New Year, New You!

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I know that during the New Year lots of people plan on making lifestyle changes to become fitter, healthier and lose weight.

As a professional business woman with a busy schedule and lots of responsibilities having a healthy lifestyle is greatly important. Furthermore, looking and feeling great makes me feel happier, which is why I’ve recently joined Slimming World and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost over two stone so far.

The Slimming World programme that I am following is a great resource and works brilliantly for me. I simply attend my local group each week where I get weighed and then meet up with other members to discuss progress, recipes plans which worked (and didn’t), future goals and any issues which I feel may become problematic.

Slimming World

The traditional method of attending a session, where support is visible and socialising is incorporated into weight loss very much suits me and my way of life. I even attended in between Christmas and New Year for a push in the right direction in avoiding too many Christmas temptations.

Although I’m a regular attendee I understand that for some going along to such isn’t as easy whether it’s due to schedule, location or being too shy to attend. However, there are other options available.

To the delight of many weight loss programmes have massively progressed recently and many are now available online. Supermarket giants including Tesco and Sainsbury’s both have diet programmes which are orchestrated online and are said to deliver great results.

Slimming World Meal

Healthy meal of chicken and roast veg

Similarly Yours Magazine now have an online programme which is exclusive to over 50’s. All offer easy to follow meal plans, healthy recipes options and keep track of any progress; including helping to encourage meeting target weight loss.

Although I’ve not tried online programmes (you can sign up to Slimming World online) I think that they are plausible options. Many supermarket branded schemes cleverly allow you to create a shopping list cemented with ingredients to make their suggested healthy meals. An addition which I feel is very savvy, ultimately making healthier eating incredibly easy.

dog walking

I walk my dogs to stay active

Regardless of which route you take I think it’s important to remember that applying a fitness plan is also significant. Don’t presume that you need to start running marathons. I take daily walks with my dogs Summer and Toffee which I find keeps me healthy and active.

My Top Tip: Be realistic with your weight loss. Keep your goal and targets at a manageable level and remember that the occasional treat isn’t the end of the world!

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