Falklands War 30th Anniversary

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Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War which began on 2nd April 1982 when Argentinian forces invaded the Falklands Islands and conflict between Britain and Argentina begun.

Although the Falklands War was a short conflict in comparison to many- I can vividly remember it only lasting 74 days- it remains one of the most memorable wars of modern times and is a significant piece of British history.

Soldiers in the Falklands

Soldiers in the Falklands in 1982

During the conflict, which eventually saw the Argentinians surrender, 255 British soldiers were killed and 650 Argentinian troops lost their lives. Along with these deaths countless soldiers were injured many of them suffered horrific burns.

To mark 30 years a memorial service took place at Britain’s National Memorial Arboretum here in Staffordshire today where prayers of peace between the two nations were said as unease about the Falklands Islands still simmers today.

30th Anniversary Falklands War

A candle has been lit to remember those who lost life in Falklands

A candle has also been lit to at remember those who have fallen and will remain alight until 14th June- symbolising the length of the conflict which caused the loss of some many lives.

To read more about the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War visit The Royal British Legion website where full history of the conflict is detailed along with heroic personal stories and a Falklands special edition of the Poppy Press (online newsletter).

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