Healthy weight loss tip for the elderly people waiting for surgery

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As summertime finally approaches losing a little bit of weight will be on lots of people’s minds. However, in recent months I’ve become more aware of people having to lose weight for more serious purposes than looking good in a summery outfit.

In January I read an article about one hospital not adding overweight patients to their surgical waiting lists until they shed the pounds and since I’ve spoken to friends, colleagues and customers who are looking to lose weight to make a pending surgical procedure more effective, and in some cases, safer.

With this in mind I thought I’d share some healthy weight loss tips that are targeted specifically at men and women over the age of 60.  It’s no surprise that our bodies change as we get older and so does the way we lose weight.

old lady cooking

Healthy weight loss tips-

  • If you’re over 60 and want to lose weight speak with your GP first especially if you losing weight ahead of surgery or because you want to improve your mobility. He/she will be able to offer practical advice and consult you on implications that dieting could have on any medical conditions you have.
  • Ask your GP to weigh and measure you then calculate your BMI (click here for the NHS’s online BMI calculator). Your BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates if you’re at a healthy weight, overweight or obese and will give you some indication of how much weight you should ideally lose.
  • Set yourself a target by coming up with a realistic weight goal that will ideally place you at a healthy BMI status. This goal will help you stay motivated and should ultimately encourage you to keep on track.
  • Join a slimming group if you need extra support. Groups such as Slimming World and WeightWatchers hold weekly meetings where you can be weighted and talked through the diet plan. Rosemary Conley offers a dieting and fitness plan with the addition of fitness classes. And the Jenny Craig plan is a good option for people who struggle to cook to diet restrictions as it delivers set meals according to your dietary needs and aims. Slimming groups are also a great place to meet new friends who have a common goal of losing weight.
  • Stock up on ‘superfoods’ such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, kiwis, salmon, broccoli, beans and nuts. These specific foods are packed with goodness, low in calories and include disease fighting nutrients that can be beneficial to your wellbeing especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Most are also part of your ‘5 a day’.
  • Read about other people’s dieting experiences to see how specific diets made them feel and how effective the dieting programs are in reality. Jenny Craig, WeightWatchers and LighterLife all have community forums or online blogs written by a variety of dieters (men and women) who are currently trying to lose weight. These first hand tales can be really helpful and give you a nudge in the right direction as to which one is right for you.

Twiggy for Marks and Spencer Woman

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Fashion is a great way of expressing yourself but often it’s easy to get stuck in a rut especially when you’re getting older. I know that lots of women question if they are ‘too old’ to wear certain garments and consequently give up on fashion all together.

So it’s brilliant to hear that supermodel Twiggy, who is now 62 years old, has launched her debut collection with Marks and Spencer Woman. The summer collection, which is available exclusively online now, is full of stylish wardrobe essentials and one off special occasion pieces that truly are fantastic high street purchases for women who want to remain fashionable despite their age.

Twiggy Marks and Spencer woman

Twiggy collection for Marks and Spencer

What I like about the collection is that Twiggy has designed it with herself and other women of her age in mind. She’s used feminine colours and sophisticated patterns with tailored cuts and soft fabrics that all complement women whatever age they may be.

And the variety is endless as Twiggy’s Mark and Spencer collection includes flattering dresses, stylish trousers, blouses and statement jackets plus a selection of accessories which pull all of the outfits together perfectly.

Twiggy Marks and Spencer Chic

Twiggy collection for Marks and Spencer

Along with designing the collection Twiggy can also be seen modelling the outfits on the Marks and Spencer website, where you will also be able to see her in the Marks and Spencer Jubilee TV advert alongside Dannii Minogue, Myleen Klass and Jamie Redknapp with music from Gary Barlow.

View Twiggy for Marks and Spencer Woman online here– it comes highly recommended from me.

Over 60’s Online Dating

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As yesterday was Valentine’s Day I felt it was appropriate to comment on the recent news that over 60’s have become the fastest growing group of internet daters.

Dubbed as ‘The Goldie’s’ by The Telegraph in an article today- a combination of Glamorous and Oldies. I find the recent revelations of people aged sixty plus (sorry Goldie’s) becoming so successful in online dating wonderfully refreshing.

Their success in finding the perfect spouse via the internet is positive for two reasons. Firstly because it shows that a significant number of over 60’s are online and making good use of the resources which the internet offers. Secondly hundreds, if not thousands of people are finding happiness, love and companionship which they previously didn’t have. That can never be a negative.

online dating for over 60s

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular with over 60s

So why are over 60’s so successful at dating online? It’s said that their realistic and honest outlook on life plays a big part in their success. With good life experience many 60 plus daters aren’t interested in playing games or wasting other people times. It’s said that most people over 60 have the most honest and informative online profiles ensuring that no one is misled.

Of course some people may be worried about dating online as the notion of not physically knowing who you’re talking to can be a little off putting. So it’s worth sparing the time to find a trusted online community that specialising in services for over 60’s.

dating over 60

Online dating... modern way to find companionship?

Recommend sites include,, and all of which are designed with an older audience in mind, many of whom maybe looking for companionship after a loss or significant time spent alone.

I should note that it’s worth remembering online dating isn’t for everyone so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work for you. The challenge of trying something different could uplift your spirits and open your mind to new opportunities.

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