World’s oldest marathon runner completes London Marathon aged 101.

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Yesterday thousands of runners took to the streets of Central London to take part in the Virgin London Marathon. Bath-Knight’s call centre manager, Emma, ran for charity TeamPB in a fantastic time of 5 hours and 57 minutes.

The London Marathon notoriously attracts thousands of competitors; both professional and amateur  who all varying in age, ability and experience but all share the same determination to get past the finish line and achieve something which truly is fantastic.  

London Marathon

Runners of the Virgin London Marathon 2012

Quite remarkably 101 years old Fauja Singh, who is thought to be the world’s oldest marathon runner (this can’t however be verified by Guinness World Record as Indian born Fauja was never issued with a Birth Certificate), completed the marathon in 7 hours and 49 minutes.

Astonishingly Fauja didn’t start running until he was aged 89 when he saw coverage of a marathon on the television. Motivated by what he saw, Fauja decides to work with a trainer and got ready for his first marathon. In the following 12 years he managed to complete eight marathons in total.

Fauja Singh

101 year old marathon runner, Fauja Singh

After crossing the finish line yesterday Fauja decided to retire from marathon running but says that he won’t stop running all together. Instead Fauja plans to take part in smaller 10 k races and fun runs, which will enable him to still enjoy running but won’t be so physically demanding on his body, which is superb considering his age.

Queens Birthday Gun salute

Hyde Park Gun Salute to honour the Queen's 86th Birthday

As runners embarked on the capital over the weekend many were also able to celebrate the Queen’s 86th birthday as two gun salutes were fired in London on Saturday. The first, a 62 gun-salute by The Royal Gibraltar Regiment at Tower of London and the second, a 41 gun-salute by The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery in Hyde Park, which attracted lots of attention from visitors who all stood watching in honoured Her Majesty’s birthday.

On behalf of the Bath-Knight team and myself, we’d like to wish Her Majesty a belated Happy Birthday.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Face Britain art installation projected onto Buckingham Palace

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As a grandparent there is nothing sweeter than receiving a drawing or sketch from a grandchild. I’ve got several of my grandchildren’s portraits in the office and always get a great sense of joy from seeing them each morning.

So when I saw that Buckingham Palace is being lit up with portraits of the Queen, created by montages of over 200,000 self-portraits drawn by school children across Britain, I was delighted.

Face Britain

Face Britain Poject- Buckingham Palace

The ‘Face Britain’ campaign was created by Prince Charles’ Foundation for Children and the Arts and challenged children aged 4-16 to create their own self-portraits. Together the portraits have assembled a vibrant and charming art installing of The Queen for her Diamond Jubilee.

The art work is currently being projected onto the front of Buckingham Palace each evening until Saturday and could potentially set a Guinness World Record for the most artists to work on the same art installation.

Face Britain Project Buckingham Palace

Montages were made with self-portraits from school children

A fantastic addition to The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and rumour has it that The Queen really likes the installation.

World’s oldest man dies aged 114- Walter Breuning

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News today has arrived that the world’s oldest man, Walter Breuning has died aged 114.

Walter, an American who lived in Montana for his entire life was the Guinness World Record holder for ‘The World’s Oldest Man’. He died in his beloved retirement home of natural causes.

Walter claimed that eating two meals a day and hard work were the success to living a long life. Walter quite amazingly worked until he was 99 years old.

Walter Breuning worlds oldest man dies

Walter’s philosophy in life was to ‘never be afraid to die because you’re born to die’.

Although Walter was the world’s oldest man, he did not hold the record for being the world’s oldest person. Besse Cooper who is only 26 days older than Walter is the record holder for ‘World’s Oldest Person’.

It has not yet been stated who Walter’s successor will be to the title of the world’s oldest man.

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