Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Sunday 17th June 2012

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Father’s Day is right around the corner so I thought I’d share some of my favourite gift ideas. I always think that Father’s Day can be a little tricky so I think it’s best to find something that your father specifically wants or go with a classic piece. Here I’ve chosen a variety of practical purchases, all from the high street or online, that will go down a treat whatever your budget.   

1. Men’s Fragrance –Boots
2. ‘Best Dad’ Mug – Emma Bridgewater
3. I Love Dad chocolates – Thorntons
4. No.1 Dad cufflinks – Notonthehighstreet
5. Stripy socks – John Lewis
6. Beer & Ale – Marks & Spencer
7. Wallet – Aspinal of London
8. Hip Flask – Aspinal of London
9. Subbutteo – Waterstones

British Pie Week 2012- Cheese and Onion Pie

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Today I’m sharing a pie recipe which everyone will enjoy, a classic cheese and onion pie with wholemeal pastry. This pie is perfect if you’re feeding vegetarians or looking for a simple dish for a family supper.

Make the recipe your own by adding a variety of cheeses- the cheese selection is totally up to you.

I like to serve my cheese and onion pie warm with a selection of seasonal veggies but if you’ve got grandchildren around serve with a helping of baked beans. To me the beauty of this pie is that it can be served cold too. I wrap up any left over for lunch and enjoy with a hearty chutney- yum!

Read more about British Pie Week here.

British Pie Week Cheese and onion pie

Large babies and big families – 15 Kids and Counting

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For the average family 2 children and a dog is more than enough. However, it would seem that for some the classic mantra ‘the more the merrier’ is very much true.

Channel 4’s documentary series ‘15 Kids and Counting’ gives an insight into some of Britain’s largest families. Sighting the trials and tribulations of what such large broods bring from financial woes, accommodating everyone and other people’s perception of families who have 10 plus children. It’s most certainly interesting viewing.

Watching the Radford family from Lancashire take their 14 children (Mrs Radford was pregnant with number 15) on holiday to the Canary Islands was astonishing. Ran somewhat like a military operation, as I’m sure many tasks have to be, I was amazed by how smoothly everything seemed to go.

Radford family

The Radford Family

Reflecting back to my many years as a school teacher, a day out with a class full of children was incredibly tiring and hard work, never mind a two week holiday in a foreign country. So such smooth organisation is definitely a skill mastered by the Radford’s.

However, the series hasn’t been so smooth for everyone. The Bland family were suffering from unruly sibling rivalry, which highlighted the emotional heartache which having so many brothers and sisters has on children. Whilst last night’s episode exposed the cruelty which some families have to live with from the press. Jo Watson, who provides for her children with help of benefits, has received plentiful of negative media attention affecting not only her marriage but children’s lives.

Asher Stewardson

Kendall Stewardson with baby Asher

In contrast to large families I read an article today about a super large baby. Born in America last week, baby boy Asher Stewardson was delivered naturally by mum Kendall weighing a breath-taking (and ouch crying)  13Ibs and 13oz.

Astonished by how Kendall managed to give birth naturally to such a large baby boy I researched her a little more. Only to find that, Kendall who decided with her husband to op against surgery unless essential, gave birth without pain relief.

To my surprise Asher isn’t the largest baby to be born naturally; in fact he looks small in comparison. As in 1897, Canadian Anna Bates gave birth to a baby boy weighing a whopping 23Ibs and 12oz. With no medical advances at such a time the baby sadly died shortly after but still remains in the Guinness World Record Book.

Watch 15 Kids and Counting on Channel 4’s online demand service 4OD now.

Should older people have to downsize their homes?

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In difficult financial times the finger of blame is often pointed. Reports on where things have gone wrong are frequently at the forefront of news features along with suggestions of how things can be altered to make problematic areas more beneficial to social today.

This week housing problems have flooded the news, with an estimated 25 million empty bedrooms in the UK it has been suggested that older people are becoming a home “hoarders” by holding on to homes which are too big for their needs.

lovely house

I am outraged by suggestions that older people should contemplate downsizing to make room for young families. I have to ask myself who is in a position to make such a suggestion which could potentially plan out somebody else’s life.

For many a home has sentimental value along with a collection of memories which can’t be packed up and taken to another property. Furthermore these so called “house hoarders” have worked hard for many years to own their homes. Why should their hard work be dismissed so easily?

Of course downsizing is perfectly acceptable and can be a great move for people who want to adjust their living arrangement to suit their personal needs. However, it’s unfair for older people to be made to feel as though they don’t belong in their own homes anymore.  

Has anyone considered that those 25 million empty rooms aren’t permanently empty? Some weekends they are occupied by excited grandchildren or visiting friends. During the week they are the home to sewing machines and book cases which keep the mind active.

To so ignorantly suggest that these empty rooms are merely a drain on social is so unfortunate. We can only hope that these suggestions to downsize don’t enforce any ill-fated decisions for older and often vulnerable members of society.

My Story by Annette Greenwood

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My name is Annette Greenwood and I am the Managing Director of Bath-Knight.

Quite a few years ago, my story and career as a business woman began here as I began to market a product which we all now know and love, Bath-Knight. 

I knew nothing about business at the time. I was a school teacher, admittedly I had been school head but that’s a far cry from running your own company. But the Bath-Knight was close to my heart, invented by Father, Bill Steadman I looked forward to the challenge and a new direction.

My Father Bill Steadman

 So what would any self-respecting teacher do faced with a new challenge? I went to the library. I took out every book they had on business and read all 28 of them!

Of course, nothing prepares you completely for the challenges ahead but at least I was warned. I also believed, I believed strongly in the product and knew that there were many elderly people who really needed it and that this product would change their lives.

Right from the beginning I wanted a business that I could be proud of. My sister worked with me then and she agreed that we should hold on to our ethics. Never do anything that we would not want to be done to ourselves or our family.

Family has become an important part of Bath-Knight’s success throughout the years. It was my Father whose creation made everything we have here at Bath-Knight possible. With my sister’s help we launched our business and in more recent years my own children have created their own success within our family business.

Robert my son joined us in 1999, after finishing his university studies he quickly progressed and became the Marketing Manager here at Bath-Knight. To my delight Robert’s success has taken him and the company to all corners of the world as he launched Bath-Knight in France in 2003 and more recently in Italy.

2003 brought my daughter Lucy to the company. Much like Robert, Lucy studied before following in her brother footsteps and into the Marketing Managers chair. And later in 2005 Lucy took off to Germany adding another destination to our newly international brand.

Lucy, Alan, myself and Robert.

I am extremely proud of our achievements here at Bath-Knight, as we believe in our products and the services which we offer. That’s why I am happy to put my name and face on the internet and on all advertising.

Over the years I have made many new friends who are customers. I really value their input I often get letters telling me how they use their Bath-Knight and their ideas have helped us to bring in new developments. However, I realise that the world around us is forever changing and becoming more digital and Bath-Knight must do to.

Our expansion online will give our customers more access to our products and allow for more interaction. We have always believed that the Bath-Knight has enhanced thousands of lives and given you more independence in your own home; we believe that the internet can have the same effect.

As Managing Director I want to help you get online to gain some essential internet skills which will not only keep you up to date with the Bath-Knight team and products but also help you gain more independence  with the help of online services.

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