Annette’s Websites of the Week 12th-16th December 2011

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Annette's websites of the week – Around Christmas time I always buy a Radio Times magazine to check the television listings. This way I can look forward to Christmas films and TV specials which make for extra special festive entertainment.

Radio-Times-2011-ChristmasIn addition to the magazine I’ve also been using the Radio Times website, which is very convenient when the magazine isn’t to hand. Featuring TV listings, recommendations and entertainment news it’s the perfect place to find out what’s on the box, if there wasn’t a better expression.

Seeing as Christmas is getting so closer I’m sure the ‘Christmas’ section will be a huge hit. Here you can find out about those TV Christmas specials- I can’t wait for Downtown Abbey but I know Doctor Who is a big one for many- look at exclusive photo gallery specials and watch behind the scenes footage from your favourite shows including Strictly Come Dancing, which sees its series finale this weekend.

Visit The Radio Times online – here. – After watching SuperScrimpers I wanted to investigate how supermarket comparison sites worked and if they prove to be successful when purchasing food which is often priced according to season, weight and brand.

mysupermarketUpon logging onto MySupermarket I was greeted with a short tutorial which I would recommend watching as it simply guides you around the site explaining all of the features and how to make the most out of such.

Working in conjunction with leading supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose the site has good credentials. What I like most is that the site is designed to help you save money, there is not false motive.

It’s important to use the tool featured such as Saving Centre to view offers and the Basket tool to see you’re shopping bill total. Additionally, and most importantly, you can see how much your shopping would be if you’d have shopped at another supermarket.

Best of all if another supermarket is cheaper you can simply transfer you’re shopping to the most cost effective retailer in one click without having to redo your shopping.

Overall the site offers a savvy way to shop without having to sacrifice the product which they want to buy. Definitely worth checking out- even to see the offers which supermarkets are currently offering to customers online.

Douglas MacMillan– This weekend local charity Douglas McMillan is holding a Christmas Sing-a-longa at Trentham Gardens.

christmas sing a longThe open air concert featuring local choirs, Audley Male Voice Choir and Keele Bach Choir, along a local brass brand, is set to be a brilliant event which will really set the mood for festive fun in the lead up to Christmas.

I can honestly say I don’t think that you’ll find a better or more worthwhile carol concert this year and if today’s wintery scatters of snow continue the garden will look beautifully picturesque for the event. Tickets are only £2.50 making it’s a day out which the whole family can enjoy- buy tickets here

Annette’s Websites of the Week 28th November- 2nd December 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

This week I’m going for a rather Christmassy theme in my website selections as we’re finally into December and the countdown has officially begun. – I think it’s fair to say that we all get a little carried away by Christmas. Buying lots of presents and indulging into delicious food and drink. However, when you sit back and think about how much we spend celebrating it can be a little over the top especially when others aren’t so fortunate.

Baring this in mind I was really happy to see that Age UK has created a charity gift scheme which can enable disadvantaged people around the world to celebrate Christmas time. Importantly with gifts that can really change their lives and make you feel incredible for purchasing them.

 cows n things age uk

Cows ‘n’ Things, hosted by Age UK supplies practical and much needed resources for people in developing countries. The gift shop sells all sorts of exciting gift which you may have never imagined purchasing.

Why not buy a family a cow, a goat or farming tools which are considered to be real treat overseas. A school uniform available on Cows ‘n’ Things will enable an orphan to go to school. Or a Cataract operation priced only £14, which can change a person’s life forever.

The site is a wonderful idea offering somebody else a wonderful gift, which they would not be able to purchase themselves- the perfect way to spread joy for Christmas. – Christmas markets are a brilliant way to get into the Christmas spirit and in recent year Christmas markets and fairs have become more popular than ever. There is a spectacular 197 markets here in the UK alone.

Christmas is a specialist website which explores both markets and locations in great detail. Featuring markets here in the UK and across Europe it’s a great site to visit if you’re planning on visiting a Christmas market this year and looking for a little inspiration.


The site offers the opportunity to review your experience. So if you’d like to make a recommendation, give some a top tip or pass on any feedback this is your perfect opportunity. Furthermore Christmas is packed with information from opening hours, directions, market features and hotels- this could come in really hand if you’re planning on making your visit into a weekend break! – I try and avoid Christmas shopping on the high street where possible. This is mainly because it’s so busy and often in store prices are more expensive than buying products off the internet.

By using price comparison websites you can really sniff out a bargain. I’ve explored a couple of these sites. However, I’m really fond of an easy to use price comparison site which simply allows user to type in a product and finds the cheapest available.


The beauty of price comparison sites is that shoppers can still purchase items from their favourite brands, however at the most reasonable price. Meaning that you don’t lose quality but save, in some cases, an enormous amount of money.

There are plenty of price comparison sites online including and Google provide their own shopping searches which offers price results. Have a look around and most importantly make the most out of price saving sites.

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