David Cameron visits President Obama in America

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This week we’ve seen Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to America documented in the media. Accompanied by his wife, Samantha Cameron, the British prime minister flew to The White House where he spent time with Present Obama and the First Lady.

White-House-State 2012

The highly published tour included a White House state dinner, a trip on the iconic Air Force One and even front row seats at an all-star Basketball game (we are assured that serious business was discussed in between).

The leaders’ wives also spent time together meeting school children at a sporting event and a group of British school girls whom the First Lady invited to the White House after visiting their school during a visit to London in 2009.

Obama Cameron Basket Ball game

To political enthusiasts the tour may simply be a photo opportunities and I’ve read several articles which have slammed the visit as nothing more than a disaster. However others have praised the tour suggesting that it highlights the strong relationship between both nations.

Whatever your opinion the Cameron’s trip to America seems to have become a talking point- glossy magazines are even talking about it, which is incredibly positive as more people are clearly taking an interest in politics and politicians.

The Queen hosts Royal Banquet for President Obama and First Lady- My thoughts

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President Obama and his wife Michelle are currently here in the UK on their first state visit to the country.

I am really delighted to see the media attention which the visit has brought, as not only are we getting at glimpse at the President but also the Royal Family.

The visit has seen the Obama’s spend time with both the Royal Family and members of Parliament.

Royal Banquet

Personally I was really delighted to see the return of the Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge, who meet with the President and First Lady in Buckingham Palace in their first public appearance since their honeymoon.

Kate and William with the Obamas

The Queens Banquet dinner, which was held, last night in the Palace Ball Room of Buckingham Place looked to be quite exquisite. With a star studded quest list of 171 including royalty, politicians, actors and businessmen. The event provides a great display of companionship from the American Head of State and HRH the Queen.

obama cameron table tennisThe visit has really proven to be a pleasure to watch, with something for everyone from playful fun; I watched some brilliant news footage of President Obama playing table tennis alongside PM David Cameron yesterday, family BBQ’s at Number 10, royal engagement and fabulous fashion from all the ladies… and of course some politics.

I’m really excited to read more about the visit hope you have enjoyed it too!

Michelle Obama dances to Beyonce to beat child obesity with Let’s Move campaign.

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We’ve seen Americans outside the White House and Ground Zero in the news this week as they acknowledge the killing of Osama bin Laden.

President Obama’s wife and U.S First Lady Michelle Obama was seen dancing with the crowds herself however, for a very different reason.

Michelle Obama Let's Move!Michelle Obama is supporting the ‘Let’s move!’ campaign which is aimed at curbing child obesity throughout America. Encouraging children and teenagers to become more active have fun and live a healthy lifestyle.

On a recent trip to a school in the states the U.S First Lady watched students take part in a flash workout. The performance saw pupils dance to Beyonce’s song ‘Move Your Body’ and was astonishingly carried out by more than 600 schools across America at the same time.

The flash workout not only encouraged the youngsters to get up and move, but also Michelle, who took part in the dance routine with the students.

I think that it is brilliant to see such an influential woman taking part and getting involved; Michelle looks like she has got great rhythm and fitted in perfectly even though it has been reported that she was a little shy to begin with.

It is fantastic to see so much encouragement towards getting people more active and healthier. I feel that a healthy lifestyle really does make for a happier life. I’m still training for my MoonWalk challenge in Edinburgh in June, which is a wonderful way to stay active for a great cause.

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