Royal Mail price increases enforced today

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Royal Mail caused outrage earlier this year when they announced that the price of first and second class stamps would be increased by 14 pence. In recent weeks angry customers have stockpiled on postage stamps to avoid paying the increased prices that were enforced today.

From now on purchasing a first class stamp will cost 60p while a second class stamp will cost 50p. Sadly it’s thought that elderly people and those with small businesses will be hit hardest by the price increases.

postage stamps

Royal Mail price increase starts today

Here at Bath-Knight we receive daily thank you letters and cards from elderly customers who rely heavily on Royal Mail to send letters and messages to communicate with their family and friends. For many of these elderly people, who live off low incomes and are Royal Mail’s most devoted customers, the increased price will prove to be extremely costly and possibly force them to seek alternatives methods of communication.

Like the majority of people I’d be sad to see Royal Mail demise because it’s a postal service which has served the country for so many years. However, with such price escalations, in a period of economic hardship, I imagine that lots of people will eventually chose cheaper digital options like e-mailing, instant messaging, social media and texting.

Fingers crossed the tradition of sending handwritten letters won’t be lost forever because there really is something special about receiving a personalised letter in the mail every once in a while.

For a full Royal Mail price list as of 30th April 2012- please click here.

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