Mobility Scooter- Driving Test Training

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Mobility scooters are a great resource for elderly and disabled people who struggle to get out and about.  My own mobility scooter brand, Road-Knight, supplies a variety of scooters including road and pavement only scooters, which provide customers with a sense of independence, and in some cases a lifeline to the world outside.

Road-Knight customers are able to visit us to learn more about the scooters which we offer. However, some providers don’t supply this opportunity to their customers meaning that many people using mobility scooters for the first time go out without any training or knowledge of how to handle a scooter.  

If you are planning to purchase a mobility scooter for the first time I would strongly advice trying before you buy, especially if you are purchasing off the internet where prices are extremely competitive. Most mobility centres stock huge ranges of scooters and are more than happy to demonstrate and let you test drive different scooters so that you can work out which scooter is suitable for your needs, something which is very important.

mobility scooter elderly lady

Mobility scooter users face driving test style training

Statistics have sadly revealed that in the past five years there have been 17 incidents across the country where mobility scooters have been involved in accidents. This has resulted in both police forces and charities calling for driving test style training for mobility scooter users.

In South Yorkshire the police are planning to offer local users of mobility scooters a free two hour course which will cover different aspects of owning a mobility scooter. From how to handle the machine, how to manoeuver safely and confidently, theory practice which is appropriate to understand as a scooter driver and the legalities of travelling via scooter involving speed limits, serving the machine, using lights etc.

Further to South Yorkshire police’s training course, Labour MP Alison Seabeck, has fronted a campaign which calls for stricter regulations and checks on mobility scooters and their owners. This campaign has received backing from Scooter-A-Long, a charity for disabled people in the South West, who hope that it will reduce accidents and ensure safer conditions for scooter users, road users and pedestrians.  

As a supplier of mobility scooters, and a host of other mobility aids, I feel strongly about helping people regain their independence and believe that access to such equipment is paramount in doing so. However, safety is crucial when using any mobility aid therefore access to training and practical help is a positive step forward and could potentially give scooter users more confidence about getting out and about both independently and safely.

Rotary Club restore Westbury White Horse for Diamond Jubilee

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I’m always coming across stories which note how generous and able elderly people are. Whether it’s jumping out of aeroplanes for a good cause or simply volunteering their time and effort for charity. Lots of elderly people are giving back to the community and in turn fulfilling their later years with brilliant experiences.

Earlier today I read an article from the BBC which discusses a Rotary Club in Wiltshire whose members are planning to abseil down the hillside of the Westbury White Horse so that they can clean the iconic horse carving in time for this summer’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Westbury White Horse

Westbury White Horse

The news of the club coming together isn’t surprising; I imagine that lots of organisation will be undertaking projects for this summer’s festivities. But what is astonishing is that so many members of the Rotary Club are so keen to take an active role and really get involvement in the abseiling. It’s worth remembering that the average age of the club’s member is 72 and they are all welcoming the challenge of buckling themselves into a harness for a good cause within their community.

For me the Westbury White Horse project is a brilliant example of how getting involved in a club or organisation can be extremely beneficial later in life. The Rotary Club work on projects that will benefit their local community so members put their time and effort into projects that they are passionate about, whilst also meeting new friends and delving into challenges which they may not have done otherwise. Feeling too old to do things can often be a real problem when people get older but it shouldn’t be.  

rotary club abseiling

Members of The Rotary Club will abseil down Westbury White Horse hillside

As an aging population the open mindedness that the Rotary Club has is fantastic. They aren’t letting age define them and why should they? New challenges are a great way to regain a sense of independence which is why we should all try something new every now and again. Of course I’m not suggesting that we all abseil or take on an extreme sport but if you want to then why not. We should all welcome opportunities to enjoy ourselves.

I’d love to know if you’re part of a community group or if you’ve take on an extreme challenge, which you never thought you would do, and if so how did it affect your perspective of old age.

What is independence?

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The digital world is a wonderful place to share ideas and thoughts. Earlier today Ruth Amos inventor of StairSteady proposed the question, ‘what does independence mean for you and your customers?’ as part of a project to find out the meaning of independence to different people and businesses.

Here at Bath-Knight independence is a treasured way of life which we hope to enhance. Often my customers yearn to remain living independently in their own homes, which is why I get so much pleasure from knowing that my products, especially the Bath-Knight bath lift, are designed and used as tools to enable independent living for older people.

elderly couple living independently

Independence - living life as you desire

I have always been an advocate in encouraging older people to remain in their homes for as long as possible and this is because too often we hear horror stories regarding quality of care in elderly care facilities. More recently this poor service has been coupled with extortionate cost that far outreach funds available to an elderly people or their family.

This substandard quality of care has resulted in thousands petitioning for the government to take action. Today 60 charities including Age UK and Joseph Rowntree Foundation are lobbying MP’s at Westminster, urging the government to reform the current care system into a service which is of high quality, cost effective and accessible to all.

These lacking qualities in our current care system seemingly strip away any independence for people receiving such care. I often question why an increased focus isn’t put on the ways to enable elderly people to remain in their own homes for longer. Simple and thought-out modification can enable the freedom of independent living which integrates both safety and quality of life for elderly people.

So for me the premise of independence is the ability to live life as you desire with the freedom and choice to live at home. Growing older should not become a problem instead we should celebrate this feat of longevity together and adapt our lifestyles accordingly.

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