The ‘Bionic’ woman, Claire Lomas, plans new charity challenge; cycling from Paris to London

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 In May hundreds of thousands of runners took to the streets of London to complete the 26.2 mile London Marathon. Whilst runners sped off, 31 year old Claire Lomas, who was left paralysed from the chest down in 2007 after falling off a horse, was preparing to make marathon history by becoming the first person to complete the London marathon in a bionic suit.

Wearing a ReWalk bionic suit by Cyclone, which stimulates movement with sensors, Claire crossed the finish line 16 days later having raised an enormous £200,000 for Spinal Research and capturing the nation with her determination. Claire’s achievement was phenomenal and showcased how revolutionary technology can help improve the lives of disabled people.

Claire Lomas cycling from London to Paris

Claire Lomas now plans to cycle from London to Paris

Claire’s marathon success generated international media attention and she’s become a role model for people with spinal injuries across the world, which is why she’s decided to throw herself into another endurance challenge cycling from Paris to London next spring.

Claire will carry out the 250 mile trek on a specially adapted bike which uses electric pulses and sensors to stimulate movement in her legs. This movement will encourage Claire to push her legs forward and pedal. The pace of the cycle ride is expected to be more intense than the London Marathon so Claire has already started a training programme and has a practice cycle planned in Scotland in the coming months.

claire lomas London Marathon

Claire Lomas crossing the London Marathon finish line

Working within the mobility industry I’ve been lucky to see some of the devices which are available to paralysed and disabled people. However, rarely have I seen such advanced devices been used in real life and shown to their full potential. I think that Claire is a fantastic example of how to regain confidence and achieve great things despite experiencing such tragedy. She is a real inspiration and I’m looking forward to seeing her cycle from Paris to London next year.

Claire Lomas completes the London Marathon in ReWalk bionic suit

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It’s fantastic to hear that Claire Lomas, the paralysed women who was attempting to complete the London Marathon in a ReWalk bionic suite, has successfully crossed the finish line at the Mall this afternoon.

It’s taken Claire 16 days to complete the 26.2 mile course wearing the ReWalk bionic suit by Cyclone; a revolutionary device that stimulates movement in the bottom half of the body via sensors allowing users to climb stairs and walk independently.

I was lucky enough to see a small demonstration of ReWalk when it was showcased at 2011’s Naidex exhibition and saw it for a second time at last week’s Naidex 2012 expo. The device is a phenomenon and has truly proved itself during the endurance challenge which has seen Claire become the first person to complete the marathon in a bionic suit.

Claire Lomas ReWalk London Marathon

Claire Lomas in ReWalk bionic suit

Claire, who suffered spinal injuries in 2007 after falling off a horse, completed the marathon in aid of Spinal Research, a charity who work relentlessly to find new treatments and a possibly cure for the effects of spinal injuries.

Sadly she couldn’t qualify for a medal upon reaching the finish line as competition rules state that medals are only awarded to competitors who complete the marathon on the same day that it started. However, Claire was accompanied across the finish line by three members of the Household Cavalry on horseback to celebrate her passion for horses and her amazing achievement.

Claire’s marathon completion is magnificent and I hope that her success will inspire more people to realise their own capabilities and take note of the ground-breaking technology which is enabling us to do whatever we desire. Well done Claire!

Visit Claire’s JustGiving page – here.

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Just Giving, Queen Victoria’s Scrapbook and BBC’s Diamond Jubilee

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Annette's websites of the week

Claire Squire’s Just Giving page The untimely death of Claire Squires, the 30 year old runner who collapsed and died only a mile away from the finish line of last weekend’s London Marathon, has dominated this week’s headlines. Despite been an incredibly sad story the generosity of the public in such a sad time has been overwhelming.

Claire Squires Just Giving

Claire Squires' Just Giving for Samaritans

Over 70,000 donations have been made on Claire’s Just Giving charity page raising an incredible £811,000 (at this moment in time) for her chosen charity, Samaritans. Inspired by Claire’s story I’ve pledge a donation myself and feel confident that it will be welcomed tribute to Claire and help both her family and Samaritans regain something positive from such a tragic lose.


Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook Prior to Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee only one other monarch has achieved such a milestone, Queen Victoria who celebrated her Jubilee in 1897. To celebrate the first ever Diamond Jubilee, and the life and reign of Queen Victoria, the website ‘Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook’ has was launched this week.

The interactive site, which allows users to click through an online scrapbook, covers all areas of Queen Victoria’s life including her becoming a Queen, her love and marriage to Prince Albert, the Queen’s home and her empire and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook Homepage

What’s so unique about the website is that all content, including official documents, paintings, audio and film clips, diary entries and personal letters from Queen Victoria, are from Royal archives which have been specially opened for people to enjoy prior to this summer’s celebrations.

I’d most definitely recommend this website if you’re interested in learning more about Queen Victoria and her Diamond Jubilee (a great site for grandchildren) as it includes everything from pressed flowers from Queen Victoria’s Jubilee bouquet and even the royal seating plan of the 1897.


BBC Diamond Jubilee: Royal Tour MapsYesterday I blogged about the Queen and Prince Phillip visiting South Wales on the welsh leg of their Diamond Jubilee Tour of the UK. Throughout the coming months the Queen will visit the towns and cities throughout the country whilst other members of the Royal family will represent the Queen overseas.

On these visits The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel to South East Asia, Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall will visit Australia and New Zealand and The Duke of York will travel to India.

BBC Royal tours in maps

BBC Royal tours in maps

Throughout these visits, many of which are in commonwealth countries, special tributes will made to the Queen and her 60 years on the throne. To keep track of the Diamond Jubilee globetrotting the BBC have created a site with interactive maps that documents the royal tours.

One map follows the Queen and Prince Phillip’s tour of the UK and the other, a map of the globe, tracks all international visits. Each map is pinpointed with destinations where the Royal family will visit and will be updated with videos clips, photos and articles about their travels as they happen.

A great way to keep up to date with the events in the run up to the Diamond Jubilee.

London Marathon- Good Luck Emma!

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good luck emmaBefore the weekend begins I’d like to take the chance to say good luck to Bath-Knight’s call centre manager Emma, who is running the Virgin London Marathon this weekend.

After months of training race day is finally here and as a seasoned marathon runner I’m confident that Emma will complete the marathon successfully, and fingers crossed in one of her personal best times.

Emma is running Sunday’s London Marathon for charity TeamPB and has a JustGiving page which is welcome to any generous donations. All the very best to Emma and everyone else running on Sunday.


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