Olympic Torch Relay days 1-4

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Olympic Torch banner

The Olympic Torch Relay is in full swing and since starting on Saturday the torch has travelled from Land’s End to Plymouth, Plymouth on to Exeter and Exeter to Taunton in Somerset where today’s stretch of the relay began. Now in the fourth day of the relay the torch is en route to Bristol before making its way to Cheltenham tomorrow.

Excitement has travelled with the Torch since the relay began on Saturday as record numbers of spectators have turned out to see the flame travel through their home town. In most cases people from the local community have carried the flame however a couple of familiar faces have popped up along the way.

Ben Ainsile Torch Relay

Ben Ainsile with Olympic Torch at Land’s End

Adventurer Ben Fogle carried a lantern containing the Olympic flame in a hot air balloon whilst the relay visited the Eden Project and Olympians Jonathan Edwards and Amy Williams have both ran part of the relay. A more obscure choice of Torchbearer was singer and The Voice coach Will.i.am who carried it the flame Taunton yesterday.

Although there has been lots of excitement surrounding the relay it’s not been completely fault free as the flame went out when David Follett, a Torchbearer using a wheelchair was carrying the flame in Devon. Fortunately the team were able to relight the torch with the mother flame and the relay was back on track.

Amy Williams with Olympic Torch

Amy Williams carrying the Olympic Torch

The torches themselves have also made headlines as some Torchbearers have auctioned their torches on online auction site eBay. One of the torches fetched more than £150,000, which the Torchbearer will reportedly be donating to a charitable cause that she’s passionate about.

The torch will reach Staffordshire next week but in the meantime I’ll be keeping track of the flames whereabouts here on the blog. I’d love to know if you’ve seen the torch or are a torchbearer so please feel free to leave a comment below.

100 days until the London 2012 Olympic Games

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The London 2012 Olympic Games are officially 100 days away and excitement is mounting as Seb Coe today revealed the 2012 Olympic Games slogan will be “Inspire a generation”.

BBC Breakfast broadcast from Kew Gardens in London this morning where floral tributes of the Olympic rings were on show. The icon blue, yellow, black, green and red rings have been embedded with over 25,000 flowers and can be seen from the sky, making them the perfect welcome to international visitors travelling to London for the games.

Kew Gardens Olympics Rings

Olympic Rings at Kew Gardens

With the 100 day countdown upon us various different events are taking place today. The Lord’s Horse Guard Parade earlier lined up in the formation of the number 100 which looked stunning and children are taking part in Olympic themed sporting activities in various parts of the country throughout the day. Plus a special announcement has been made by the Red Arrows, who have revealed that they will appear the London 2012 Opening Ceremony on 27th July with a special performance.

Like lots of people, I unfortunately didn’t get selected for any of the tickets which I applied for. However, I’m not letting this put me off the games. Instead I’m planning on enjoying the Olympics from the comfort of my own home where I’ll be hosting an Olympic themed gathering with family and friends.

London_Olympics_ horse guard 100

The Lord’s Horse Guard Parade celebrate 100 days to go...

And I’m tempted to look further into the ‘live sites’ which the London 2012 committee has unveiled. They promised to set up 22 huge screens across the country where communities can gather together and watch the games – perfect if you didn’t get ticket. And as Usain Bolt has announced that he wants to ‘amaze’ the world by running the 100 meter in an eye watering 9.4 seconds, watching via a gigantic screen with hundreds of other people would be amazing.

sandcastle_London Olympics 100 days

A huge Olympic themed sandcastle built by school children

So as the countdown continues there are plenty more Olympic 2012 events to look forward. On 18th May the 70 day torch relay will begins and the London 2012 Festival; a cultural celebration of art, dance, music and film kick starts on 21st June and will continue until 9th September when the Paralympic games come to an end.

London 2012 Olympic Games– 100 days to go and counting…!

London 2012 Olympic Torchbearers and Relay route revealed

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Today the official details of the Olympic Torch Relay have been released along with the 8,000 names of torchbearers who will be carrying the iconic Olympic flame across the United Kingdom.

The Olympic Torch Relay will start in Land’s End on 19th May and take 70 days to tour the country including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland before arriving at the Olympic Park in London on 27th July for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

As the 8000 names of torchbearers were revealed this morning a host of fantastic stories have emerged as to why they received the honour of carrying the flame – each bearer will travel around 300 meters with the Olympic flame before passing it to another bearer.

London 2012 torch

The Olympic Torch Realy route was officially revealed today

Many torchbearers have worked in the local community raising extraordinary amounts of money for charity or achieved sporting accolades. Fantastically the oldest torchbearer will be 99 year old Diana Gould from London who will carry the torch through her local community.

Diana, who has lived in London since being a young child, was nominated by her family to become an Olympic torchbearer as they thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate her 100th birthday which takes place during the relay in May.

Fittingly Diana has spent much of her life enjoying sport and played badminton until the age of 86. Even now Diana takes part in two exercise classes each week which is a real inspiration for everyone to get fit and healthy.


Over 8000 Torchbearers will carry the flame

Since it was announced that Diana would become a torchbearer she has spoken about not being able to watch the 1948 London Olympics due to her family not having a television or the money to attend the games despite living in London at the time and how happy she is to be a part of London 2012.

The Olympic Torch Relay promises to be within 10 miles of 95% of the population and has great excitement in store as not only will torchbearers walk, jog and run with the flame but in some cases abseil, skywalk, row and ice skated throughout the 8000 mile tour.

Check out the official Olympic website to see when the Olympic Torch will be in a town or city near you.

Creative Knitting- Yarnstorming

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For years crafting has been seen as a hobby for ladies of a certain age but it would seem that knitting is finally becoming trendy. So much so that creative knitting groups are getting together across the country and their work is popping up in the most peculiar places.

Earlier this month residents of Saltburn, in North Yorkshire, woke up to find a 50 yard long Olympic themed scarf fixed to their local pier. It can only be described as an utterly spectacular scarf featuring hand-knitted woolly figures of athletes who will be taking part in the London 2012 Olympics– swimmers, runners, gymnasts and weightlifters.

Saltburn Olympic knitted scarf

Olympic Scarf in North Yorkshire

What makes the scarf so magnificent is that its creator(s) remain completely anonymous. Nobody knows who painstakingly knitted the masterpiece or why. And this notion of mysterious crafty work isn’t unique to the Olympic scarf knitter in North Yorkshire.

As “yarnstorming” aka knitting something and secretly leaving it for passers-by to enjoy is becoming more and more popular. An exclusive knitting group in London called “Knit the City” have been yarnstorming since 2006 and have created some of the most creative knitting I’ve ever seen.

Knitted olympic athletes

Knitted athletes - Olympics 2012

Knit the City’s work includes everything from telephone box cosies, hand-knitted characters and randomly placed knitted graffiti which has appeared across London landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and London Bridge. Their work also made an impromptu appearance in Tate Britain during a 2011 exhibition for those lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Knit the city telephone box

Knit the City- Telephone Box cosy in Parliament Square

I’ve spent years knitting and have created everything from baby clothes, tea cosies, scarfs and even teddy bears, many of which I’ve passed on to the charity Teddies for Tragedies. But I’ve never seen such a creative and fun approach to knitting. Yarnstorming adds a great sense of excitement which I’ve not seen before and it’s definitely giving knitting, and crafting in general, a new lease of life.

So I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more yarnstorming in the future and fingers crossed we’ll find out who these secret knitters really are. I’m so intrigued to find out how they produce pieces in such secrecy.

World Athletic Championships

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As a keen runner many years ago I have always had an interest in sports. Athletics is an area which I particularly admire for the sheer skill and talent involved so this weekend I’ve been watching the World Athletic Championships which are currently taking place in Daegu, South Korea.

The event gathers the world’s most thought after athletes in track and field events offering an incredible opportunity to see world champions at their best. I’ve enjoyed the championships mainly because now the London 2012 Olympic Games seen so close.

usain bolt

Although the World Athletic Championships have produced definite victories it’s fair to say that the championships have been somewhat eventful. As Jamaican athlete and 100 meters world champion, Usain Bolt was disqualified from the 100 meter race after a false start.

The disqualification has caused further controversy as many are now questioning whether an immediate ineligibility to participate is fair. I think that the situation for Usain Bolt was extremely unlucky as if he had have participated he could have gone on to achieve his personal best and broken another world record.

Jessica Ennis

Today has provided disappointment for British world champion Jessica Ennis, who was unsuccessful in holding onto her world champion title for the Heptathlon after a poor javelin performance. However, Jessica’s achieved a silver medal for her efforts; an achievement which I think is rather outstanding and a brilliant triumph for team GB.

Finally the World Athletic Championship 2011 has offered a moving moment in sport which I’m sure will be memorable for many. As Oscar Pistorious also known as the ‘Blade Runner’ was allowed to run the 400 meters alongside able bodied athletes. The decision to allow a man who runs with the aid of prosthetics has caused somewhat of a stir amongst some, however, I think that it is a brilliant sight to be seen, one which we should all appreciate, accept and celebrate.

blade runner

I’d like to offer the best of luck to all of the British athletes taking part in the World Athletic Championships- Good Luck!

One year exactly until the 2012 London Olympic Games

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It is exactly one year until the London Olympics 2012 begins and with construction work on time and to budget excitement for the games seems to be mounting.

This morning I caught a great feature on BBC breakfast news which was broadcast from the brand new, £269 million aquatics centre designed specifically for the games. The centre is stunning with a ‘waved’ effect roof and three Olympic sized swimming pools.


To celebrate only a year to go until what’s expected to be the country’s biggest sports events in recent history. Olympic diver and London 2012 hopeful Tom Daley will be diving in the aquatics centre. And a celebratory Olympic party is taking place in London’s Trafalgar Square where anticipation for London 2012 will be at its highest yet.   

Let the countdown begin!


Discounted Olympic 2012 tickets for over 60s.

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Yesterday I posted an article from Martin Lewis- the Money Saving Expert. To my delight Martin posted information regarding entitlement to discounted tickets for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it is great that the prestigious Olympic Games are finally coming to London in 2012. The games will be fabulous for both the city and the country.

With so much excitement ahead of the games many people have already applied for tickets through the official application ballot system, which allows everyone to select up to 20 events that they would like to attend. From there you simply have to wait to find out whether or not your application has been successful.

London 2012 Olympic games ticket discount elderly

Tickets are thought to be in high demand and prices differ from event to event. However, the Olympics Games have enlisted discounts to children and over 60’s.
If you are over 60 and lucky enough to get tickets for the games, you will be charged a standard rate of £16 for a standard ticket on 220 sessions at the Olympics 2012.

The discount is great as combined with the additional discount scheme for children, celebrating the London 2012 becomes affordable for families across the country- Perfect chance to take the Grandchildren out for the day!

To be in with a change of attending London 2012 Olympic Games you must register at the official Olympics registration site before the 26th April 2011. Good luck!

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