Junior Apprentice- Over 50’s show

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As a business woman I love to watch The Apprentice and currently Lord Sugar is putting his junior recruits through their paces in spin off show, The Young Apprentice.

Thus far the youngsters, who are all ambitious, creative and wonderfully bright, have tackled selling frozen treats, running a floristry business and designing an original product for babies.

Last night however, the young hopefuls faced their biggest hurdle yet. Selling to the over 50’s market in the London exhibit The 50+ Show, a well-known and highly though after event in the industry calendar.

After been briefed by Lord Sugar at the National History Museum, a cheeky joke at their audience which didn’t go unnoticed, the teams departed to select their products.

Young Apprentice

Team Kinetic decide upon a handy (and affordable) powerful vacuum cleaner along with the Rolls-Royce of shopping trolleys, designer made with a hefty price tag. Whereas Team Atomic opted for a more obscure pie maker and swish bird box with a built in camera.

It was Team Kinetic who had the most success and in my opinion rightly so with a good product selection which broadly reflected the target audience. On the other hand I thought that Atomic seems to lose sight of their audience and choose products for their personal preference rather than for their audience.

This was clearly displayed when team leader Haya quickly dismissed Harry’s passionate plea to select the comfort pillow, a product which I personally feel would have been a huge hit- affordable, practical and much needed in favour of the homely pie maker.

For many the over 50’s market seems to be a difficult market to tackle. Coupling last night’s task with Apprentice candidates from earlier this year who sensationally failed when creating of a magazine for older readers. After calling the publication ‘Hip Replacement’ need I say anymore…?

Lewis and haya

Lewis and Haya at The 50+ Show

As a businesswoman who works within the market place of ‘older’ customers, a word which I feel should probably be emphasised after I was rather shocked to hear some of the youngsters’ conceptions of people over 50. It’s worth remembering that this market is like any other. Customers simply want a great product for a great price.

I am sure Lord Sugar and his aids Nick and Karen would agree that last night’s task offered a real learning curve for the young candidates, reinforcing an element of remember who the customer is and what their needs are. It’s a great show and with such brilliant young talent one which I will continue to watch.

Watch Young Apprentice on BBC Iplayer

BTC Teapot Pendant made in Stoke-On-Trent

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Original BTC Teapot Pendant It’s great to see that this stylish invention, which was also featured on The Apprentice, is produced here in Bath-Knight’s hometown of Stoke-on-Trent.

The original BTC Teapot Pendant caused quite a stir on Lord Alan Sugar’s show and now the bizarre house hold accessory is available to be purchased from department store John Lewis.

Finally pottery is back in ‘the potteries’, wonderful!

The Apprentice Final 2011- Inventor Tom Pellereau wins!

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Tom-PellereauTom Pellereau was crowned winner of The Apprentice in last night’s 2 hour special episode.

Although nice guy Tom appeared to have some good ideas- excluding emergency biscuits, I’m still a little baffled by that one. His track record of success on the show wasn’t anything to shout about, which is why I have to admit to being a little bit surprised by Tom’s victory.

Nevertheless Lord Sugar chose Tom to be The Apprentice 2011 winner and his new business partner.

Big congratulations to Tom!!

If you missed The Apprentice Final including the interview stage which gets everyone talking. Watch it BBC iPlayer now.

The Apprentice: Hip Replacement – Where they went wrong

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Last night’s episode of The Apprentice seems to have been the best yet but for all of the wrong reasons.

Set with the brief of creating a free magazine publication it was Team Venture who caught my attention with their publication aimed at a 60 plus audience.

Project Manager Jim and his fellow team members seemed to come up with a great concept. As I truly think that that is a gap in the market for a 60 plus magazine, which is aimed at both genders and has fun and relaxed content.

Initially branded as a magazine that would represent ‘60 is the new 30’, and include fresh content inspired by input from a focus group. Unfortunately when it came down to creating the magazine it all seemed to fall apart.

The Apprentice 2011

Given the title ‘Hip Replacement’ which was intended to be a play on words the joke didn’t pull through. Lord Alan Sugar suggested that it could be interpreted too literally. Saying that it made him think of a ‘DIY hip replacement’, and I have to agree. How could Team Venture think that Hip Replacement would represent an edgy, with-it magazine for a modern day 60 plus audience?

Hip Replacement The Apprentice

To add to the insulting title the team seemed to stray when it came to content. Offering nothing fresh and instead patronising and condescending guides like how to make a phone call. Thankfully Lord Alan Sugar pointed out that 60 year olds aren’t ‘stupid enough to not understand’ simple forms of technology, something which Team Venture should have recognised.

After receiving some fabulous ideas from an in tune focus group who made the lifestyle of a modern day 60 plus year old very clear (note to Team Venture this includes making phone calls, browsing the web and generally enjoying life) I don’t understand how they made such a patronising error.

Unfortunately the 60 is the new 30 notion got lost in the process. Instead of a fresh, hip and true reflection of the 60 plus demographic being presented; a stereotypical view that the 60 plus generation are boring and unaware of modern happenings was the outcome, which was a real shame.

You can watch last night’s episode of The Apprentice on the BBC Iplayer now.

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