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 Age UK Myfriends Online Week easy to use guide

Yesterday I blogged about Age UK’s ‘myfriends online week’, a campaign which wants to help elderly people discover the social side of the internet with the help of their relatives and close friends.

In ‘We’re supporting Age UK’s myfriends online week’ I spoke about how online resources such as Skype can be extremely beneficial to users who maybe communicating with friends and family abroad and attached an easy to use guide.

Focusing my thoughts on the benefits of Skype I found myself thinking about how other online networks can really impact the lives of elderly people who are new to the web.

Age UK have published easy to use guides on websites that they believe will encourage elderly people to become more sociable online. The guides are really easy to follow, have brilliant links and helpful step by step instructions- perfect!

Age UK My friends online week

Elderly people enjoying a conversation via Skype

Age UK’s online guides include ‘How to…’ Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype and get online in a more general sense, which means that there is plenty of help on hand if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

I’m really impressed with the website choices that Age UK have made. As everyone has a Facebook account these days I think that encouraging elderly people to get a profile is wonderful. It makes sharing photos, events and general day to day happenings with family and friends so easy. An elderly person who is connected to their family via simply having a Facebook profile can feel so much involved!

Twitter is a great choice for anyone as it is so simple to use.  You can follow anyone and everyone from friends, to favourite celebrities and even companies and brands which you like. It’s perfect for getting quick snippets of information and has been famously used by elderly people in the past to document their lives.

Ivy bean Oldest twitter user 104

The late Ivy bean- one of the world oldest Twitters users

The late Ivy Bean was 104 when she died, Ivy used to tweet from her nursing home, talking about her life in general from her health to what she was having for dinner. Ivy found the online networking site a great way of making new friends and staying engaged with the world outside of her care home. So social networking really can make a difference and be beneficial to elderly people who are getting online.

I find it really encouraging to see Age UK willing people on, getting people to local events and persuading families to help. Hopefully so much support will allow more elderly people to discover the social side of the internet.

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