Yorkshire Young Farmers Mobility Scooter Challenge- Yorkshire to Torquay in 7 days.

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Mobility scooters might not seem the ideal mode of transport for long journeys but they have become the chosen method of transportation for a boisterous group of young Yorkshire farmers who are on the ultimate challenge of travelling 333 miles from Yorkshire to Torquay throughout this week.

The Yorkshire Young Farmer’s challenge may sound a little bizarre but it’s all for a good cause as the team is fundraising for Sue Ryder Manorlands hospice. Whilst also hoping to raise the profile of young famers and the annual ‘Yorkshire’s Greatest Export’ campaign.

Yorkshire Young Farmers Team

Yorkshire Young Farmers Team- Facebook photo

This year the farmers have chosen to promote delicious Yorkshire potatoes and British wool with support from British Wool Marketing Board. To ensure maximum exposure they’ve attached two giant models, one of a sheep and the other a potato, to the back of their trusty mobility scooters which have been provided by FreeRider.

So far the ‘Yorkie to Torkie’ mobility scooter challenge is going well (check out updates via the Yorkshire Young Farmers Facebook page) and with a little luck the team will reach Torquay by Friday, in time to enjoy this weekend’s Young Farmers AGM, where they are hoping to also auction off the scooters to add more money to the fundraising pot. 

I’ve got my fingers crossed that today’s dreadful weather won’t put them too far behind schedule as road mobility scooters have a maximum speed of 8mphs which is perfectly adequate for strolling round town but a little more challenging for such a long journey. 

Yorkshire young farmers mobility scooter challenge

Yorkshire young farmers on the road- Facebook photo

It’s an incredibly ambitious challenge but wonderfully quirky and makes a change from the normal fundraising challenges which we hear so much about. Plus it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase just how durable and reliable mobility scooters can be. So I’d like to wish Yorkshire’s Young Farmers all the very best of luck and hope that they get to Torquay safely. Hopefully they invested in mobility rain capes before they set off…

See Road-Knight’s range of mobility scooters at www.road-knight.co.uk. Please note that  we don’t advice travelling such a long way on a mobility scooter 🙂

Mobility Scooter- Driving Test Training

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Mobility scooters are a great resource for elderly and disabled people who struggle to get out and about.  My own mobility scooter brand, Road-Knight, supplies a variety of scooters including road and pavement only scooters, which provide customers with a sense of independence, and in some cases a lifeline to the world outside.

Road-Knight customers are able to visit us to learn more about the scooters which we offer. However, some providers don’t supply this opportunity to their customers meaning that many people using mobility scooters for the first time go out without any training or knowledge of how to handle a scooter.  

If you are planning to purchase a mobility scooter for the first time I would strongly advice trying before you buy, especially if you are purchasing off the internet where prices are extremely competitive. Most mobility centres stock huge ranges of scooters and are more than happy to demonstrate and let you test drive different scooters so that you can work out which scooter is suitable for your needs, something which is very important.

mobility scooter elderly lady

Mobility scooter users face driving test style training

Statistics have sadly revealed that in the past five years there have been 17 incidents across the country where mobility scooters have been involved in accidents. This has resulted in both police forces and charities calling for driving test style training for mobility scooter users.

In South Yorkshire the police are planning to offer local users of mobility scooters a free two hour course which will cover different aspects of owning a mobility scooter. From how to handle the machine, how to manoeuver safely and confidently, theory practice which is appropriate to understand as a scooter driver and the legalities of travelling via scooter involving speed limits, serving the machine, using lights etc.

Further to South Yorkshire police’s training course, Labour MP Alison Seabeck, has fronted a campaign which calls for stricter regulations and checks on mobility scooters and their owners. This campaign has received backing from Scooter-A-Long, a charity for disabled people in the South West, who hope that it will reduce accidents and ensure safer conditions for scooter users, road users and pedestrians.  

As a supplier of mobility scooters, and a host of other mobility aids, I feel strongly about helping people regain their independence and believe that access to such equipment is paramount in doing so. However, safety is crucial when using any mobility aid therefore access to training and practical help is a positive step forward and could potentially give scooter users more confidence about getting out and about both independently and safely.

Top Gear test drive Mobility Scooters

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Although I’m not a regular viewer of Top Gear I thought I’d catch up on Sunday’s episode (available on BBC iPlayer) after hearing that Jeremy Clarkson and his co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, were putting mobility scooters to the test.

Tackling off-road scooters the troublesome three created their own mobility scooters with the brief that they must be cheaper than shop brought models and functional for disabled users.

Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson's Off-Road scooter

Jeremy Clarkson came up with a ‘4 wheel drive’ which was sturdy and powerful.  James May designed an electric wheelchair which didn’t excel in speed but was complete with iPad, coffee facilities and adjustable seat. And Richard Hammond opted for an army tank inspired creation that was powered by a petrol engine rather than electric.

After testing their scooters in a busy town centre ensuring each could whiz around shops and fit into disabled loos. The Top Gear scooters headed to the rural Welsh country side where it was wet, muddy and perfect for a little ‘off-roading’- mobility scooter style!

James May Off-Road Scooter

James May's Off-Road Scooter

Joined by three wounded servicemen, who took to the driving seats of three shop brought off-roaders it was Top Gear against Servicemen in whose scooter would be announced off-road champion.

As the rural conditions battered Top Gear, only Richard Hammond made the finish line, all three servicemen and their scooters made it to the summit in one piece. Admittedly they suffered a few mishaps but nothing too serious.

Servicemen shop brought scooters

The servicemen's mobility scooters

All-in-all I thought the mobility scooter challenge was brilliantly funny. Despite shop brought scooter receiving a little criticism regarding their cost I thought that Top Gear showcased how well designed mobility scooters are which is certainly a positive.

It’s definitely an episode that I would recommend watching on BBC iPlayer but please note that customising your own scooter isn’t advisable as some insurance can become void. If in doubt always contact your supplier.


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