Annette’s Websites of the Week 10th – 14th October 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

Douglas Macmillan and Signal Radio- Bring a pound to work As a local business we are often asked to participate in events for fundraising and I have to say that it is something which really does lifts the spirits of my staff. 

Today we are taking part in the ‘Bring a pound to work day’, which has been organised by local radio station Signal. They are encouraging all local businesses to donate by asking each member of staff to simply bring a pound to work- a small amount which sums up quite spectacularly.

bring pound to work

There is lots of buzz around the event within the area as all funds will go to Douglas Macmillan, a local hospice which plays a vital part in the Staffordshire community treating patients who have life threatening and terminal illnesses.

At Bath-Knight we are simply hosting a dress down day. However, there is lots of variety in the region with other businesses hosting fancy dress days and cake sales to step up the fundraising.

Last year’s event was a huge success and significantly helped the Douglas Macmillan with its daily costs of taking care of patients here in North Staffordshire. Hopefully todays efforts will be even better.


chocolate-week-2011Chocolate Week- This week has been a real treat as its Chocolate Week, which basically means an entire week dedicated to delicious chocolate. Could we ask for anything better?

Upon reading about Chocolate Week 2011 I searched the web for more information. Wanting to find out how to get involved and if there was anything happening locally. I wasn’t disappointed as there is plenty going on and the website really does reflect this.

Partnering with some of the most loved and well known chocolatiers, Chocolate Week 2011 is celebrating the goodness of chocolate. With tasting events up and down the country and this weekend ‘Chocolate Unwrapped’– a two day event in London which exhibits the quality of great chocolate.

divine chocolate

This week I’ve learnt a bundle about chocolate. From the different ways that it is made, history behind each company and the different approaches which they take to creating quality chocolate. For example Divine focus heavily on Fair Trade, a fact which I was aware of, however I did not know that Kupa Kokoo farmers owned 45% of the company. I was also stunned to learn that Thornton’s, the family favourite is celebrating 100 years of great chocolate in 2011 which is just superb and a true testament to the great chocolate it continues to create.

For more information visit


National Curry Week- Regular readers of my blog will know that this week is also National Curry Week. The perfect chance to devour a delicious spicy curry from your favourite Indian restaurant (or try a homemade special from one of my favourite recipes).


I think it wonderful to see so many people excited by Curry Week as many of my friends and colleagues have jumped at the chance to tell me about their favourite dishes. Going into great detail about the spices which they use in homemade recipes and great local stores which sell specialist goods to create those great flavours.

There is no hiding the fact that people love curry and National Curry Week superbly offers the chance to celebrate not only Indian cuisine, but the culture in which it was created. Wonderful!

Check out my blog for lots of great curry recipes from a host of well-known chefs!

National Curry Week- Vegetable Jalfrezi

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Today I’m featuring a delicious vegetarian curry which is a firm favourite amongst me and many of my friends.

I was recommended this recipe by a friend and colleague who not only loves hot vegetarian dishes but also Jamie Oliver creations. What’s best about this dish is that you can use any vegetables you fancy, experimenting alone the way or just using what’s in your veg box.

I enjoy this vegetable jalfrezi with rice and a spoonful of natural yoghurt to cool the heat a little.


Vegtable Jalfrezi

National Curry Week- Thai Green Curry

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Upon telling my friends and colleagues that it’s National Curry Week I’ve been bombarded with their favourite recipes, restaurants and homemade specialities. I have to say it’s quite something when you realise how many different variations of curry there are with many common favourites originating from all over the world.

I find Thai food particularly delicious thanks to a fantastic local restaurant which is always a treat to visit. After enjoying a delicious Thai Green Curry there it is a firm favourite and couldn’t be missed this week.

When making it at home I work from a simple Nigel Slater recipe as it’s incredibly easy to follow and incorporates what I really enjoy about Thai food- light consistency with delicious aromatic favours.

Celebrate National Curry Week with my favourite Thai Green Curry recipe. Enjoy!

Thai Green Curry

National Curry Week- Chicken Tikka Masala

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Day two of National Curry Week and I couldn’t think of a better dish to share than Chicken Tikka Masala. A great mild curry dish which is perfect when feeding guests- you never want to overpower someone with a super hot dish.

I’ve chosen this James Martin recipe because I really enjoy his quick and easy style of cooking. Not only is he a great chef but extremely charming to watch on Saturday Kitchen, which I tend to watch over a cup of tea whilst planning my weekend.

I hope you enjoy and please do let me know of your favourite curry dishes. Bon Appetite!

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chocolate Week 10th-16th October 2011

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chocolate-week-2011This week is most certainly pleasing for foodies as not only is it National Curry Week but also Chocolate Week- a favourite amongst those with a sweet tooth.

Chocolate Week is in its eighth year and celebrates the wonderful art of chocolate. From the way in which chocolate is made to how people use it to cook, bake and even create works of art. Chocolate sculptures and expensive edible creations are considered highly skilled art pieces today and admired by many.

To confirm such I read an article this morning featuring a diamond finished chocolate desert costing a whopping £22,000 which really is far too good to eat.

Heading back to reality… the most exciting part of Chocolate Week for most, including me, is the opportunity to taste lots of delicious chocolate. Thanks to Chocolate Week’s partners there is plenty of opportunity to do so.

chocolate balls

Having teamed up with a handful of chocolatiers including high street favourite Thorntons, Hotel Chocolat and fair trade chocolate giants Divine Chocolate Week are hosting a week of events for chocolate lovers across the UK. Events include testing session and afternoon tea with extra special chocolate treats – Find events near you by clicking here.

Upon reading about Chocolate Week I discovered that family favourite Thorntons are in fact celebrating 100 years of wonderful Thorntons’ chocolate, which really is lovely news. As a box of Thorntons has always symbolised a celebration for me and many others I’m sure.  

Chocolate Unwrapped

To finish off a rather specular week of chocolaty fun Chocolate Week are hosting the ‘Chocolate Unwrapped Show’ this weekend in Vinopolis, London. Here visitors can visit a miniature chocolate factory, view stunning chocolate exhibits including chocolate sculptures and hear from leading chocolatiers including William Curley and Keith Hurdman on how to truly make the most out of delicious chocolate.

Sounds far too good to be true- Enjoy!

National Curry Week- Lamb Rogan Josh

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I love to share recipes with my friends, family and colleagues. As I always find that a tried and tested recipe, recommend by a close friend, is much better than one simply picked out of a recipe book.

So what better excuse could I have to share my favourite curry recipes as this week (9th-15th October) celebrates National Curry Week.

I’m a huge fan of flavoursome curried recipes and regularly take a trip to my local curry house. However, making homemade curries is a great achievement and very much in vogue. So I’ve tried lots of recipes recently from mild spices to something a little hotter and this week I’ll be sharing my favourites.

Today I’m kicking off curry week with a delicious Lamb Rogan Josh– a traditional Indian dish. The recipe is from well-known chef Anjum Anand who has a great selection of recipe books and cookery programmes.

Lamb Rogan Josh


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