British Pie Week- Levi Roots Spicy Caribbean Cottage Pie

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To celebrate British Pie Week today I’m sharing a recipe which takes a spicy twist on a British classic.

Levi Roots’ Spicy Caribbean Cottage Pie is the ultimate fiery pie as his famous Reggae Reggae sauce adds a kick of Caribbean flavour to the family favourite giving the dish a new lease of life.

I thought that this Caribbean inspired pie was very fitting as Prince Harry is currently in Jamaica carrying out royal duties to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I hope that you enjoy and if you’re feeling brave may I suggest sprinkling a few dry chilli flakes into the potatoes topping for extra zing.

British Pie Week Caribbean cottage pie

Harry’s Arctic Heroes: The expedition to the North Pole, part 2.

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Having watched ‘Harry’s Arctic Heroes’ last week I eagerly tuned into see the concluding episode and watch the team trek to the North Pole last night.

Watching the wounded soldiers trek through the tough terrain of the Arctic and tackle unthinkable temperature of minus 38c, plus a wind chill which created frost nip within minutes was incredible viewing thanks to strength and determination of the team throughout.

Harry's Arctic Heroes

Prince Harry, the expedition patron spent a week with the team and a total of four days trekking. His participation was a great addition as he became a valued member of the crew. Being an able bodied person Harry was able to offer his fellow service men a helping handed when needed. The Prince’s infectious personality also appeared to add a great sense of morale to the team- a quality which helped to keep spirits high.

There were a couple of airy moments of viewing, several involving the team crossing dangerously thin ice, using their sledge luggage packs as floats and a nasty fall for expedition leader Ed Parker, which looked like the end of the expedition for all at one point. Regardless the team successful reached the North Pole in an astonishing 13 days.

walking with the wounded union jack

Having successfully got to the North Pole it was revealed that the team unbelievably trekked three days ahead of schedule. Making the painful achy joints, endless slips and slides and cold limbs all seem worthwhile I’m sure.

As a viewer I was overwhelmed with joy for the team as they finally reached the North Pole and held up the Union Jack with pride. We are so often faced with the sad reality of servicemen and women returning from war injured that the picture seems understandably bleak. However the willpower and determination of Captain Guy Disney, Private Jack ‘Jacko’ Van Gass, Captain Martin Hewitt and Sergeant Steve Young offers great encouragement and ultimately a future for those in a similar position.


I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to the Walking with the Wounded team for their inspirational success- well done!!

Watch on BBC iPlayer- click here.

Harry’s Arctic Heroes

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Having heard a lot about Prince Harry’s artic adventure I watched the BBC documentary ‘Harry’s Arctic Heroes’ last night to find out what it was all about; it’s not every day a member of the royal family walks to the North Pole after all.

The show which is part one of a two part series was quite extraordinary. The trek to the North Pole is an attempt to be the first unassisted trek by wounded soldiers and in last night’s episode we were told about the severity of the trek, shown the intense training regime and more emotionally viewers heard the stories of those involved.

The ‘Walking with The Wounded’ team consist of four incredible soldiers who have all suffered unimaginable injures whilst in battle in Afghanistan. Between them the team have faced life changing procedures and 32 operations.

walking with the wounded with david cameron

Walking with the Wounded team with PM David Cameron

Captain Guy Disney and Private Jack ‘Jacko’ Van Gass are both wounded amputees,  Captain Martin Hewitt has no use of his right arm due to been shot in the shoulder and Sergeant Steve Young broke his back in service and was told that he may never walk again.  They are joined by Ed Parker and Simon Daglish expedition leaders and for a section of the trip Prince Harry.

The stories of these gentlemen are astonishing and I have to be honest, it’s difficult to not feel complete admiration towards each of them not only for the work which they did whilst serving but for the sheer determination and courage which they have displayed since becoming injured.

It was great to see Prince Harry working with the team and as patron of the charity adventure he was credited by the soldiers for adding ‘credibility’ to the expedition. What I found most captivating was how well Prince Harry adapted and easily slipped into being one of the lads with his fellow soldiers, a common trait which clearly brought them all closer.

Prince Harry Arctic expedition

Prince Harry in the North Pole

Prince Harry talked about his time in Afghanistan and also the small fact that only his brother and father knew about his part in the North Pole trek. We were also treated to some silly dancing which maybe he didn’t realise was been filmed – extremely refreshing considering his status.

The expedition to the North Pole is breath taking, a feat which would be a true test and triumph for an abled bodied fit person. It is far more than that for the Walking with the Wounded team. I can’t wait to watch part two next week to witness the expedition. Fingers crossed they will all succeed and return safe and well.

Watch part one of Harry’s Arctic Heroes on BBC iPlayer here.

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