90 Years of Heroes – Warrant Officer Mick Flynn

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A strong supporter of The Royal British Legion I believe that the Poppy Appeal is as important now as it was back in 1921. So forth for each sale which Bath-Knight receives during Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November 2011 a donation from Bath-Knight will be made to The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

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For the last 30 years modern day conflicts have called upon our troops to be sent to war. The Falkland War, trouble in Northern Ireland, conflict in Bosnia and most recently wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are all events which I remember happening. I can recall reading about them in the newspapers and watching footage on the television.

As I recall these events through media resources Warrant Officer Mick Flynn was there on the front line of each battle. Serving for his country in some of the most dangerous and intense battles of modern day history.

Born in 1960 Mick joined the army aged 16 and despite taking 10 years out in the 90’s he rose up the ranks. In 2003 Mick Flynn was honoured with the ultimate accolade for his bravery receiving the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his actions in Iraq.

Mick FlynnFlynn was commanding a Scimitar- a reconnaissance vehicle which was exploring territory upon suddenly finding the entire Iraqi 4th Armoured Division, adding to the discovery it was noted that Flynn’s vehicle ‘called down more artillery fire than any other in the war’.

Further, Mick successfully held back enemy tanks, allowing wounded troops who had been caught up in friendly fire to be evacuated. For seven days Warrant Officer Mick Flynn was in the midst of a deadly ‘cat and mouse’ game with Iraqi forces, upholding no thought for his own safety he fired attacks whilst been outnumbered and in an incredibly dangerous position.

A force to be reckoned with only a couple of years later, whilst on tour in Afghanistan, Mick showed an enormous amount of courage once again. Whilst leading four armoured vehicles they were suddenly ambushed. Mick’s Scimitar was under heavy fire but not destroyed. However, the carrier behind was not so lucky.

Immersed in flames the chances of Mick’s colleagues surviving were low, relentlessly Mick went back. Having to defend himself and the crew against Taliban, a troop was pulled to safety. Although suffering terrible burns the soldier survived thanks to Warrant Officer Mick Flynn’s decision to return.

For his fighting spirit and determination to secure the safety of his colleagues Mick was awarded a Military Cross, another honour to highlight him incredible courage.

It’s wonderful to see a soldier who has experienced conflicts which have played out in my life time to be so highly thought after. Warrant Officer Mick Flynn is not only recognised for his wealth of experience but for his ability to fearlessly take control. These attributes have cemented him into a position of admiration by his fellow servicemen and women and the general public alike.

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