Twiggy for Marks and Spencer Woman

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Fashion is a great way of expressing yourself but often it’s easy to get stuck in a rut especially when you’re getting older. I know that lots of women question if they are ‘too old’ to wear certain garments and consequently give up on fashion all together.

So it’s brilliant to hear that supermodel Twiggy, who is now 62 years old, has launched her debut collection with Marks and Spencer Woman. The summer collection, which is available exclusively online now, is full of stylish wardrobe essentials and one off special occasion pieces that truly are fantastic high street purchases for women who want to remain fashionable despite their age.

Twiggy Marks and Spencer woman

Twiggy collection for Marks and Spencer

What I like about the collection is that Twiggy has designed it with herself and other women of her age in mind. She’s used feminine colours and sophisticated patterns with tailored cuts and soft fabrics that all complement women whatever age they may be.

And the variety is endless as Twiggy’s Mark and Spencer collection includes flattering dresses, stylish trousers, blouses and statement jackets plus a selection of accessories which pull all of the outfits together perfectly.

Twiggy Marks and Spencer Chic

Twiggy collection for Marks and Spencer

Along with designing the collection Twiggy can also be seen modelling the outfits on the Marks and Spencer website, where you will also be able to see her in the Marks and Spencer Jubilee TV advert alongside Dannii Minogue, Myleen Klass and Jamie Redknapp with music from Gary Barlow.

View Twiggy for Marks and Spencer Woman online here– it comes highly recommended from me.

Online Christmas shopping deadlines

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christmas presentsIf you’re anything like me online shopping will be your saviour this Christmas time. Hitting the World Wide Web in search of the perfect gifts saves the hassle of the busy high street. However, there is one hitch- delivery deadlines!

Handy for us The Guardian have drawn up a ‘Christmas delivery dates 2011’ documents. Listing all of our favourites stores which sell online complete with their delivery deadlines for Christmas.

The list is definitely worth printing and keeping safe in case of any list minute emergencies. My top tip would be, where possible add an extra day to the estimated delivery date as the Christmas rush really can create havoc at post office and storing houses.

Beginners guide to eBay

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Car boots sales are wonderful places to catch a bargain. However, I often associate them with the good old saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’, which may be why auctioneers are going digital and setting up shop on eBay.

ebay logoThe online auction site, which has become a huge commodity in online shopping, has the same principle as car boot sales or auctions; simply selling unwanted goods, however, to a worldwide online audience. 

You can sell everything and anything on eBay from old to new and strange to bizarre. So with Christmas around the corner, now is the perfect chance to get online and start selling your old possession. Helping you earn a little extra money for Christmas treats.

Getting started:  

  • Like any other online site you need to register and set up an account. Do this by simply clicking ‘register’ next to the eBay logo. Here fill in all of your details not forgetting to create a User ID which will become your eBay account name.
  • eBay is really easy to use once you get used to it. However, I’d recommend reading eBay’s ‘Tips for New User’, which suggests some handy ways to get started.
  • When making a transaction on eBay payment can be made in a variety of ways. However, most users use eBay’s preferred method PayPal, which is a secure method of payment. Simply set up an account here-

Now your account is set up you can start selling:

  • To sell an item you simply click ‘Sell’ at the top of the eBay screen.
  • Enter details of what the item is and click ‘Start Selling’
  • Here a variety of options which appear, simply click on the options which correspond to the item you’re intending to sell.
  • Now you need to create your listing. This basically means you need to detail the item ready to sell. Try and be as precise as possible. Remember to title your item with key words which people would potentially search for.

Ebay selling

  • Upon listing a written description is needed so be as informative as possible. Note how old the item is, exact measurement and mention any wear and tear. It’s really important to be as honest as possible here, as if your item isn’t as described this can lead to disgruntled customers.
  • Always add a photograph of your item as they can really push a sale forward. Remember people like to see what they are purchasing. Make sure the photograph is of good quality and highlights the item nicely.
  • I like to list my auction item at a starting price of 99p as there is no fee for listing. However, if you would like to start at a higher price no problem, just be sure to check eBay fee’s to see what charges you may incur.
  • Finally don’t forget to add postage price to your listing, be realistic and weigh the goods to calculate a fair postal cost. It’s also worth remembering that any item sold outside of the UK will cost more to ship.
  • Once you’ve completely created your listing confirm the details ensuring that all information is correct and accurate. Once confirmed your item will appear in your listings and ready for bidders to start bidding!

garden tool set listing

Sold items:

  • Once you’ve sold an item eBay will notify you via e-mail. Follow links in the e-mail or use ‘My eBay’ tool to arrange postage and further contact with the buyer.
  • Always ensure that payment has processed before posting, then use the details shown on the order and proceed to post.
  • Always remember to keep the buyer in the loop. Let them know when you’ve dispatched the item and leave them feedback on how the transaction went. Receiving good feedback is always a nice feeling and encourages other users to use that seller!
  • Sold- now you can relax!

My ebay

Handy tips:

  • Before selling something do a little research. Search eBay to find out how much other people have sold similar items for. This way you will have an idea of how much the item might fetch.
  • Some items such as alcohol and tobacco are prohibited from eBay. Make sure what you’re about to sell is within the rule of eBay otherwise you may find yourself in trouble.
  • Keep in touch with your buyer- if you’ve sold an item but are struggling to get it dispatched let them know. If you’ve had an unexpected hiccup send them a quick e-mail they will appreciate your communication.
  • Finally, check all fees and costing. EBay and paypal do take a small percentage from sales and listing so this is worth keeping this in mind.

Check out Bath-Knight’s eBay store here.

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