Bath-Knight’s favourite Christmas Mince Pies!

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Getting into the Christmas spirit the Bath-Knight Sales team have been trying and testing a variety of mince pies in a quest to find the best one available in time for Christmas festivities this weekend.

After weeks of searching supermarket shelves and talking family and friends into baking homemade masterpieces, I think it’s fair to say that they are all minced pied out!

Homemade mince pies

Brilliantly a homemade creation topped the charts scoring 36 out of 40. A close second came from Greggs the bakers who totalled 34 points. Supermarket made treats including mince pies from Sainbury’s (29 points), Asda (26) and Tesco (24) all placed middle in the line-up.

The biggest talking point was caused by McDonald’s ‘Festive Pie’. The calorific creation includes both mincemeat and custard fried until golden and crispy. Although this was the only pie which strayed a little from the traditional recipe it didn’t scored very well with the team. Making a disappointing 14 out of 40 placing McDonald’s bottom of the line-up.

Mince Pie

It would seem that homemade is definitely the best way to enjoy mince pies. But if you’ve not got time to start baking yourself visit your local bakery or Greggs. As their pies are second to none or so I’m told. If you’re feeling a little flush try Heston’s Pine Sugar Dusted Mince Pies from Waitrose– my personal favourite this year!

Enjoy Christmas and don’t forget to leave Father Christmas a mince pie and drop of brandy.

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Mince Pies

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For me the key to a stress free Christmas feast is preparation. Of course, you can only prepare Christmas day lunch to an extent, which is why Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas day cook along is a fantastic idea.

However, other Christmas treats can be thought out well in advance leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the festive period oppose to being stuck in the kitchen slaving away.

As Christmas is all about sharing I’ve decided to share my top tips, recipe ideas and handy hints on how to make Christmas as carefree as possible here on my blog. To kick start I thought I’d indulge you with a classic recipe from my favourite chef.

Jamie Oliver’s filo mince pies are a great spin on the classic Christmas time treat. I made these last Christmas and was truly converted to the modern approach. I like to serve my mince pies with a splash of brandy cream.

Top tip: If you’re making mince pies in advance store them in an air tight container or freeze them. Additionally avoid dusting with icing sugar until you’re ready to serve.

Pecan Pie recipe

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