FIFA enforce Poppy band on England shirts

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I was rather shocked to hear today that the football association, FIFA, have enforced a Poppy ban on England football shirts, which will be worn in an international game between England and Spain this weekend.

Although FIFA have agreed to hold a minutes silence to commemorate Armistice Day, they have refused to allow a Poppy to be embroidered onto the England team’s strips. Stating that allowing such would be ‘jeopardising the neutrality of football’.

An outcry from British FIFA representatives and the general public for FIFA to reconsider their decision has been unsuccessful, and this morning David Cameron has spoken about the incident calling FIFA’s decision ‘absurd’.

england football

Poppy ban

Although I am not an enormous football fan I have to agree that the decision seems somewhat unreasonable. For many in Britain the Poppy is a symbol of remembrance and respect for those who have sacrificed for our freedom, a far cry from the political symbol which they are suggesting.

With the ban now enforced I can only hope that the England team seek other resources to show their support and respective for the Poppy Appeal.

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