Is there a website for grandparents…? Yes!

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Lately I’ve come across lots people asking the same question, ‘Is there a website for grandparents?’

With a huge push to get people online, especially the elderly, I think it’s important to highlight the huge range of websites which are online and available to explore. 

But the question is what websites are out there specifically for digital grandparents?

grannynet logo


Are focused around been a grandparent, offering support, advice and some of the the best information available online. The greatest thing about Gransnet and Grannynet is the community feel which they offer. Both sites boast forum set ups, which run solely on the interaction of users- the perfect place to tell your thoughts and opinions. With such a niche audience finding friendships is really easy and makes surfing the internet good fun.



I thought it was important to include websites which cover the legal rights of grandparents. Both Grandparent Association and Grandparent Plus offer legal help in regards to a grandparent’s role within the family. These sites contain valuable research and campaign policies which can be a greatly inspirational to grandparents.

digital unite

Having a go-to source when you get stuck, confused or aren’t sure what you should do next is really important when getting started online. The Digital Unite website has a specially designed ‘Learning Zone’ which can help get you on track.

I’d recommend this site to everyone because the online guides, which range from how to set up a document, setting up a Twitter account, downloading music and how to watch TV programmes online are incredibly easy to follow with step by step instructions making learning accessible to all. Brilliant!

Are you a grandparent? If so, what websites do you enjoy using or would you recommend to a friend?

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