Is modern technology making young people as lonely as elderly?

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Today I’ve read about a study conducted by Yours magazine, which claims that due to modern technology youngsters feel just as lonely as elderly people.

The startling study, which surveyed people aged between 18 and 80, found that ‘more than a third of people spend more time chatting online than going out with friends’, and although the average youngster has 243 Facebook friends having a genuine friendship offline proves difficult.

Teenager on the Internet

Are teens spending too much time online?

I personally think that getting online is hugely important especially for elderly people. However the impact of technology on society has given others a different perspective. Actress Lynda Bellingham commented that ‘technology is forcing people to live in their own little isolated bubbles’ in relation to the study.

Of course too much time online can be destructive but it’s important to remember that moderation is crucial. Using social networking, browsing the internet and becoming savvy with modern technologies can be incredibly valuable throughout life.

Getting online grandparents and grandchildren

Go online and spend time together.

It’s incredibly sad to read that young people aren’t socialising with their friends, instead opting to go online. Much like we encourage the elderly to get out and enjoy social clubs, meals outs and tea and biscuit sessions. It’s important to give youngsters a nudge in the right direct to find socially fulfilling activities and avoid loneliness.

I’m sure that many people will agree that these statistics reflect society. So why not get a grandchild to use of their time spent online- give grandma or granddad a quick computer lesson or alternatively Skype with grandchildren of an evening to see how their day went. These are great ways to spend time together and get something positive from the modern technology.

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