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Channel 4’s documentary series One Born Every Minute has become a television sensation. Now in its third series, the fly on the wall documentary is considered a ‘must watch’. As avid fans take to Twitter, Facebook and online forums to discuss the programme and their own experiences of child birth I’m questioning why the bare-all series is such a hit.

One Born Every Minute

The truth is we are all so fascinated by other people’s lives that a glimpse into a special moment, even if it isn’t our own, is too good to resist. Not forgetting that child birth is an area of such intrigue and interest it’s difficult to not be drawn in.

I watched the programme last night and it immediately brought back to my own experiences, which is clearly part of the programme’s charm. As I watched a young mum give birth naturally and another lady deliver by caesarean section the message is clear that all births are very different. Hence why so many are eager to discuss their experiences online- Netmums has a dedicated section to One Born Every Minute which has received a brilliant response.

Mum and baby

For many however the clincher has to be the uncensored notion which One Born Every Minute maintains. Love it or hate it there is no hiding from the blood and guts of child birth here. Recorded on a real working labour ward with expectant mothers and terrified fathers- to- be we get to share a moment of their life, which is so rare and precious, but reveals absolutely everything. Although this may make some people squirm, especially men, it’s an honest and frank look at the reality of labour.

As the show explores modern day midwifery it’ easy to compare how much things have changed over time. New BBC drama ‘Call the Midwife’ documents midwifery in the fifties and recalls the somewhat bleak environment which mothers were expect to deliver in- a far cry from the specialised suites used today. But also the small matter than men weren’t allowed in delivery rooms year ago.

one born evey minute

This has changed dramatically as now not only are partners encouraged and expected to be presented for births, but camera crews are welcomed in some cases too. Capturing the entire process of labour in all of its glory, I often wonder how anyone could be talked into take part in the show.

Nevertheless One Born Every Minute is another brilliant documentary series for Channel 4. Packed with drama, genuine charm and emotions that could only be caught on a real life documentary it’s easy to understand why the show has become such a worthy success. Fantastic viewing.

Catch up with One Born Every Minute on Channel 4 OD now- click here.

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