National Vegetarian Week – Homemade Veggie Pizza and Potato Salad

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It’s National Vegetarian Week so I’ll be sharing some of my favourite vegetarian dishes on the blog throughout the week- I’d love to hear which veggie dishes you enjoy cooking so please leave a comment below.

Here at Bath-Knight the sun is shining and it’s finally starting to feel like summer is on the way. So I thought that I’d share a couple of simple recipes which you can eat outside whilst enjoying the sunshine.

NVW veggie pizza

Vegetarian homemade pizzas are really easy to make and although I tend to make my own pizza bases (I follow Jamie Oliver’s recipe) you can buy readymade ones from local supermarkets.

The best thing about homemade pizza is that you can add whatever toppings you like. For a veggie feast stock up on olives, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, sweet corn, jalapeños, garlic, onion, capers and plenty of different types of cheese. With so much choice even meat eaters will love these pizzas.

NVW potato salad

I like to serve pizza with a side salad and often I’ll make this potato salad to accompany a light supper. It’s also a great recipe to use when guests are around for BBQ’s or picnics in the garden. This potato salad can be eaten warm or cold and keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days.

National Vegetarian Week 2012 – Rachel Khoo’s Wild Mushroom Terrine

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It’s National Vegetarian Week (21st-27th May) and although I’m not as vegetarian I do adore well prepared vegetarian dishes. Like last year I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite veggie recipes over this week but I’ll also be looking into the health benefits of incorporating more veggie dishes into your diet.

After recently spending some time on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day website I got reading some of his info-graphics which highlight stats on all sorts of food. One in particular caught my attention as it discussed the health effects of red meat.

Although I’ve always been aware that too much red meat can be unhealthy but I was shocked to read the actual facts of how dangerous it is. As too much red meat causes heart disease, cancer and significantly increases cholesterol, which gives all the more reason to really get stuck into delicious vegetarian meals this week.

NVW WIld Mushroom Terrine

So to kick start this year’s National Vegetarian Week I’m featuring a recipe from TV chef Rachel Khoo whose new cooking programme ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ brings French cooking up to date- I’ve really enjoyed the series and its available to watch on iPlayer for those who want to catch up.

Rachel’s Wild Mushroom Terrine or Terrine Forestière as it’s known in France is a delicious choice and perfect for dinner parties as it can be prepared in advance. What I like most about this veggie terrine is how simple the ingredients are yet it’s a delight to eat. Most definitely a veggie dish which I’d recommend trying, enjoy!


National Vegetarian Week- A delicious three course meal fit for Veggies!

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National Vegetarian Week 2011 is drawing to a close, and I have decided to end the week with three delicious recipes to create every vegetarians dream meal.

To start with a delicious Goats Cheese and Red Pepper tart-

goat cheese tart recipe

This may come as a surprise but vegetarian fish and chips really does exist- simply swap fish for halloumi cheese! I discovered this dish whilst on a theatre break in London and was so impressed that I searched for a recipe to recreate fish & chips for veggies at home!

Vegetarian Fish and Chip recipe

Everyone loves cheese cakes for dessert; this New York Cheese Cake is a classic recipe which I love to serve at homely family meals or at dinner parties with friends. Serve with a mixture of delicious summer fruits and drizzle with fruit syrup.

New York Cheese Cake Recipe


National Vegetarian Week- Sweet Pumpkin & Peanut Curry

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Curries are a great tasty dish which I really enjoy, even better there are plenty of vegetarian curry dishes available.

This particular curry was featured in my birthday recipe book by a dear friend of mine. Delicious dishes however, please do check that the Thai Curry Paste is veggie friendly!


Pumpkin and peanut curry recipe

National Vegetarian Week – Creamy asparagus soup with a poached egg on toast

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This recipe is perfect for vegetarian week and was in fact passed on by a vegetarian colleague. The recipe initially came from TV chef and food guru Jamie Oliver and I must say that it really is yummy.

For me the poached egg on the top makes this specific soup stand out- make sure you don’t poach the egg for too long otherwise it won’t be nice and runny.  You can eat this soup hot or cold making it perfect for supper at home or lunch in the office!

National Vegetarian Week Aparagus Soup

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