Diesel Head – The misfuelling prevention device

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There seems to be lots of exciting projects to share lately. Last week we were all very excited as a Bath-Knight was installed into a ‘Grand Designs’ home, yesterday I revealed the newly designed Bath-Knight website and today I’d like to introduce ‘Diesel Head’– a new misfuelling prevention device invented by my brother, Lee Steadman.

lee-steadman diesel headThe Diesel Head was born after Lee used his creativity to solve the costly problem of misfuelling (or putting petrol into a diesel car to you and me).

Lee’s creation cleverly makes the dreaded mistake completely avoidable. As the Diesel Head is simply designed to prevent putting petrol into a diesel tank thanks to its precision design which only allows a diesel nozzle to fit into the pump.

Like many I’m fairly blasé about motor vehicles and the problems which often occur with them. As you can imagine I was completely unaware of costly repair work which a petrol pump blunder can cost, which is why for those who are likely to make the easy mistake of putting the wrong fuel into your car the Diesel Head really is worth the money.

The best thing about the Diesel Head is you simply purchase it online (it’s advised that customers quickly check to make sure that the Diesel Head will fit the model of car by using Diesel Head’s online guide) and fit the device yourself, ultimately meaning that you don’t need to visit a mechanic to get the Diesel Head installed.

Of course I’m a huge Diesel Head advocate and that’s partly because the concept reminds me very much of the notion which my father worked from when inventing the Bath-Knight. Much like our father, Lee identified a simple problem and created an efficient and effective device which diminishes such. The Diesel Head purely irradicates misfuelling- what more could you ask for?

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