Marks & Spencer launch ‘Shwopping’ campaign with Oxfam and Joanna Lumley

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Recycling has become a way of life for the majority of families across Britain including my own. I recycle almost everything because it’s so easy and gives me a real feel good feeling knowing that I’ve made a difference.

So it’s great to hear that Marks and Spencer has today launched a brand new campaign to encourage customers to recycle their old and unwanted clothes. With the help of actress and global eco ambassador, Joanna Lumley and charity Oxfam, Marks and Spencer want their customers to ‘Shwop’.

Joanna Lumley Shwop campaign

Joanna Lumley for Marks & Spencer Shwop Campaign

Instead of throwing old clothes away M&S customers are now welcome to deposit them in ‘Shwop Drops’ when buying new garments in store (customers can just simply donate if they like) . The beauty of shwopping in M&S it is that old clothing isn’t required to be from Marks and Spencer, so you can recycle any old clothes from your wardrobe which were destined for the bin.

All clothes put in Shwop Drops will then be handed over to Oxfam who will recycle, reuse or resell the garments to ensure that they don’t end up in landfills like the bulk of unwanted clothing garments currently do.

To launch the campaign and highlight just how much of a problem disposing of clothing by landfill is Marks and Spencer have today filled Brick Lane in London with tonnes of unwanted clothes- the equivalent of the 1 billion items put in UK landfills each year. The sheer volume of waste is shocking but brilliantly illustrates just how important campaigns like Shwopping are.

I’m eager to see if Marks and Spencer customers will embrace the Shwop campaign because if successful I think that it is something which lots of retailers could, and possibly should consider. As not only will shwopping have a positive impact on the environment but it could potentially help change our shopping habits for the better.

If you’re interested in seeing how your items will make a difference check out Marks and Spencer’s PlanA website, which calculates the value of items and where their worth goes once Oxfam reuse, recycle and resell them. If recycling didn’t make you feel good before it most definitely will now.

Recycling Christmas cards with Wood Land Trust

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Christmas cards are a lovely way to send personalised wishes to friends and family. However, when it’s time to pack away the decorations I often wonder what people do with their cards.

recycling christmas cardsThere are plenty of ways to reuse decorative cards like turning them into jewellery boxes or gifts tags. However, if you’re not the crafty type don’t be tempted to just throw cards into the bin.

Instead recycle your Christmas cards with The Woodland Trust who offer a recycling programme throughout January in branches of T.K Maxx and Marks and Spencer and participating supermarkets. Simply take along any unwanted cards and deposit them in the units provided.

The Woodland Trust’s Christmas card recycling system started in 1998 and since 600 million cards have entered the recycling scheme helping the Woodland Trust plant over 200,000 trees, which is rather remarkable.

Alternatively, plan ahead and purchase cards which offer a recycling element. This year’s Bath-Knight season greetings cards were from World Land Trust and cleverly incorporated a corrugated edge, allowing the card design to be easily torn away and reused as a postcard.

Get more post-Christmas recycling tips from Recyclenow.

Merry Christmas from the Bath-Knight team

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Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish all of my blog readers and Bath-Knight customers a very merry Christmas and send my best wishes for the festive period.

I think that this is a wonderful chance to also thank you for reading and contributing to my blog over the last 12 months. I’ve had a brilliant response, which makes the blog so worthwhile and a great alternative outlet for Bath-Knight as a company.

The Bath-Knight office is closed during the festive period (the team and I will be back in the office from 3rd January 2012). However, I have prepared some Christmas posts which you might find handy- keep an eye out for these next week.

Everything from recycling Christmas waste including cards and wrapping paper to wonderful leftover recipes which I am sure you will all love. Additionally I’ve shared a couple of Christmas time activities which I like to do with my grandchildren.

And finally I’d like to say good luck to anyone who is planning on making their Christmas dinner with the help of Gordon Ramsay and his Christmas cookalong live on Channel 4 on Christmas Day.

All the best from me and once again Merry Christmas!

DIY SOS eco-friendly renovation

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Last night BBC1 aired house renovating show ‘DIY SOS’. The principle of the show is to inject a new lease of life into a rundown home, where often the family or home owner is struggling to carry out the work themselves.

The concept seem like nothing out of the ordinary, however yesterday’s episode, which renovated a home in Brynmaur South Wales, took a slight different angle.

In this series Nick Knowles and his team have a new addition; Charlie Luxton, an eco-architect who is not only helping to renovate homes but his mission is to make them as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.


Charlie is all about making the most out of resources which we have at our fingertips. On last night’s show he installed solar panels on the roof of the house, which create energy cut the families carbon footprint and saves them money on the electric bill.

The new house was also insulated to help keep it lovely and warm, fitted with energy saving light bulbs throughout and features an electricity transformer which cleverly reduces the amount of  electricity been used.

Most impressively Charlie’s eco-design saw a ‘Stormsaver’ installed, which is a rainwater harvesting solution. It sounds pretty impressive but its functions really are extraordinary. By rainwater harvesting the family now collect rainwater and use it to run aspects of their home. For example here rainwater is now the source of water which flushes the families loo’s throughout the entire house, making it extremely efficient but also cost effective towards utility bills.

It’s a great episode and really does highlight how environmentally friendly a home can be. More importantly the show illustrates that to have a ‘green home’ it doesn’t have to be bizarre or become the village eyesore. In this case the completed home is not only beautiful but is cost effective and eco-friendly all at the same time.

I’ve have really enjoyed writing about recycling this past week. I think that is it extremely important to learn some simple and efficient ways to recycle, which work in and around everyday life.

Recycling- making some new out of something old!

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I’ve read lots about recycling general unwanted household goods recently and to my delight there are lots of ideas available on how to reuse items. is a website dedicated to recycling, which offers information on where to recycle and more excitingly creative ideas on what to make.

The site features everything from using egg shells to make chicken feed, old magazine pages to sculpt into modern jewellery, turning plastic bottles into colourful decorations and making old denim jeans into anything from purses to bags and even quilts.

Early this month, I felt inspired by the idea of recycling and explored different ways of making something new. Using an unused bath towel and material which would otherwise become scrap and thrown out, I got out my sewing machine and trusty scissors to make a kitchen apron for my daughter Lucy who loves to cook. It was so simple to make and looks fabulous!

Creativity is endless when it comes to recycling, many artists seek others peoples ‘rubbish’ and turn it into something wonderfully artistic. Recycling can be simple and adapted to your interests. An easy example is recycling in the garden, however stretching the mind further than putting everything into a compost bin. Maybe reusing old plant pots by giving them a little sproosing up!

recycling creative recycling apron

Frequent readers will already know I love to make patchwork quilts, which are essentially created using scraps of different fabrics. I have previously recycled my husband Alan’s old shirts; cutting then into square pieces and stitching together to make beautifully pastel coloured quilts.

Alan’s old shirts have had their other uses in the past too. As they were once transformed into Lucy’s summer dresses, whilst my son Robert would receive denim dungarees made from Alan’s old worn out jeans, of course. 

Ultimately recycling has that magical element of being able to give something a completely different purpose, making something new out of something old, by simply putting in a little time and effort which I really do find worthwhile.

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