Good Housekeeping’s Fabulous and Over 50 Hot List

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Like many other women I enjoy flicking through a glossy magazine with a cup of tea when I have the time. I particularly enjoy Good Housekeeping for its variety of excellent features, quality food section and well thought out travel features, which have lots of tips on beautiful places to visit in the world.

The September issue features the ‘Fabulous & Over 50 Hot list’, a poll which lists women over the age of 50 who have the ‘wow’ factor.

Topping the list is 2011’s ‘Body of the Year’ winner 66 year old Helen Mirren who is a great advocate for being beautiful, successful and the perfect example of how to age gracefully. Joining Helen in the top five are…

  1. Helen Mirren- 66       2. Joanna Lumley- 65       3. Dame Judi Dench- 76      
  2.  4. Carole Middleton-56      5. HRH The Queen- 85

Fabulous over 50

The top five may come as a surprise for some as no supermodels or enhanced beauties are featured. Instead five naturally aged beauties who carry their ages, roles and jobs out wonderfully.

For me it’s particularly great to see Joanna Lumley receive such a high position as she has achieved wonderful things having recently become well-recognised as a human rights activist thanks to the success of the Gurkha Justice Campaign which she was heavily involved with.

The nod to the Royals is quite spectacular too as the Queen is featured alongside the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother Carole Middleton in the top five and Princess Anne is also listed at number 20. Such suggests that the recent Royal Weddings have shone a positive light on the Royal family which I find rather endearing.

fabulous and over 50

Surprisingly the 100 over 50’s come from a huge variety of public arenas from royalty, the wonderful world of fashion, Anna Wintour is featured at number 22, numerous journalist, activists and politicians including the Home Secretary Theresa May are also included.

More predictably the hot list also embraces famous faces from entertainment like actresses Jane Fonda and Meryl Streep, musicians Debbie Harry and Lulu and TV personalities Fearne Britton and Carol Voderman.

I have to admit that poll like these wouldn’t usually grab my attention. However, this specific one is great as it focuses on women who are doing wonderful things regardless of age. I think that that is something we should all smile about.

Helen Mirren wins ‘Body of the Year’- Getting into shape tips!

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The coveted ‘Body of the Year’ winner was announced today and what a great delight to see that 66 year old movie star Helen Mirren took the title.

The British actress, who is one of my favourites, placed top and beat competition from supermodel Elle Macpherson, fashionable singer Cheryl Cole and Pippa Middleton who stunned the nation in her beautiful bridesmaid dress at the royal wedding. 

Helen’s win is great news for all ladies over 55 and proves that you really can get into shape at any age and feel the benefits.

So what’s the easiest way to get a body like Helen? Personally I avoid the gym and instead stay active whilst spending time with my family and friends and of course enjoying the outdoors.

Here are my top tips for getting into shape and staying healthy.

  • Walking– The great outdoors is the perfect place to keep fit. Most people immediately presume that if you go outside you must go running. This really isn’t true. For me there is nothing better than a long walk around down the canal. I take my dogs along too who are energetic enough to make a good pace. It’s a good idea to invite a friend or neighbour along for a walk, as the company is pleasant and makes it more enjoyable and less like a chore. Finally summer is a great time to start walking as the evening are light and airy making going for a stroll a lovely way to unwind.

Lady walking dog

  • Yoga- We have a Yoga instructor who comes into the office every week for an hour long session with staff. I really enjoy the aspect of strengthening my body through yoga, as the process is actually more about meditation and disciplining breathing than exercise. I recommend Yoga for gaining a greater sense of well-being within yourself.

wii fit

  • Wii Fit- What a fun way to stay fit! With a selection of activities to choose from there is plenty of variety depending on how you feel. Even better my whole family enjoys playing on the Wii including my grandchildren whose favourite’s games are tennis, golf and bowling. Admittedly they are much better than me but taking part is that counts.

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