Google Zeitgeist list 2011

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As more of us are getting online it’s interesting to read about who and what we search the web for. Today Google, the world’s most recognised and highly thought after search engine, has released its annual Google Zeitgeist list documenting the top web searches of 2011.

The annual study, which is thought to capture the spirit of our age, offers interesting reading as alongside unsurprising top searches are a couple which are a little more obscure.

Google Zeitgeist 2011

The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a huge calendar event this year; I wrote about the event here on my blog and was greeted with a breath taking amount of hits. So it comes as little surprise that the Royal Wedding topped ‘Fastest rising searches in 2011’.

However, other top searches are a little more questionable. For example ‘What is scampi’ was the second top search in Google’s ‘What is…’ list and it would seem that nobody seems to know why. The sudden and bizarre interest in Scampi is a little bewildering but I think this wonderfully illustrates the freedom and ability that the internet offers- endless information to feed your curiosity whatever the subject may be.

Elsewhere on the Google Zeitgeist list 2011 are searches to find out more information about politics. ‘What is AV?’- The Alternative Vote- came high up on the list, which refreshing indicates that people in the UK took the time to research political system which could potentially affect politics here in the UK.

Politicians themselves, however, weren’t so successful. Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat leader has taken a blow according to Google becoming the ‘Fastest falling person’ to be searched in 2011.

Google Zeitgeist 2011

Of course celebrities, movies and retailers all made it to the top. The likes of Adele, Groupon, Ed Sheeran and Asda become top searches in 2011. Fitting like a glove with this year’s music charts, bargain hunting fascination and the new online discount shopping trend.

It’s incredible to see that Google can produce such a reflective documentation of a period of time. Amazingly simple searches stormed the prestigious ‘Top UK searches’ list with Facebook, YouTube and Hotmail at the helm. All of which are extremely reflective of how and why we use the internet and that’s to communicate with each other.

Read all of the Google Zeitgeist List 2011 via The Telegraph here.


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