Websites of the Week 6th-10th June 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

Walk the Walk- MoonWalk

Unfortunately I’m not taking part in the MoonWalk in Edinburgh on Saturday due to injury but I have to commend the MoonWalk website because it really is a great source of information for anyone who is taking part.

The bright pink site is packed full of inspiration for walkers. From great photos which showcase decorated bras- a wonderful way of finding ideas for decorating your own, videos, a blog, forums and most importantly training plans and advice.

I was especially impressed to see the ‘Walking Pals Search’ tool, which allows participants to find fellow MoonWalkers who live locally; incredibly handy for finding a training partner or company for the MoonWalk night itself.

Finally the site is great because it arranged each walker an online fundraising page- saving you essential training time and making it easy to spread the word and get people sponsoring. My daughter Lucy is off to Scotland tonight in preparation for the MoonWalk so a huge GOOD LUCK! – Sponsor Lucy here.

Independent Living

I’ve included Independent Living to my ‘Websites of the Week’ as earlier this week I read the sites blog by Frances Leckie and was really impressed.

independent living

International Symbol of Access- Time to get Positive?  particularly caught my attention as it debates the need for modernising the way which society displays disabilities. This article speaks specificall

y about the symbol of access which I am sure you are all familiar will- the blue and white pictogram often featured on disabled parking bays etc…

The blog seems to be a hit and importantly gets lots of readers talking and leaving comments, which I find really interesting as they provide for great discussion and show a really interest in the subject area.

Stumble Upon

If you’re new to the internet or struggling for ideas as to what you should browse for Stumble Upon is an excellent place to start.

stumble upon

Simply sign up and select your interest, which can be anything from arts and crafts, music, religions, gardening, sports, photography, news and lots, lots more. Then you stumble or in more simple terms the site directs you to different websites which match your interests.

I’m new to the Stumble Upon and I can’t believe how many fabulous sites I’ve come across. Today I’ve found a great blog filled with delicious recipes and articles which told more about how to make the most out of my E-Reader. I wouldn’t have found either if I hadn’t Stumbled.

Note that any sites you find and like can be saved so that you can revisit at your leisure.

MoonWalk Edinburgh 11th June 2011

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 Walk the Walk

I can’t believe how quickly the Edinburgh MoonWalk has come around as thousands of people will be powerwalking through the beautiful streets of Edinburgh this Saturday.

Unfortunately I have some sad news concerning the event as I am unable to take part. Having trained for the 26 mile challenge I suffered an injury a couple of weeks ago. My foot became very sore, specifically around the heel area which was swollen and inflamed. Having had it checked out I was told that I had Plantar Fasciitis and the only way for it to get any better was to rest my foot and try to keep any weigh off it where possible.

It is really upsetting that I won’t be able to take part in what would have being my first ever MoonWalk. However, I understand that where injuries are concerned it’s best to take the advice of professionals and rest up.

Moonwalk Walk the Walk

Although I won’t be taking part my daughter Lucy is still going ahead with the MoonWalk and hopes to meet some new friends on route. She spent yesterday decorating her bra ready for Saturday’s big walk, it looks fabulous!

I’d just like to note that any sponsors I have received will be going directly to Walk the Walk against breast cancer fundraising scheme along with Lucy’s donations. I send all my best wishes to everyone who is taking on the huge challenge. Have a fabulous time and enjoy Edinburgh!

Sponser Lucy’s MoonWalk : Click here…

Michelle Obama dances to Beyonce to beat child obesity with Let’s Move campaign.

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We’ve seen Americans outside the White House and Ground Zero in the news this week as they acknowledge the killing of Osama bin Laden.

President Obama’s wife and U.S First Lady Michelle Obama was seen dancing with the crowds herself however, for a very different reason.

Michelle Obama Let's Move!Michelle Obama is supporting the ‘Let’s move!’ campaign which is aimed at curbing child obesity throughout America. Encouraging children and teenagers to become more active have fun and live a healthy lifestyle.

On a recent trip to a school in the states the U.S First Lady watched students take part in a flash workout. The performance saw pupils dance to Beyonce’s song ‘Move Your Body’ and was astonishingly carried out by more than 600 schools across America at the same time.

The flash workout not only encouraged the youngsters to get up and move, but also Michelle, who took part in the dance routine with the students.

I think that it is brilliant to see such an influential woman taking part and getting involved; Michelle looks like she has got great rhythm and fitted in perfectly even though it has been reported that she was a little shy to begin with.

It is fantastic to see so much encouragement towards getting people more active and healthier. I feel that a healthy lifestyle really does make for a happier life. I’m still training for my MoonWalk challenge in Edinburgh in June, which is a wonderful way to stay active for a great cause.

MoonWalk Frundraising Pack

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Lucy and I have received a rather exciting e-mail today. Our Edinburgh MoonWalk fundraising packs have arrived meaning that the MoonWalk is fast approaching.

The fundraising pack is brilliant; packed with information on training, finding fellow walkers, donation information and even great hints and tips on how to decorate bras which will be showcased at the event.

The bra decorating looks like a lot of fun, even if the sheer thought of walking around in the middle of the night wearing only a bra is quite terrifying. The team at MoonWalk’s Walk the Walk have come up with some wonderfully creative ways to really make your bra stand out.

They have suggested all sorts from sequins and bright colours to frills and glitter and even included ways to hide those bits which none of us want to display. I’m undecided as to whether or not I will be taking the plunge wearing only a bra. Instead I might wear my delightfully decorative brassier on top of a top/t-shirt. Either way I definitely don’t want to miss out on the creative fun!

With inspiration from the latest MoonWalk e-mail and of course the treadmills which are nicely set up in the Bath-Knight offices, today I walked 1.7 miles which will be added to my training programme progress chart.

As with everything nowadays donation forms are digital and online, which is a marvellous thing in my opinion, as anyone and everyone can donate to a worthy cause at any time and from any part of the globe. Wonderful!

MoonWalk Training

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As many of my regular readers will know, I am taking part in the Edinburgh Moonwalk in June. The walk starts at midnight and sees thousands walk 26 miles around the beautiful city of Edinburgh all in aid of breast cancer.

Reebook irun & music treadmill

I will be walking alongside my daughter Lucy who recently completed the Lochness Marathon. Lucy is currently training for the Brighton Marathon in aid of Woofability which takes place this April.

Training is essential for any activity which requires such endurance and I want to ensure that I am ready for the event so that I can enjoy it. My current training plan consists mainly of walking my very energetic dogs. However, as the British weather has been very harsh this winter I have bought a treadmill which will be installed in the Bath-Knight head office next week.

No more excuses when the frost and cold cause slippery pavements and pathways as I will be using the new equipment in between meetings and appointments. I hope that having my new treadmill will help to sculpt an easy to follow training plan, which will lead to success and make the Moonwalk a tremendously enjoyable experience.

I’m excited about the treadmill’s arrival and will be keeping you informed of my progress.

Relaunch of Road-Knight

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As I was discussing in my last post I’ve taken up the challenge of participating in the Edinburgh MoonWalk with my daughter Lucy. With 26.2 miles of walking approaching I have planned to train with the help and determination of Lucy behind me.

I have to be honest and confess that my training isn’t coming along as much as I had planned. With winter nights drawing in so early it is more difficult than I first imagined but I am still walking the dogs and will be taking on lengthier walks in the near future. I promise and Lucy will insist.

Other news brings the launch of our new e-commerce website. With a high demand for the quality scooter range which we used to sell via our Road-Knight brand, we have ventured online to offer an online website where customers can buy scooters and accessories to suit. celebrates independence with style, featuring our favourite scooters for all needs and functions. With endless options, styles and prices there is something for everyone, making a solution for any mobility endeavours you may have.

My next post will be documenting my triumphant training, fingers crossed!


Midnight MoonWalk

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After my daughter Lucy successfully took part in the Lochness Marathon earlier this year raising money for Dogs for the Disabled she started getting on at me. As my daughter is fairly persistent I reluctantly agreed to do something.

Having done some research she found a wonderful event called The Moonwalk created and organised by Walk the Walk, a charity whose aim is to unite against breast cancer. The MoonWalk is a marathon with a difference, instead of running participants powerwalk the 26.2 miles around their chosen destination.

Lucy who will be my walking partner and I have chosen to take part in the Edinburgh MoonWalk on the 11th June 2011. It will commence at midnight making for an eventful night of walking, walking and more walking.

The health benefits that the powerwalk and its training claim to bring are amazing so let’s hope it works for me. I haven’t been doing much in the way of keeping fit lately so this seems a great opportunity and what could be more exciting than a MoonWalk around the beautiful city of Edinburgh with thousands of others.

With 26.2 miles around Edinburgh looming training is essential so I’ve started by fitting my training into my everyday life. Taking the dogs for a walk along the canal is a perfect opportunity to get my walking shoes on and get out there.

I strongly believe that remaining independent can truly enhance life as I provide the facilities to do so with my business Bath-Knight. With this in mind taking care of yourself whilst having fun is the perfect way to feel and importantly stay independent.

I am very much looking forward to taking part in the event as The MoonWalk is for such a worthy charity. I have family and friends who have been affected by breast cancer but who hasn’t? Each MoonWalker wears a decorative bra on the outside of their outfit in the spirit of the cause, which will be a first for me.

I am also thrilled to celebrate the walk and its aims alongside my daughter. Hopefully she will drag me to the finish line!

My blog will be documenting my time training for the MoonWalk. So please follow me in my powerwalking journey of 26.2 miles around the wonderful city of Edinburgh.

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