Should there be a drinking limit for the 65+ generation?

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I am sure that many of you have read about new studies claiming that people aged 65 and over should limit themselves to drinking 1.5 units of alcohol per day.

The studies from the Royal College of Psychiatrists claim that this is the safe limit of alcohol for the aging generation. But the question is should we be told our limits or are we wise enough to know when enough is enough?

The general consensus would seem to agree with the latter. That people in this age bracket have enough experience and knowledge about themselves, and their personal ‘limits’ to judge their own alcohol consumption.

65+ alcohol limit

Should an limit be put on alcohol for the 65 plus age group?

To suggest such limits seems a little out of touch with reality. 1.5 units of alcohol is less than a standard glass of white wine and a little over half a pint of beer. With this in mind the reality of people stopping enjoying a glass of wine with dinner or a pint in the pub is unlikely and even a little patronising.

Although, I do agree that understanding the affect alcohol can have on health at any age is of great importance. Maybe the claims should have avoiding using the term ‘limit’ and instead suggested that the 65 plus age group should enjoy in moderation.

I read a great article  on the Telegraph These ninnies are actually driving me to drink’ which offers a tongue and cheek approach to the new claims.

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