Dogs for the Disabled- Big Dogs Breakfast Thank You letter!

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Earlier this month we held a ‘Big Dogs Breakfast’ fundraising event in aid of one of my favourite charity’s, Dogs for the Disabled. The event was a triumph as we managed to collect £100.00 for Dogs for the Disabled who train puppies that will later become assistant dogs.

Today we’ve received a lovely letter thanking Bath-Knight for our generous donation and explaining more about the work which Dogs for the Disabled do to help train puppies become assistant dogs who are a lifeline to disabled children and adults across Britain.

dogs for diabled letter

Dogs for the Disabled are a fantastic charity that needs lots of support to continue their outstanding work. If you’d like to hold your own Big Dogs Breakfast then see the official website for more information.

Race for Life Cancer Research UK at Trentham Gardens

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Each year Race for Life events sweep across the country encouraging women and girls to run, jog or walk 5km to raise awareness of cancer and tonight Race for Life arrives in Stoke-on-Trent.

Here in Stoke-on-Trent Trentham Gardens are hosting the annual event where runners, joggers and walkers get to enjoy the gardens and run around the lake as part of the Race for Life 5km route. Hundreds of local ladies are expected to join in the fun and relish the chance to remember loved ones who have suffered from cancer, celebrate those who have recovered and support possible cures and preventions of the disease.

race for life

Race for Life is a fantastic chance to support Cancer Research and always proves to be great fun. I know that lots of ladies chose to do their Race for Life with a group of friends for extra support and to ensure they have a wonderful time.

The Bath-Knight team and I would like to wish fellow colleague, Beth Ackley, all the very best as she’s taking part in tonight’s Race for Life and the Race for Life in Stafford next month- a fantastic effort. And of course, our very best wishes go out to all the local ladies joining the Race for Life this evening. Enjoy yourself and raise lots of money for a brilliant cause!

Dogs for the Disabled – Big Dogs Breakfast

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Earlier in the year I received a letter from Dogs for the Disabled that explained their latest fundraising campaign, Big Dogs Breakfast. The idea behind BDB’s is to host a breakfast party for family, friends or colleagues and raise lots of money for Dogs for the Disabled in the process.

As a dog lover and supporter of Dogs for the Disabled, a charity organisation, who train pups to become assistant dogs that help enhance the lives of disabled men, women and children. I thought it would be a nice idea to host a Big Dog’s Breakfast morning here at Bath-Knight. To coincide with the Diamond Jubilee we decided that Friday 1st June would be an appropriate date for our BDB breakfast.

big dogs breakfast

Big Dog’s Breakfasts can be anything from a gourmet fry up, bacon sandwiches or simply tea and toast. However, facilities within the office are restricted so we opted for a cake and biscuit breakfast with members of staff each bringing in homemade goodies from donuts, biscuits, muffins, cookies and cakes.

Our Big Dog’s Breakfast went down a storm as everyone in the office indulged in the array of scrumptious treats and dug deep to into their pockets making generous donations to Dogs for the Disabled. To boast donations staff also dressed down for the day at the cost of £1.

Big Dogs Breakfast Bath-Kngiht

Bath-Knight’s Big Dog’s Breakfast raised a total of £97.55 which will be topped up to £100.00. The donation will go directly to Dogs for the Disabled who will use the funds to train and support assistant dogs and dog owners. After such positive feedback and plentiful donations I’m looking forward to hosting another breakfast fundraiser next year and would recommend a Big Dog’s Breakfast fundraiser to everyone.

If you’re thinking about hosting a Big Dog’s Breakfast check out the Dogs for Disabled website which contains tips and advice on how to organise and host your breakfast event including ready-made Big Dog’s Breakfast invitations, posters, menu cards and recipe ideas.

Yorkshire Young Farmers Mobility Scooter Challenge- Yorkshire to Torquay in 7 days.

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Mobility scooters might not seem the ideal mode of transport for long journeys but they have become the chosen method of transportation for a boisterous group of young Yorkshire farmers who are on the ultimate challenge of travelling 333 miles from Yorkshire to Torquay throughout this week.

The Yorkshire Young Farmer’s challenge may sound a little bizarre but it’s all for a good cause as the team is fundraising for Sue Ryder Manorlands hospice. Whilst also hoping to raise the profile of young famers and the annual ‘Yorkshire’s Greatest Export’ campaign.

Yorkshire Young Farmers Team

Yorkshire Young Farmers Team- Facebook photo

This year the farmers have chosen to promote delicious Yorkshire potatoes and British wool with support from British Wool Marketing Board. To ensure maximum exposure they’ve attached two giant models, one of a sheep and the other a potato, to the back of their trusty mobility scooters which have been provided by FreeRider.

So far the ‘Yorkie to Torkie’ mobility scooter challenge is going well (check out updates via the Yorkshire Young Farmers Facebook page) and with a little luck the team will reach Torquay by Friday, in time to enjoy this weekend’s Young Farmers AGM, where they are hoping to also auction off the scooters to add more money to the fundraising pot. 

I’ve got my fingers crossed that today’s dreadful weather won’t put them too far behind schedule as road mobility scooters have a maximum speed of 8mphs which is perfectly adequate for strolling round town but a little more challenging for such a long journey. 

Yorkshire young farmers mobility scooter challenge

Yorkshire young farmers on the road- Facebook photo

It’s an incredibly ambitious challenge but wonderfully quirky and makes a change from the normal fundraising challenges which we hear so much about. Plus it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase just how durable and reliable mobility scooters can be. So I’d like to wish Yorkshire’s Young Farmers all the very best of luck and hope that they get to Torquay safely. Hopefully they invested in mobility rain capes before they set off…

See Road-Knight’s range of mobility scooters at Please note that  we don’t advice travelling such a long way on a mobility scooter 🙂

Jimmy Savile 1926-2011

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Last weekend brought the sad news that show business icon Jimmy Savile passed away aged 84.

An exuberant character Jimmy was well known for his outlandish shell suits, gold jewellery and cigars nevertheless he has been credited as one of the kindest hearted men in entertainment.

Beginning his career as a disc jockey and then television presenter, Jimmy Savile hosted Top of the Pop’s first episode in 1964, become somewhat of a figure head for the show he returned in 2006 to co-host the shows final episode.  

However, Jimmy Savile was most famous for ‘Jim’ll Fix it’; the long running TV show which saw Jim make his viewers wishes come true. Here in the office we’ve been reminiscing about watching the show and even sending in our own letters.

Jimmy savile

Further to his TV and radio career Jimmy Savile also participating in wresting, although something which was not his most successful feat.

For many however, Jimmy Savile will be recognised and remember for his charity work. An active fundraiser throughout his life he completed over 200 marathons including the London Marathon aged 79.

A cause close to his heart was National Spinal Injuries Centre of Stoke Mandeville hospital, where he dedicated his time volunteering for many years and raised a notable £20 million for the organisation.

Recognised for his extensive charity work and enormous presence in the world of entertainment he was honoured by many throughout his life and in 1990 was knighted by the Queen.

For many including myself Jimmy Savile is a true icon- a character who will never be forgotten. 

Jimmy Savile 1926-2011


Launch of Poppy Appeal 2011

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90 royal british legionThe Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal is a long standing tradition which plays a huge role in supporting our Armed Forces, past and present. This morning Lance Corporal Tyler Christopher of 4 Rifles launched the Poppy Appeal 2011.

Quite spectacularly 2011 celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Poppy Appeal which was founded in 1921, inspired by John McCrae’s poem Flanders’ Fields. In those 90 years a loyal following has created unprecedented support for The Royal British Legion, whose work ensures that those who have sacrificed their lives will be remembered.

Personally I have always strongly supported the Poppy Appeal and will continue to do so in the years to come. My passion towards the Poppy Appeal has been present within Bath-Knight too. Over the years we have made generous donations to the appeal, featuring the Poppy Appeal in print advertising campaigns to encourage further support.

As The Poppy Appeal celebrates 90 years here at Bath-Knight our support will continue to grow. This year we will be digitally supporting the campaign via our official website and here on my blog, hopefully our efforts will help The Royal British Legion reach their fundraising goal of £40 million.

Collecting-for-the-Royal british legion

Over the coming weeks I’ll be keeping you posted about Poppy Appeal 2011 including ways that you can show your support and incredible stories from war time heroes who have carried out astonishing work for The Royal British Legion.

Read more about the Poppy Appeal and The Royal British Legion now.

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning with Macmillan Cancer Support- Chocolate Brownies

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Chocolate brownies are incredibly easy to make and go down a treat with tea and coffee. Use any type of chocolate you like. For those who aren’t so fond of dark chocolate milk chocolate is a delicious alternative.

For Macmillan’s coffee morning bake a huge chocolate brownie, cut into generous squares and there will be enough to feed the entire office. Don’t forget to collect a donation from everyone who has a slice and help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Macmillan recipe BROWNIES

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning with Macmillan Cancer Support

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On Friday 30th September Macmillan Cancer Support are hosting the world biggest coffee morning.

It’s a fundraising event which really couldn’t be much easier. By simply enjoying your morning coffee and donating the cost to Macmillan Cancer Support you’re participating in a great event which makes an enormous difference thousands of lives.

In my opinion nothing accompanies a cup of coffee like a freshly made cake or pastry. With that in mind I’ve made some simple recipe cards featuring my favourite sweet treats which will go down a storm at any coffee mornings.

I’ll be uploading more throughout the week, so keep your eyes out for delicious recipes in aid of Macmillan Caner Supports’ World Biggest Coffee Morning.

Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Mornign butterfly cakes

MoonWalk Frundraising Pack

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Lucy and I have received a rather exciting e-mail today. Our Edinburgh MoonWalk fundraising packs have arrived meaning that the MoonWalk is fast approaching.

The fundraising pack is brilliant; packed with information on training, finding fellow walkers, donation information and even great hints and tips on how to decorate bras which will be showcased at the event.

The bra decorating looks like a lot of fun, even if the sheer thought of walking around in the middle of the night wearing only a bra is quite terrifying. The team at MoonWalk’s Walk the Walk have come up with some wonderfully creative ways to really make your bra stand out.

They have suggested all sorts from sequins and bright colours to frills and glitter and even included ways to hide those bits which none of us want to display. I’m undecided as to whether or not I will be taking the plunge wearing only a bra. Instead I might wear my delightfully decorative brassier on top of a top/t-shirt. Either way I definitely don’t want to miss out on the creative fun!

With inspiration from the latest MoonWalk e-mail and of course the treadmills which are nicely set up in the Bath-Knight offices, today I walked 1.7 miles which will be added to my training programme progress chart.

As with everything nowadays donation forms are digital and online, which is a marvellous thing in my opinion, as anyone and everyone can donate to a worthy cause at any time and from any part of the globe. Wonderful!

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