Food of the Queen- My six dishes of the Queen’s reign

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This weekend’s Diamond Jubilee will be largely celebrated with food and drink which got me thinking about the dishes that remind me of the Queen and her 60 year reign. I’ve come up with six dishes –one for each decade; that remind me of great times celebrating royal occasions of the past.

Coronation Chicken is undoubtedly a dish for a royal occasion. Created for the Queen’s coronation by Rosemary Hume in 1952, the fruity chicken dish has stood the test of time as it’s still a popular choice today, making it the perfect sandwich filler for a Diamond Jubilee street party lunch.

I’d suggest following The Hairy Bikers Coronation Chicken recipes as it’s full of flavour with fresh mango, lemon and apricot jam.

Coronation chicken

Coronation Chicken

Years ago a royal celebration wouldn’t seem complete without a bowl of trifle. Traditional trifles would have a good slug of sherry and a sponge bottom with layers of fresh berries and plenty of custard and cream on top. Served in a deep glass dish, an old fashioned trifle would be the centre of any table display and a desert which I’d really looked forward too.

For a Diamond Jubilee edition why not serve trifle in individual pots and add red, white and blue sprinkles on top as featured in BBC Food’s recipe.


Jubilee Trifle

Even if you don’t follow the Royal Family throughout the year chances are that you’ll watch the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day, which brings me to the traditional Roast Dinner.

Served weekly in a majority of households, roast dinners are a national treasure. It’s a meal which is enjoyed by all, and although the finer details of the meal may change from family to family the basics are always the same; a quality cut of British meat, fresh vegetables, fluffy potatoes and a generous serving of gravy.

If you enjoy a lamb roast read James Martin’s roast recipe with the trimmings.

roast dinner

Traditional Roast Dinner

Cream tea is wonderfully British and instantly reminds me of summer garden parties much like the one I attended a Buckingham Palace, which served a traditional cream tea of scones, clotted cream and jam with a cup of tea and finger sandwiches.

Homemade scones are easy to make and taste delicious. Try Delia Smith’s recipe for fruity jubilee scones.

cream tyea

Jubilee Cream Tea

During her reign the Queen has travelled across the globe and has tasted the world’s most delicious cuisine. During those 60 years foreign food has become incredibly popular amongst British families, many families now enjoy a variety of international curry dishes.

With the help of chefs like, Jamie Oliver and Anjum Anand, people are making authentic curries in their own homes. So why not spice up your Diamond Jubilee celebrations with a curry pot, Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Tikka Masala is mild enough for everyone to enjoy.


Spice up the Jubilee with a curry dish

Named after Queen Victoria, the only other monarch to have a Diamond Jubilee, Victoria Sponge is a traditional British cake which is easy to make and a favourite amongst The Women’s Institute.

I always enjoy a freshly baked slice of Victoria Sponge and I can’t think of a more appropriate occasion to indulge. Neither can I think of a better recipe to follow than Mary Berry’s ‘perfect’ Victoria sandwich. Enjoy!

victoria sponge

Victoria Sponge

Street Party Food Recipes- Union Jack Crown Biscuits

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I’ve always found that food is a fantastic way to bring people together so make plenty of party nibbles for your Diamond Jubilee street party. I’d recommend making food that the majority of people will enjoy and remember to keep recipes simple, affordable and easy to make in bulk.

I posted my sausage rolls, scotch eggs and royal cupcakes recipes during the Royal Wedding- click links to see- and I’ll be posting more of my favourite street party recipes over the week.

Today’s Union Jack Crown biscuits are easy to make and can be decorated however you like (crowns, union jacks, red white and blue) which is why I’d suggest making these with grandchildren. Once the biscuits have baked give the children some icing and let them decorate whilst you get on with another task – simple!

Diamond Jubilee Union Jack Biscuits

Top Tip: Use a cake cutter to make your biscuits extra special. This month’s edition of Woman & Home magazine is giving away a free crown cake cutter especially for the Diamond Jubilee which works really well.

National Vegetarian Week – Homemade Veggie Pizza and Potato Salad

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It’s National Vegetarian Week so I’ll be sharing some of my favourite vegetarian dishes on the blog throughout the week- I’d love to hear which veggie dishes you enjoy cooking so please leave a comment below.

Here at Bath-Knight the sun is shining and it’s finally starting to feel like summer is on the way. So I thought that I’d share a couple of simple recipes which you can eat outside whilst enjoying the sunshine.

NVW veggie pizza

Vegetarian homemade pizzas are really easy to make and although I tend to make my own pizza bases (I follow Jamie Oliver’s recipe) you can buy readymade ones from local supermarkets.

The best thing about homemade pizza is that you can add whatever toppings you like. For a veggie feast stock up on olives, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, sweet corn, jalapeños, garlic, onion, capers and plenty of different types of cheese. With so much choice even meat eaters will love these pizzas.

NVW potato salad

I like to serve pizza with a side salad and often I’ll make this potato salad to accompany a light supper. It’s also a great recipe to use when guests are around for BBQ’s or picnics in the garden. This potato salad can be eaten warm or cold and keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days.

National Vegetarian Week 2012 – Rachel Khoo’s Wild Mushroom Terrine

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It’s National Vegetarian Week (21st-27th May) and although I’m not as vegetarian I do adore well prepared vegetarian dishes. Like last year I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite veggie recipes over this week but I’ll also be looking into the health benefits of incorporating more veggie dishes into your diet.

After recently spending some time on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day website I got reading some of his info-graphics which highlight stats on all sorts of food. One in particular caught my attention as it discussed the health effects of red meat.

Although I’ve always been aware that too much red meat can be unhealthy but I was shocked to read the actual facts of how dangerous it is. As too much red meat causes heart disease, cancer and significantly increases cholesterol, which gives all the more reason to really get stuck into delicious vegetarian meals this week.

NVW WIld Mushroom Terrine

So to kick start this year’s National Vegetarian Week I’m featuring a recipe from TV chef Rachel Khoo whose new cooking programme ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ brings French cooking up to date- I’ve really enjoyed the series and its available to watch on iPlayer for those who want to catch up.

Rachel’s Wild Mushroom Terrine or Terrine Forestière as it’s known in France is a delicious choice and perfect for dinner parties as it can be prepared in advance. What I like most about this veggie terrine is how simple the ingredients are yet it’s a delight to eat. Most definitely a veggie dish which I’d recommend trying, enjoy!


Annette’s Websites of the Week: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, BBC IPlayer and Talking Tables

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Annette's websites of the week

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution- On Saturday 19th May Jamie Oliver is hosting the first ever international food revolution day. He wants people to join together and share their skills, knowledge and passion for food with the hope that together we champion healthy and notorious food.

Food Revolution Day logo

If you read my blog earlier this week you’ll know that I’m a real supporter of Jamie’s vision and I think that getting involved is something that everyone can do really easily by hosting a dinner party or spending an afternoon in the kitchen with grandchildren and getting them to do some of the cooking- you’ll be surprised by how eager they’ll be to get involved.

The Food Revolution Day website is a fantastic resource for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the campaign and how you can support Jamie and his army of foodies. Get ideas for events; register yours online or search for an FRD event in your local area. Alternatively use the website to find some delicious recipes– Jamie Oliver has even featured a special collection of his own.


Talking TablesYesterday I blogged about party accessories from Talking Tables after seeing their Jubilee Range of cake toppers and cupcake stands- the cupcake thrones are my favourite. Although the website currently features lots of Jubilee inspired items it also has a variety of other ranges which could come in handy for birthday parties and summer BBQ’s.

talking_tables_party ware

Specialising in everything from party ware for children’s parties, weddings, anniversaries and afternoon teas Talking Tables is a great site to keep bookmarked for inspiration when you’ve got an event to organise.

I think that the prices online are pretty pricy, however there is something for every occasion and some of the items really are show stoppers so you could mix and match stand out pieces alongside more affordable party basics from supermarkets etc… Overall a really lovely site that will get you into the party spirit.


BBC iPlayerI regularly use BBC’s iPlayer to catch up with TV programmes which I’ve missed or forgotten to record. Although I’m aware that lots of people use this online on-demand service I’m always a little surprised when I come across people who’ve not used iPlayer or don’t know what it is.

BBC IPlayer

So I decided to include BBC iPlayer into my recommendations this week because it’s a site which is incredibly easy to use (plus a great way to get started on the internet) and can be a handy tool if you’ve miss something which you’d have like to watched. I caught up with Chatsworth earlier this week after missing it on Monday evening which I’d recommend watching.

You can use the iPlayer to view programmes which have aired on BBC TV or Radio. Search the ‘Most Popular’ selection for shows or if you’re looking for something more specific then select the relevant channel and day it was aired (or search by A-Z). Once you’ve found the programme click and play- it’s worth noting that most programmes only stay online for a certain amount of time so be sure to check out how long you’ve got to watch to avoid disappointment.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day 19th May 2012

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I’m sure that people who read my blog regularly will know that I’m a real foodie. I love to cook, share recipes and entertain my friends and family with regular dinner parties. So when I read about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, which is been held on the 19th May 2012 across the world, I was interested to see what my favourite TV chef has planned.

Jamie is renowned for being passionate about getting people, specifically children, to eat a healthy and notorious diet. He’s previously worked on projects both in the UK and in the United States that actively helped families, school children and communities to eat healthier.  

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day 2012

Now Jamie Oliver is using the power of people to make a change to the world’s unhealthy food habits. He wants foodies from across the globe to come together and share their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for food to raise awareness of how easy healthy food is to prepare and more importantly how delicious it is to eat.

Anyone can take part in Food Revolution Day. You can host an event- dinner party, BBQ, tasting session, cookery class, food parties/festival- or go along to an existing event it’s completely up to you. The point is that we make and share healthy foods, teach children where produce comes from and start to understand the advantages of cooking at home rather than opting for unhealthy take-outs or restaurant meals.

As I’m sure you can imagine the response to Jamie’s Food Revolution Day has been phenomenal. At present 551 cities and 57 countries are involved with 397 public events and 434 dinner parties taking place on Saturday. These events hope to raise funds for more schooling toward food education in schools and colleges where food basics should be unfortunately aren’t been taught to children and young adults.

Jamie Oliver

As someone who loves food and cooked as a child with my mother (I believe it’s important to get kids in the kitchen from a young age), I think that Food Revolution Day is a great idea. Not only will it help educate people and further their skills but it’s a great opportunity for foodies like me to learn more about foods from across the world as The Food Revolution Day website allows guests to post their own recipes making it a brilliant resource for finding authentic recipes from all corners of the globe.

If you want to get involved check out the website where you can search for an event near you or register to host your own. But importantly read the facts about how major an issue the world’s unhealthy attitude towards food is. The facts are shocking- 43 million children under 5 are overweight- the reality of the issue will encourage you ‘stand up for real food’ once and for all.

National Bread Week: Maple Syrup Cornbread

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As National Bread Week continues I’ve decided to delve into my daughter, Lucy’s, recipe collection because she’s a fantastic baker. Over the years Lucy has perfected a variety of different breads and bakes everything from classic loafs to flat bread and the most delicious focaccia.

Today I’ve chosen to share with you a recipe which Lucy and I used to enjoy many years ago when we lived in the United States of America. Maple Syrup Cornbread might sound a little strange to those who’ve never tried it but it’s a fantastic side dish and a real American favourite that’s easy to make and very enjoyable.

The trick to making Maple Syrup Cornbread is to ensure that it doesn’t become too sweet. Remember that you’re only looking for a light, sweet taste and nothing more. Once it’s baked enjoy on its own with a little butter or alternatively use a fruity jam.

Maple Syrup Cornbread

National Bread Week – Easy white bread

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There is nothing more delicious than a freshly baked loaf of bread and this week is the perfect time to indulge as its National Bread Week.

I’ve baked on and off for many years and have always found that bread is extremely rewarding to bake as its fills the house with a delicious smell and can be so easily enjoyed. I love to eat fresh bread with homemade soup, toasted with jam or simply by itself with a knob of butter.


National Bread Week- Homemade white bread

Although I’ve baked for most of my adult life I wouldn’t call myself a baker, however, my daughter Lucy has become renowned for her baking skills and is always bringing delicious goodies into the office including all varieties of bread. I‘ll be posting some of her own recipes later this week for you to enjoy too.

Until then I thought I’d share Paul Hollywood’s, the artisan baker who can be seen on The Great British Bake Off, easy white bread recipe which is a great starting point for any novice bakers, and by following this link you can view a video tutorial of Paul making the bread step-by-step.

St Patrick’s Day Party Food- Fruity Soda Bread & Irish Cheese

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Fruity Soda Bread-

Soda bread is traditional Irish grub perfect for St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Instead of serving plain soda bread treat your guests to a fruity version. Use any sort of dried fruit, a mix selection is usually a good option, and simply add it to the soda bread dough.

I like to serve my fruity soda bread with butter and or a sweet jam which is a good choice if you’re catering for children too.

Irish Cheese Board-

Whatever the occasion, a cheese board is undoubtedly the best way to end an evening of food and drink. For St Patrick’s Day I’ll be using a selection of Irish Chesses from my local deli “Brown and Green”, located in Trentham Gardens, as it specialises in all sorts of seasonal treats.

If like me you’re going for Irish cheeses I’d recommend using Coolea an Gouda style cheese, Adrahan which is soft with a rind and Coolea a traditional Gouda cheese; all Irish and all delicious.

British Pie Week- Filo Fish Pie

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British Pie Week is coming to an end and I’ve decided to finish my week of pies with a recipe that is both healthy and incredibly easy to make.

Filo Fish Pie is perfect for a Friday supper as it uses fish. I tend to use a mixture of salmon, prawns and haddock but any assortment of your favourite fish will work just fine. Some supermarkets sell ready-assorted bags which would be perfect and often they are cheaper than buying individual pieces of fish.

The pastry topping consists of sheets of filo pastry buttered and scrunched together, instead of making your own use my cheats favourite Jus-Rol. Lots of chefs use this ready-prepared filo pastry as an alternative to making their own so it’s a great (and tasty) short-cut.

British Pie Week filo fish pie

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