Marks & Spencer launch ‘Shwopping’ campaign with Oxfam and Joanna Lumley

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Recycling has become a way of life for the majority of families across Britain including my own. I recycle almost everything because it’s so easy and gives me a real feel good feeling knowing that I’ve made a difference.

So it’s great to hear that Marks and Spencer has today launched a brand new campaign to encourage customers to recycle their old and unwanted clothes. With the help of actress and global eco ambassador, Joanna Lumley and charity Oxfam, Marks and Spencer want their customers to ‘Shwop’.

Joanna Lumley Shwop campaign

Joanna Lumley for Marks & Spencer Shwop Campaign

Instead of throwing old clothes away M&S customers are now welcome to deposit them in ‘Shwop Drops’ when buying new garments in store (customers can just simply donate if they like) . The beauty of shwopping in M&S it is that old clothing isn’t required to be from Marks and Spencer, so you can recycle any old clothes from your wardrobe which were destined for the bin.

All clothes put in Shwop Drops will then be handed over to Oxfam who will recycle, reuse or resell the garments to ensure that they don’t end up in landfills like the bulk of unwanted clothing garments currently do.

To launch the campaign and highlight just how much of a problem disposing of clothing by landfill is Marks and Spencer have today filled Brick Lane in London with tonnes of unwanted clothes- the equivalent of the 1 billion items put in UK landfills each year. The sheer volume of waste is shocking but brilliantly illustrates just how important campaigns like Shwopping are.

I’m eager to see if Marks and Spencer customers will embrace the Shwop campaign because if successful I think that it is something which lots of retailers could, and possibly should consider. As not only will shwopping have a positive impact on the environment but it could potentially help change our shopping habits for the better.

If you’re interested in seeing how your items will make a difference check out Marks and Spencer’s PlanA website, which calculates the value of items and where their worth goes once Oxfam reuse, recycle and resell them. If recycling didn’t make you feel good before it most definitely will now.

Books glorious books- Super Thursday

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Did you know that today is ‘Super Thursday’? Maybe, like me, you thought it was a name conjured up to celebrate the unseasonal glorious weather we’re experiencing today. But that’s not the case. In fact Super Thursday is the busiest day of the year for those in the publishing industry. As over 200 books go on sale today in time to become Christmas best sellers.

This year there is plenty to choose from as lots of famous faces are releasing books alongside credited authors. Unsurprisingly comedians are taking centre stage with comics such as James Corden, Lee Evans and Steve Coogan all putting pen to paper to write autobiographies.

super thursday

In the culinary department celebrity chef and my personal favourite, Jamie Oliver is following up his phenomenal ‘30 minute meals’ with ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’. The cookbook which makes the most of British food – hotly tipped to be another huge seller.

I’m thrilled to see that Joanna Lumley has finally written her memoir simply titled ‘Absolutely’. I’m certain that it will be a great read citing not only her exceptional career in entertainment but her work as a human rights activist in particular her involvement in the Gurkha Justice Campaign.

As an avid reader it’s great to hear that such a large volume of publications are hitting the shelves. Unfortunately today I read critics condemning Super Thursday as a mere marketing tool to ensure that these titles end up on Christmas lists.

super thursday books

For me a hardback book personalised with a note for the recipient outlining why you’ve chosen that book is a classic Christmas gift, and one which I certainly take advantage of. Instead of condemning Super Thursday I’d like hope that we can collectively embrace excitement towards reading by encouraging people to buy books and enjoy them.

Thanks to Super Thursday I’ll have plenty of time to decide what to get who. Although maybe not quite yet… I don’t want Christmas to come around too quickly.

Good Housekeeping’s Fabulous and Over 50 Hot List

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Like many other women I enjoy flicking through a glossy magazine with a cup of tea when I have the time. I particularly enjoy Good Housekeeping for its variety of excellent features, quality food section and well thought out travel features, which have lots of tips on beautiful places to visit in the world.

The September issue features the ‘Fabulous & Over 50 Hot list’, a poll which lists women over the age of 50 who have the ‘wow’ factor.

Topping the list is 2011’s ‘Body of the Year’ winner 66 year old Helen Mirren who is a great advocate for being beautiful, successful and the perfect example of how to age gracefully. Joining Helen in the top five are…

  1. Helen Mirren- 66       2. Joanna Lumley- 65       3. Dame Judi Dench- 76      
  2.  4. Carole Middleton-56      5. HRH The Queen- 85

Fabulous over 50

The top five may come as a surprise for some as no supermodels or enhanced beauties are featured. Instead five naturally aged beauties who carry their ages, roles and jobs out wonderfully.

For me it’s particularly great to see Joanna Lumley receive such a high position as she has achieved wonderful things having recently become well-recognised as a human rights activist thanks to the success of the Gurkha Justice Campaign which she was heavily involved with.

The nod to the Royals is quite spectacular too as the Queen is featured alongside the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother Carole Middleton in the top five and Princess Anne is also listed at number 20. Such suggests that the recent Royal Weddings have shone a positive light on the Royal family which I find rather endearing.

fabulous and over 50

Surprisingly the 100 over 50’s come from a huge variety of public arenas from royalty, the wonderful world of fashion, Anna Wintour is featured at number 22, numerous journalist, activists and politicians including the Home Secretary Theresa May are also included.

More predictably the hot list also embraces famous faces from entertainment like actresses Jane Fonda and Meryl Streep, musicians Debbie Harry and Lulu and TV personalities Fearne Britton and Carol Voderman.

I have to admit that poll like these wouldn’t usually grab my attention. However, this specific one is great as it focuses on women who are doing wonderful things regardless of age. I think that that is something we should all smile about.

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