Hats for Heroes by Tina Selby

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I came across a lovely story the other day about Welsh ‘super-knitter’ Tina Selby.

Having read that troops in Afghanistan were in need of goodie boxes a couple of years ago, Tina created a box of essentials and added a homemade woolly hat, having read about how cold night time becomes during Afghan winter.

Tina Selby

Tina Selby- Hats for Heroes

The homemade woolly hat was a hit so Tina decided to knit more and eventually encouraged her line dancing troop to knit hats too. Together, and with donations from knitters across the country, Tina and the girls sent over 5000 hats to troops serving in Afghanistan.

Although the woolly warmers can’t be worn whilst on duty during the day, lots of soldiers wear their hats whilst sleep to keep the cold at bay. Apparently Tina sends the hats out with a bar of chocolate which is a really nice touch!


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