Annette’s Websites of the Week 5th-9th September 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

This week I thought it would be a nice idea to theme my favourite websites and focus on one specific area. With this in mind I decided to share my favourite fashion sites, inspired by the wonderful vintage fashion featured in Yours Magazine’s ‘Fashion we Wore’ book. – The online fashion catalogue is aimed at women over 50 who want to remain stylish. I like the site as it has a huge variety of different clothing, accessories and shoes- ranging in size, design and style.

lynda-bellingham ismeTo add a little sparkle and intrigue Isme is fronted by actress and ‘Loose Women’ Lynda Bellingham who dresses wonderful for her age. What drew Lynda to the fashion site is what each and every one of us are looking for… great fit, great quality and appropriate style. What more could we ask for?

In additional the Isme site offers more than just an outlet to spend your money. It has an online community with the ‘Coffee Lounge’ blog which has all sorts of features from style guides to competitions and ways to introduce your friends to the site.

Overall Isme is a great place to go if you’re in need of a fashion fix and have plenty of time to browse the huge selection. – Long Tall Sally has been a favourite of mine for many years as they design clothing which fit and flatter taller ladies so beautifully.

long-tall-sallyFor me Long Tall Sally offer clothing which is faultlessly sophisticated and has a real air of elegance. Whether it’s a tailored piece or simple casual outfit, everything looks very stylish and easy to put together. My absolute favourite pieces are their vibrant skirts, which feature colourful patterns and wonderful fabrics.

For me Tall Long Sally is extra special because that these fabulous pieces are designed exclusively for tall ladies with a great sense of style. Perfect! – Whilst out and about I always nip into T.K.Maxx to find a bargain. However, as an alternative I often find myself checking out the website in search of a stylish catch. The great thing about the website is that rummaging isn’t required, unlike in store from time to time.

At everything is organised in categories, which makes finding something specific really easy. Additionally the website lists featured designers and labels, helping narrow down a more specific search.


I have to be honest and say that it is often a ‘hit and miss’ store- you either find something that is amazing or nothing at all.  I know many of my friends and colleagues aren’t so keen because of this. However, with a good look and a little patience it is a really great place to find something stylish for a little less than you would expect to pay.

Tip: I always try to be as specific as possible when looking online. Use the search tools effectively by selecting your size, desired colours and labels you especially admire and importantly how much you are willing to spend. This way you won’t waste time browsing items which won’t fit or are is out of your budget.

Is modern technology making young people as lonely as elderly?

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Today I’ve read about a study conducted by Yours magazine, which claims that due to modern technology youngsters feel just as lonely as elderly people.

The startling study, which surveyed people aged between 18 and 80, found that ‘more than a third of people spend more time chatting online than going out with friends’, and although the average youngster has 243 Facebook friends having a genuine friendship offline proves difficult.

Teenager on the Internet

Are teens spending too much time online?

I personally think that getting online is hugely important especially for elderly people. However the impact of technology on society has given others a different perspective. Actress Lynda Bellingham commented that ‘technology is forcing people to live in their own little isolated bubbles’ in relation to the study.

Of course too much time online can be destructive but it’s important to remember that moderation is crucial. Using social networking, browsing the internet and becoming savvy with modern technologies can be incredibly valuable throughout life.

Getting online grandparents and grandchildren

Go online and spend time together.

It’s incredibly sad to read that young people aren’t socialising with their friends, instead opting to go online. Much like we encourage the elderly to get out and enjoy social clubs, meals outs and tea and biscuit sessions. It’s important to give youngsters a nudge in the right direct to find socially fulfilling activities and avoid loneliness.

I’m sure that many people will agree that these statistics reflect society. So why not get a grandchild to use of their time spent online- give grandma or granddad a quick computer lesson or alternatively Skype with grandchildren of an evening to see how their day went. These are great ways to spend time together and get something positive from the modern technology.

Feeling fabulous at 50- Yours magazine Invincible Not Invisible

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yours magazineA new study carried out by Yours magazine has revealed that women over the age of 50 are at their happiest.

The ‘Invincible Not Invisible’ campaign interviewed 2,000 women and came out with some fantastic statistics which I am sure all women over 50 will agree with.

Firstly, 92% of women said they were happier than ever before and less than a quarter of the ladies worry about how they look; instead saying that they feel much younger than they actually are.


Endorsed by Lynda Bellingham (left), a devotee to the belief that ‘age is just a number’, the survey portrays a great image for ladies who are 50 plus and one which I am quite happy to applaud.

I personally feel great about my age and it’s fantastic to think other women do too. As a mature lady life seems less stressful and more relaxed, which I certainly can’t grumble at.

Now-a-days I get to enjoy my business alongside time with my friends and family. With a great circle of friends to keep my social life lively and a wonderful, growing family who live in some of the most beautiful part of the world, I have a truly fantastic life.

My business here at Bath-Knight allows me to get stuck in to being a business woman, a role which I love. But I am also a Grandparent and enjoying those moments is wonderful. With so much going on around me; business, family, friends and two boisterous dogs, it’s hard not to stay fit and feel healthy. The truth is I feel incredibly content about being over 50 and I hope you do to!

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