Southern Cross Healthcare failure: Care Homes- My thoughts

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Today’s news has revealed that Southern Cross Healthcare has lost a huge 311 million pounds in the 6 months leading up to March. The government are now left to implement a so called ‘rescue plan’ to the 30,000 elderly care home residents whose futures are in question.

Southern Cross HealthcareThe failure of Southern Cross Healthcare not only leaves a heavy burden on the government and residents but a question mark around care service in general; from cost of living in residential care, quality of staff, level of facilities and equipment and above all how residential care can be funded efficiently.

In my opinion the Sothern Cross Healthcare situation is terrible. The thought of thousands of elderly, and in the majority of cases vulnerable patients being left in the lurch is absurd. So forth as to why I am pro living at home, and independently where possible.

There are many arguments against elderly people living at home with many points being made present in media coverage. Some argue that elderly people, who live alone become isolated, depressed and have little help or social interaction. In some cases this is true; however I am a firm believer in independent living.

I am personally a huge advocate for encouraging and implementing help for the elderly who chose to live independently. From helping them get connected with family and friends online to developing the Bath-Knight to provide a product for the home which enables longer independence.

I believe that with the right support network, suitable facilities and a balanced lifestyle which takes account of health care, necessities and well-being when growing old living at home can be extremely beneficial.

Independent living

Many elderly people become fearful of a new environment such as a care facility. They enjoy living at home as it harbours fond memories and is a safe place which they are familiar with.   

Some reading my view may immediately note down the cons to living independently stating that busy lives of family and friends mean caring for elderly relatives is often too difficult. Or the home environment just isn’t suitable for the needs of an elderly person. Such are all very true points, and in some cases can’t be overcome. However things which can be easily adjusted to suit living independently can leave fantastic results for all.  

I can only hope that The South Cross Healthcare shame has proven that care homes are not always the safe haven for the elderly. As although many offer suitable standards of care the security of such facilities now seem to be in jeopardy.

For many living at home would be a far more dignified way to lead their lives, which I am sure you can agree with.

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