Royal Mail reveals The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Stamp Collection

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Jubilee Merchandise

With so much Diamond Jubilee merchandise on the market deciding what to buy is a tricky decision. Most people want to make a purchase but don’t want to spend too much money, and importantly, they want their jubilee purchase to be practical. There seems little point in buying something that you’ll only use over the jubilee bank holiday weekend.  

Today Royal Mail has revealed an exclusive collection of Diamond Jubilee stamps to commemorate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. The eight stamp collection captures significant moments of the Queens reign. Ranging from her early days as monarch to more recent events like the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 and an inspection of 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh in 2007.

jubilee stamp collection

Although the collection of postal portraits is small (I don’t know how Royal Mail managed to pick only 8 images) it’s nice to see that they’ve have used photographs which we don’t often see of the Queen. Her broadcasting the first ever televised Christmas speech in 1957 for example, and attending the Commonwealth Games in 1982, an event which is incredibly important to the Queen.

I think that the Diamond Jubilee stamp collection will be an incredibly popular choice amongst the general public as not only is it a great way to commemorate the Queen’s 60 year reign, the stamps are affordable and a lovely addition to any letter you’ll be posting over the next couple of weeks.

The Diamond Jubilee stamp collection goes on sale from Thursday 31st May 2012 in Post Offices.

Royal Mail price increases enforced today

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Royal Mail caused outrage earlier this year when they announced that the price of first and second class stamps would be increased by 14 pence. In recent weeks angry customers have stockpiled on postage stamps to avoid paying the increased prices that were enforced today.

From now on purchasing a first class stamp will cost 60p while a second class stamp will cost 50p. Sadly it’s thought that elderly people and those with small businesses will be hit hardest by the price increases.

postage stamps

Royal Mail price increase starts today

Here at Bath-Knight we receive daily thank you letters and cards from elderly customers who rely heavily on Royal Mail to send letters and messages to communicate with their family and friends. For many of these elderly people, who live off low incomes and are Royal Mail’s most devoted customers, the increased price will prove to be extremely costly and possibly force them to seek alternatives methods of communication.

Like the majority of people I’d be sad to see Royal Mail demise because it’s a postal service which has served the country for so many years. However, with such price escalations, in a period of economic hardship, I imagine that lots of people will eventually chose cheaper digital options like e-mailing, instant messaging, social media and texting.

Fingers crossed the tradition of sending handwritten letters won’t be lost forever because there really is something special about receiving a personalised letter in the mail every once in a while.

For a full Royal Mail price list as of 30th April 2012- please click here.

Royal Mail A-Z postal portrait of Britain

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The Royal Mail has been under intense scrutiny in recent weeks after they announced an increase in the price of both first and second class stamps. From 30th April 2012 the price of stamps will shoot up by 14p making first class stamps 60p and second class 50p. 

The price increase has caused great anger amongst the public who argue that the new prices are too expensive and I would have to agree. It seems barbaric that sending a first class letter will cost 60p and I have to wonder if people will boycott the tradition of sending letters in favour of free, digital methods such as e-mail and instant messaging.

Carrick-a-Rede Stamp

However the charm of sending letters and purchasing stamps seems to have been reignited with the Royal Mail’s latest stamp collection an “A-Z postal portrait of Britain”.

Each of the 26 stamps has been assigned a letter and an according tourist location which has been enjoyed greatly by visitors from home and abroad. The series includes a huge range of attractions from beautiful landscapes such as the Nation Trust’s Carrick- a-Rede, Glastonbury Tor and Narrow Water Castle to wonderfully impressive building like York Minster and Edinburgh Castle and more official establishments like the Old Bailey in London.

Angel of the North Stamp

For those who enjoy great days out the Portrait of Britain collection includes images of ZSL London Zoo, Jodrell Bank and the Portmeirion in North Wales which all display the variety of great things to do across the country. Finishing off the collection are traditional landmarks including the Angel of the North, Downing Street and Blackpool Tower.

ZSL London Zoo Stamp

I personally really like the collection as it showcases the huge diversity which is available in the United Kingdom and it ties in nicely with the many great events which will be taking place here in the summer. And as somebody who has many friends and family dotted across the world I know that the stamps will be enjoyed internationally too; I imagine that lots of my friends will go online to research the location on their stamp which is exactly what this collection is all about.

Fingers crossed the pending price increase on postal stamps won’t stop people purchasing and enjoying the A-Z postal portrait of Britain collection. See more information on the price of stamps on the Royal Mail website here.

Annette’s Websites of the Week 5th- 9th December 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

The X Factor– This weekend is The X Factor final and after months of auditions, boot camp and live shows the winner will finally be announced and crowned The X Factor 2011 champion.

In the running to win this weekend’s big finale is girl band (and Bath-Knight office favourites) Little Mix, Marcus Collins and Amelia Lily who was voted back into the show after the impromptu exit of Frankie Cocozza.

x factor finalists

If like me you’ve missed a couple of episode from this year’s The X Factor the official website is packed with the latest news, previous performances and exclusive looks at the finalist which you won’t find elsewhere.

Additionally the site includes beauty and fashion tips with the help of The X Factor’s new partnerships including brands such as Rimmel London and Marks and Spencer. Overall the site is a real success and gives a great insight to the show- a must view site if you’re planning on watching this weekend’s final.

mands logoMarks and SpencerFor me and many of my friends Marks and Spencer is a safe haven, especially around Christmas time. With a real push to keep up with the times- hence their recent partnership with The X Factor- M&S is a store which can fulfil everyone’s needs.

From spectacular foods and drinks, home furnishing and clothing for all- they now have on trend fashion collections which sit alongside more traditional ranges. M&S is living up to its iconic reputation.

M&S website

Even better Marks and Spencer has a fantastic website, which I frequently use, selling everything which you will find in store plus online exclusives. Undoubtedly I’ll be visiting the site before Christmas… a forgotten gift, replenishing wrapping paper or delicious Christmas nibbles which will go down a treat.

Not yet shopped at Marks and Spencer online? Take a look around here

Royal Mail- With Christmas fast approaching it’s a good idea to log onto the Royal Mail’s website to find out when you’re post deadline is for cards and parcels. It might be handy to note that many overseas deadlines are this week, which means that you really do need to get your Christmas wishes in the post soon if you’ve not already.

Royal Mail’s online Christmas tool is really efficient and easy to use. Simply select where you would like to send your post too and the service type (First Class, Second Class etc…) then click ‘find posting date’ and the site will calculate your deadline date.

royal mail

Alternatively the Royal Mail has produced a ‘last posting date’ table which lists all dates and services accordingly.  I’ve printed this out and kept it in my organiser in case of any last minute emergency mail outs.

Remember ‘Post Early for Christmas’ as Royal Mail’s vintage poster campaign so famously said.

Royal Mail vintage Christmas posters

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With both family and friends scattered across all corners of the globe remembering to send Christmas cards in plenty of time is really important to me.

Yesterday I came across a feature on The Telegraph website which illustrates how the Royal Mail have prompted the nation to get their Christmas post sent early for many, many years with posters campaigns dating from the 1930’s.

Christmas Post Posters 1

The vintage posters, the first of which was created by British artist Graham Sutherland in 1934, are a real pleasure to view and show how the Royal Mail used visual imagery and a simple slogan ‘Post Early for Christmas’ to get the message out there.

Interestingly the selection of poster shows the development of style and design throughout the years. But ultimately the simple message has remained the same ensuring that no one missed the Christmas post.

Christmas Post Posters 2

Today the Royal Mail use online tools to help with our Christmas post, which are great resources and incredibly practical. However, these digital resources don’t seem to have the same impact of the vintage posters, which so wonderfully capture the time period of which they were created.

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