Annette’s Websites of the Week 20th-24th February 2012

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Annette's websites of the week

A Better Life by Joseph Rowntree Foundation I came across the website ‘A Better Life’ earlier this week after reading an article on The Guardian’s website.  The brain child of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the website provides a platform for older people to voice the truths of growing old.

Documenting the process of getting older and reflecting on what aging means to us as individuals. A Better Life offers an honest and realistic view from a variety of different people. But most significantly the site celebrates old age emphasising the frank reality that aging is happening to us all.

What I like about A Better Life is its personal approach. The people featured are real and have personal experiences to share, which are all extraordinary in their own way. To accompany their stories is the poem “Better Life” written by Sir Andrew Motion.

A better life

A Better Life - Homepage

Inspired by the elderly people feature on the site, the poem wonderfully sums up the variety of views that elderly people have on life and aging. A wonderful piece of literature it displays the dynamics of older people, something which I found really engaging. 

A Better Life also hosts a gallery exclusive to centenarians. Filled with artistic portraits it claims ‘not glorifying’ centenaries’ and instead accounts the centenarians truthfully noting their likes and dislikes and of course, what it’s like to be old.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring the website and applaud the creative approach that the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has used as not only are we presented with an honest view of elderly people but an incredibly positive one.

Good Care Guide- Good Care Guide is a new ‘review and rate’ website created exclusively for care facilities in the UK. The site was launched only a couple of days ago and has caused some concern amongst professionals in the industry. I have chosen to sit on the fence thus far as I am waiting to see how things develop once the site is a little more established.

The basic premise behind Good Care Guide is to share your experiences of elderly or childcare facilities. By simply finding a care home or nursery on the site’s catalogue users can upload reviews much like they would on travel websites such as Trip Advisor. Commenting on what they liked and disliked about the facility specifically.

Good Care Guide

Good Care Guide website

The website is incredibly easy to use making it accessible to all. But it’s worth noting that you have to register (free of charge, simply input your name and e-mail address) before you will be permitted to post any comments or recommendations.

I am eager to keep an eye on Good Care Guide as I want to see how it develops and if it becomes a reliable source of information for people hunting for care home and childcare facilities. One to watch!

British Heart Foundation- Today the British Heart Foundation are celebrating “National Wear Red Day” to raise awareness of their lifesaving work against heart disease and heart related illnesses.

Encouraging everyone wear the colour red, BHF are posting photos of their supports wearing brightly coloured red outfits on the official British Heart Foundation website, their official Flickr page and on the “What I Wore Today” blog.

National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day - BHF

Viewing the photos online- there are some brilliant outfits including red trousers, cardigans, skirts and even a frizzy red wig- offers the perfect chance to nosey around British Heart Foundation’s website, which is a great resource for anyone suffering or caring for someone with a heart condition.

Up to date on everything from medical research, expert advice and lifestyle tips that could help change your life for the better, the site is certainly one which I would recommend bookmarking for future reference.  

Get involved and show your support for the British Heart Foundation online today.

Good Care Guide – Review site for eldercare and childcare facilities

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Good Care Guide, a website which allows users to rate and review care facilities for elderly people and children has been launched this week.  The elderly sector specifically has questioned whether or not such sites are appropriate.

Like Trip Advisor the Good Care Guide (GCG) allows users to review their experiences- good or bad. Reviews are published online allowing other users to read and take into consideration when deciding upon an elderly care home or childcare centre for loved ones.

Good Care Guide

New review website - Good Care Guide

The ‘user experience’ element of the site is something which interests me greatly. A huge believer in sharing experiences I regularly take recommendation on board and so do my customers. Many Bath-Knight customers recommend us to friends and family and these word of mouth recommendations have brought us great success over the years.

So generally I think that an archive of personal reviews, cleverly stored on a single online database, has the potential to be a great resource. Plus it adds a new dynamic to the way that we reviewed and assessed care facilities.

However it’s difficult to ignore the nature of these specific reviews. Writing about incredibly personal and in some cases sensitive subjects, many reviews will be emotionally charged. For these reasons I can’t help but feel that some established care facilities may fall victim to reviews which don’t truly reflect their services.

Good Care Guide ladies

Hopefully the website will be used alongside other resources

I’ve also read that healthcare professionals are concerned that the site maybe be used as a playground for naming and shaming and I can understand their concern- it’s often said that people are more likely to write about a negative experience more so than a positive one. But if the correct safeguards are put in place to ensure reliability and balance I can’t see why Good Care Guide won’t be an informative site to visit.

Overall I’d hope to think that people would use the site as a resource which they can combine with more official information; local authority reports, staff levels and quality of care. I’d also suggest remembering that your opinion may differ from someone else’s so take each review with a pinch of salt and read a handful to get a general idea.

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