Parkinson’s Awareness Week 16th –22nd April 2012

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Today marks the beginning of Parkinson’s Awareness Week ran by Parkinson’s UK, the leading research and support charity for Parkinson’s here in the United Kingdom.

Throughout this week the charity hopes to help more people understand what Parkinson’s disease entails and how the progressive neurological condition affects 130,000 sufferers and their family, friends and carers in the UK.  But more specifically, Parkinson’s UK would like to find a cure, and in turn raise crucial funds to enable on-going research.

Parkinson's UK

Parkinson's UK hosting Parkinson's Awareness Week

To kick start Parkinson’s Awareness Week, Parkinson’s UK has launched a ground breaking research project called ‘Tracking Parkinson’s’. The research project is set to become the world biggest in-depth study into people who have Parkinson’s and aims speed up the process of finding a cure for the disease.

Running over a 5 year period Tracking Parkinson’s will be headed by Dr Donald Grosset at the University of Glasgow, and funded entirely by Parkinson’s UK. The project will work with over 3,000 volunteers who will have their condition monitored in greater detail than ever before.

For research purposes volunteers have to be under the age of 50 or recently diagnosed and willing to have a blood test taken plus attend visits with their consultant every six months. And that’s it, there’s no scary operating tables or scans just a small insight into your condition which could help change the way that Parkinson’s is treated forever.

Find a Cure

'What would a cure mean to you' message board

Along with the launch of Tracking Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s Awareness Week is host to numerous awareness events across the country- find one near you here. And a new message board called, ‘What would a cure mean you’, which is encouraging suffers, family and carers to share their thoughts and experiences with one another. Having read some of the posts this morning I think that the message board is a fantastic place to start understanding why development into a cure or more advanced treatment is so important to those who are affected by Parkinson’s disease.  

Support Parkinson Awareness Week today by visiting Parkinson’s UK website and read an additional BBC article on Tracking Parkinson’s here.

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