are also promised a detailed insight into Kensington Palace and the royals who have resided there over time. The renovation has introduced a number of new exhibitions which are set to be popular amongst tourists- I’m hoping to make it to London over the summer to visit Kensington Palace myself.

Queen Victoria is heavily focused upon in public areas as visitors will be able to view ‘Victoria Revealed’ an exhibition that delves into the life of Queen Victoria. A collection of the Queen’s childhood treasures, including her childhood dolls, sketchbooks and even shoes will be on display alongside the wedding outfits which she and Prince Albert wore on their wedding day.

Queen Victoria wedding dress

Queen Victoria's wedding dress on display

Visitors will also be able to enter the Red Saloon room where Queen Victoria held her first Privy Council and view a collection of video footage from her Diamond Jubilee in 1897 which is fitting for 2012.

Kensington Palace has also revealed that the exhibition ‘Diana: glimpses of a modern princess’ will be on display until September. Dedicated to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, the exhibition showcases the fashion of Princess Diana and includes a number of dresses which she wore at royal engagements.

Princess Diana kensington palace wallpaper

Wallpaper design by Julie Verhoeven is featured in the Diana exhibition

The Palace has noted that this exhibition is small in comparison to others but significant because Kensington Palace was her royal home. I believe that although small in size this exhibition may draw the largest crowds because Diana was the people’s princess.

After an enormous renovation in the public areas of Kensington Palace it would seem that the work doesn’t stop there as a private wing of the palace is now under renovation for the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who will be residing there from next year.

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