Naidex National 2012

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Naidex National 2012

Today is the opening day of Naidex National, the UK’s largest exhibition for disability, homecare and rehabilitation. Naidex attracts the leading names in the industry and truly is an event which shouldn’t be missed (I’m travelling down to the NEC this morning) as it’s the place to find out what’s new and what we can expect from 2012.

I’ve attended Naidex year after year as the exhibition works around the mantra of ‘Inspiration for Independent Living’. Strong to its word Naidex features a hugely diverse selection of products and service for people who require additional help in maintaining or regaining their independence.

Products at Naidex include facilities for elderly people, disabiled people and superb ranges for children with disabilities. Anything featured at Naidex is guaranteed to be one step ahead as manufactures often choose Naidex to showcase their brand new products and technologies.

Last year I was lucky enough to see the ReWalk by Cyclone, a devise which fits around the bottom half your body including sensors and computerised motors enabling paralysed people to stand up and walk independently. Claire Lomas, who was left paralysed after she fell off a horse, is currently making headlines as she attempts to complete the 26.2 mile London Marathon in the ReWalk.

I’m confident that this year’s event will prove to be even more innovative than last and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how much more product development has been made throughout the year.

A highly anticipated event this year’s 2012 exhibition will be opened by Falkland’s war veteran Simon Weston OBE, who has overcome some of the toughest challenges in his life and truly is an inspiration to live independently and enjoy every moment of life. Hopefully I’ll get to catch him over the course of the day.

I’ll be blogging about my time at Naidex throughout this week.

Huang Guofu Chinese foot and mouth artist

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Over the weekend I was reading about Huang Guofu, a Chinese foot and mouth artist who has become well known for his artwork across the world.

Huang Guofu has a fascinating background as he had both arms amputated age of 4 after an accident involving an electric shock. He later when on to teach himself how to paint with his feet, then travelled across China selling his work on the streets. After been prompted to venture into mouth painting Huang did so seeing a huge improvement in his work, and has since become a favourite of fans and art dealers alike.

huang guofu chinese foot and mouth artist

Art work by foot and mouth artist Huang Guofu

Regular readers will know that I recently brought a piece by Trevor Wells, a mouth and foot artist who was exhibiting his work at Naidex National in April. The wide variety of piece on display by MFPA at the exhibition was fantastic and brought my attention to how talented these artists really are. 

It’s great to see such brilliant work in the media and importantly highlighting the fact that there is an art community out there for everyone. Hopefully the media attention of Huang Guofu will encourage an interest in foot and mouth artists across the board, as discovering such artwork is fascinating.

If you would like to get more information about The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists click here.

The Mouth & Foot Painting Artists by Trevor Wells

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To round up my week all about Naidex National I’m going to write a little more about The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists who were exhibiting at the event.

I was taken aback by the art work which The MFPA had on display and decided to purchase a piece myself. All of the work on display was beautiful and creative, and with so much variety that there really was something for everyone’s taste.

I spent quite some time deciding which one to get but I eventually went with a beautiful woodland scene by Trevor Wells.

Trevor Wells is a highly thought after Mouth artists who discovered his artistic abilities after an accident playing rugby aged 21, from there he used art as a rehabilitation activity and it has since become a passion.

I love the pieces and it will be hung in my office for all to admire.

Trevor Wells

I’m off to Brighton this weekend to support my daughter Lucy, who is running the marathon for Woofability!

National Trust Access Guide 2011

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From beautiful estates, glorious manor houses and breath taking landscapes there are so many spectacular places which are all within the National Trust, becoming a member really is worthwhile.

National Trust Access guideGoing out to a National Trust area of interest can provide entertainment for all and with some many National Trust hotspots across the country, a day out is possible if you’re going away for a weekend or just for a day.

However, many people put off going to some of the most beautiful or historical places in the country because of the fear that their mobility might mean they will struggle to get around.

It was great to see that the National Trust attended Naidex National this week. The team representing that National Trust handed out 2011 Access Guides, which lists endless amounts of National Trust places in the UK which are accessible to go to.  

The free bundle of goodies, which were handed out in a handy jute bags, also included a map and additional information such as price lists and guides. All easy to read with large text to accommodate those who may suffer with problematic eye sight.

I thought it was a great idea to have such an influential organisation on board. As getting out to visit the National Trust isn’t just a great activity to do over the summer months, it also keeps you active and you get to enjoy time with family and friends whilst doing so.

So why not go ahead and look into becoming a member or just get more information about National Trust areas local to you.

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall- National Trust local to Bath-Knight

ReWalk by Cyclone Technologies at Naidex National

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rewalk cyclone technologiesWe’ve heard lots in the news about the ‘ReWalk’ by Cyclone Technologies which was on display at Naidex National this week.

The Telegraph has described designer Argo Medical’s ReWalk as ‘robotic trousers’ and they seem to be just that. Designed to help paraplegic, the ReWalk uses body sensors and computerised motors to enable its users to stand up alone, walk and even climb stairs.

In essence the ReWalk is helping users rebuild their lives, after it was designed with helping injured soldiers regain their mobility in mind.

The ReWalk by Cyclone Technologies was featured in The Naidex National New Product Award 2011 showcase, and I am pleased to say that ReWalk got my vote!

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists exhibiting at Naidex National.

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As you know from previous posts, on Monday I visited the Naidex National exhibition held at the Birmingham NEC. I have attended the event countless times and it is something which I looked forward to annually.

From a professional point of view, Naidex is a great place to showcase products but also to keep up to date with what is going on in the industry. However, this year it was lovely to see a more personal exhibit which showcased the work and talent of disabled people.

The Mouth and Foot Paintings were on display at the back of Naidex exhibition hall and exhibited by The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, some of whom were in attendance. The artists all have a disability which means the use of their hands is debilitated, so the artists paint with their mouth or toes instead.  

Mouth and foot painting artists Tom Yendell

I spoke to Mouth and Foot artist Tom Yendell who has been a part of the MFPA for 25 years; he explained that some of the artists in MFPA have always had a disability and have used art as a creative outlet for the majority of their life.

Tom also spoke about how other members have had different experiences. Some artists have suffered accidents, many sports related from rugby and diving, others from motor vehicle incidents, which have caused disabilities.

It was interesting to hear that many artists who have occurred sudden disabilities, didn’t paint before and instead have found painting a personal outlet since their accidents.

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists at Naidex National Exhibition.

It is great to see such high spirits from the artists and a great variety of work; there was everything from intrigue landscapes to contemporary artwork on display.

I was so impressed with the work from the MFPA who support their artists fantastically from funding and scholarships. It was great to see an artist at work at Naidex and I hope that the exhibition tempts more people to get involved with the MFPA.

Naidex National 2011

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Naidex National LogoYesterday I attended the opening day of the Naidex National exhibition held at the Birmingham NEC. I had a wonderful day and was delighted to see what Naidex- The ‘UK’s leading disability, homecare and rehabilitation event’ had to offer.

The show featured a wide variety of products and brands, many that I have seen featured at Naidex in previous years but also new exhibits, which were a great surprise.

New additions that I enjoyed seeing included the ‘Mouth & Foot Painting’ exhibit featuring art by Mouth and Foot artists from across Great Britain and The National Trust Access Guide stall with guides, maps and information. I was also surprised to see larger organisations such as Sky TV present who were offering help and support with their services, which elderly or disabled people may use. For example subtitles, audio decryption and easy grip remotes.

To my delight Canine Partners also attended again this year and I think it is safe to say that they will be one of the most popular exhibitors with all Naidex attendees.

canine partners naidex

Yesterday I attended a talks hosted by Canine Partners in the Inspirational Theatre. The talk explains why the specialist trained dogs are a great help to people with disabilities and ran through the skills which the dogs offer to their ‘partner’.

Their abilities are astonishing; we were introduced to Zebady a black Labrador who has worked with Canine Partners for a number of years. Zebady helps her elderly female partner with day to day activates making her life much easier.

Canine Partners demonstrated the sort of tasks Zebady and dogs who are trained to be assistance dogs carry out. The dogs are taught with simple commands and from there they help their partner accordingly. For example Zebady can help with shopping, collecting items from the shelf and placing into basket, she also picks up anything which her partner drops from loose change, credit cards, keys and walking sticks then places all directly into her partners hand.

I was amazed to see the Zebady open the washing machine, take out clothing and then close the door behind her. The dogs are taught that once they open a door (whether it is a cupboard or washing machine door) it must be closed behind then, for the safety of their partners.

Naidex Canine Partners speaker Andrew

Zebady was adorable and so helpful. When asked by command to take off her partner’s jacket, gloves and socks she did it with such ease and care to not hurt or distress her partner.

We were also introduced to wheelchair user Andrew and his assistance dog ‘Garf’, a 3 and half year old Golden Retriever. Andrew explained how much his life has changed with the help of a Garf saying that ‘the difference the dogs make is fantastic, brilliant!’.

The dogs offer great independence to their partners, but also become friends and a companion. Many different people achieve great independence from dogs like Zebady, from people who have always suffered from a debilitating disorder to those whose condition may have happened more suddenly, from a stroke or fall prehaps.

I loved everything about Canine Partners. The best thing was seeing how much Zebady enjoyed her work, wagging her tail constantly whilst helping her partner. You can even volunteer to take care of a dog for a weekend. They tempted the whole audience by welcoming Chutney, a 9 week old black Labrador- adorable!!

I’ll be posting more about my favourite things from Naidex all week. Enjoy!

canine partners puppy


Naidex National Exhibition 2011 introduction…

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We have a wonderful week ahead here at Bath-Knight with the annual Naidex exhibition, and my Daughter Lucy is participating in the Brighton Marathon. Lucy is running in aid of ‘Woofability’– training assistance dogs for disabled people.

Naidex National logoThis week’s Naidex National is exhibiting at the NEC in Birmingham. The annual exhibition is the ‘UK’s largest disability, homecare and rehabilitation event’ and attracts 350 exhibitors and thousands of guests throughout the week. Everyone from healthcare professionals, industry traders and the general public are able to attend.

To me and the team Naidex is an annual must go to event, as we get to see what’s new within the industry and it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn and interact with new products and brands.

Naidex specialises in showcasing products which offer help and support to its users. There are endless product ranges available to view from homecare assistance for the disabled and elderly, healthcare products and specialist facilities which are designed specifically for children with disabilities. It is great to see such variety and so many products offering independence.

Naidex Exhibition

As an annual guest to Naidex there is always great support and advice at hand to make your visit worthwhile. With ever evolving technology and product design I am always astonished by new and innovative products which are on display.

Naidex is a free event, however you do have to register online prior to attending. Alternatively I’ll be spending this week blogging about my favourite aspects of Naidex, so please do feel free to tell me what you enjoyed seeing at the exhibition if you get a chance to go along.

Maybe I’ll see you there…

woofability charity

Woofability- The adorable dogs Lucy is running for.

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