Royal Mail reveals The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Stamp Collection

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Jubilee Merchandise

With so much Diamond Jubilee merchandise on the market deciding what to buy is a tricky decision. Most people want to make a purchase but don’t want to spend too much money, and importantly, they want their jubilee purchase to be practical. There seems little point in buying something that you’ll only use over the jubilee bank holiday weekend.  

Today Royal Mail has revealed an exclusive collection of Diamond Jubilee stamps to commemorate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. The eight stamp collection captures significant moments of the Queens reign. Ranging from her early days as monarch to more recent events like the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 and an inspection of 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh in 2007.

jubilee stamp collection

Although the collection of postal portraits is small (I don’t know how Royal Mail managed to pick only 8 images) it’s nice to see that they’ve have used photographs which we don’t often see of the Queen. Her broadcasting the first ever televised Christmas speech in 1957 for example, and attending the Commonwealth Games in 1982, an event which is incredibly important to the Queen.

I think that the Diamond Jubilee stamp collection will be an incredibly popular choice amongst the general public as not only is it a great way to commemorate the Queen’s 60 year reign, the stamps are affordable and a lovely addition to any letter you’ll be posting over the next couple of weeks.

The Diamond Jubilee stamp collection goes on sale from Thursday 31st May 2012 in Post Offices.

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