Bobble Day

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Friday mornings kick off with a Bath-Knight Managers meeting; however last week’s meeting was a rather different affair.

As the team and I went over our facts and figures, we were soon whirled up in bright orange wool as we attempted to make orange bobbles for Age UK’s Official Bobble Day.

The bobbles, which reminded everyone of the finishing touch to a brilliant winter woolly hat, were the driving force behind Age UK’s first Bobble Day, which has sprung from the charities ‘Spread the Warmth’ winter campaign.


I’ve taken an active interest in this particular campaign as I was startled by the shocking statistics that show 250 elderly people die every day because of the cold weather.

Participating in the first ever Bobble Day was great fun for everyone involved, even if cutting out cardboard circles was a rather laborious task, the bobble idea itself was very unique and got everyone talking.

Age UK made a great effort to make the campaign digital and online. We tweeted the team over at Age UK throughout the day and heard that they were delighted with our efforts towards the brightly coloured bobble day; the entire day had an orange theme everything from bobbles to clothes and even cakes and cookies were orange!


A rather special touch is the online gallery which Age UK set up specifically for Bobble Day featuring fabulous photos of people from all over the country making and wearing their orange bobbles proudly. The gallery includes everyone from well know famous faces, elderly people, babies, office workers, charity workers and even their pets.

We made a special bobble for office doggie Portia and she was featured in the online gallery to my great delight. Bath-Knight’s Marketing Manager was also over the moon to see her cat Smokey in the gallery, after she took a photo of him rolling around in orange wool as she was making bobbles at home.

Overall Bobble Day was great and although we’re still not quite sure what we will be doing with all of our bobbles. Maybe we could stitch them onto a woolly scarf or quilt. The Bath-Knight team raised funds for Age UK’s Bobble Day which is marvellous.

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