Top Gear test drive Mobility Scooters

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Although I’m not a regular viewer of Top Gear I thought I’d catch up on Sunday’s episode (available on BBC iPlayer) after hearing that Jeremy Clarkson and his co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, were putting mobility scooters to the test.

Tackling off-road scooters the troublesome three created their own mobility scooters with the brief that they must be cheaper than shop brought models and functional for disabled users.

Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson's Off-Road scooter

Jeremy Clarkson came up with a ‘4 wheel drive’ which was sturdy and powerful.  James May designed an electric wheelchair which didn’t excel in speed but was complete with iPad, coffee facilities and adjustable seat. And Richard Hammond opted for an army tank inspired creation that was powered by a petrol engine rather than electric.

After testing their scooters in a busy town centre ensuring each could whiz around shops and fit into disabled loos. The Top Gear scooters headed to the rural Welsh country side where it was wet, muddy and perfect for a little ‘off-roading’- mobility scooter style!

James May Off-Road Scooter

James May's Off-Road Scooter

Joined by three wounded servicemen, who took to the driving seats of three shop brought off-roaders it was Top Gear against Servicemen in whose scooter would be announced off-road champion.

As the rural conditions battered Top Gear, only Richard Hammond made the finish line, all three servicemen and their scooters made it to the summit in one piece. Admittedly they suffered a few mishaps but nothing too serious.

Servicemen shop brought scooters

The servicemen's mobility scooters

All-in-all I thought the mobility scooter challenge was brilliantly funny. Despite shop brought scooter receiving a little criticism regarding their cost I thought that Top Gear showcased how well designed mobility scooters are which is certainly a positive.

It’s definitely an episode that I would recommend watching on BBC iPlayer but please note that customising your own scooter isn’t advisable as some insurance can become void. If in doubt always contact your supplier.


Jeremy Clarkson strike comments

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Today’s headlines have been flooded with hysteria as the BBC suffered another blow after a foul mouthed rant from Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

The car enthusiast who hosts one of BBC’s most popular shows- Top Gear, appeared on The One Show yesterday evening only to cause controversy over his outburst regarding yesterday’s public sector strike.

Jeremy Clarkson The One Show

After saying ‘I’d have them all shot’, the BBC received a mammoth 4700 complaints. Clarkson has since stated that his comments were in fact a joke. Nevertheless he’s caused great upset amongst both union members and the general public alike.

News updates state that both Jeremy and the BBC have issued an official apology– I’m unsure that this will satisfy some.

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