David Cameron visits President Obama in America

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This week we’ve seen Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to America documented in the media. Accompanied by his wife, Samantha Cameron, the British prime minister flew to The White House where he spent time with Present Obama and the First Lady.

White-House-State 2012

The highly published tour included a White House state dinner, a trip on the iconic Air Force One and even front row seats at an all-star Basketball game (we are assured that serious business was discussed in between).

The leaders’ wives also spent time together meeting school children at a sporting event and a group of British school girls whom the First Lady invited to the White House after visiting their school during a visit to London in 2009.

Obama Cameron Basket Ball game

To political enthusiasts the tour may simply be a photo opportunities and I’ve read several articles which have slammed the visit as nothing more than a disaster. However others have praised the tour suggesting that it highlights the strong relationship between both nations.

Whatever your opinion the Cameron’s trip to America seems to have become a talking point- glossy magazines are even talking about it, which is incredibly positive as more people are clearly taking an interest in politics and politicians.

Daily Mail Inspirational Women of the Year Awards

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daily mail inspirational woman of the year logo

Earlier this month the Daily Mail hosted its annual Inspirational Women of the Year awards. The star studded evening celebrated the wonderful work of five ordinary women; Juliet Hope, Julie Jones, Kathy Coe, Angela Lee and Joy O’Neill. Who got to meet with Samantha Cameron at Number 10 prior to the evening’s festivities.

Nominated by friends and family these five women were selected from thousands of applicants to win ‘Inspiration Women of the Year’ thanks to their inspiration work and kind heartedness.

Each of their stories are extraordinary, showing how selfless each has become in a quest to help others. However, there are two specific stories which particularly touched my heart.

Women of the year with samantha cameron

Julie Hope, who worked in the City for a number of years, decided to set up charity organisation Startup in 2006. Hoping to help ex-offenders regain a normal life and not reoffend, the charity offers prisoners a second chance by encourage them to become self-employed.

Startup gives the chances for individuals to gain qualifications offers support and guidance and in some cases even injects funding, which can make a real difference in starting a business. The phenomenal thing about Starup’s success is that Julie has helped over 1000 ex-offenders with none re-offending presumably because they have something positive to invest their time in.

Julie’s remarkable ability to help others has changed hundreds of lives and fundamentally provides a positive future for those who would otherwise have little to look forward too.  With this in mind, it’s astonishing to hear that Julie has suffered her own heartache recently losing her husband to a brain haemorrhage. Despite such tragedy Julie pushed on and continued to help others.

Julie jones and five children

Another remarkable Julie is second winner Julie Jones whose courage in the face of tragedy is truly moving. After her best friend Caroline was taken ill Julie vowed to look after her five young children. When Caroline sadly passes away in Jan 2010 Julie took in the five children aged between 5 and 11.

With three children of her own and only a small income of £18,000 it was a struggle. But Julie has managed to make her house the children’s home providing them with a loving environment to grow up in. I can’t find a better word to describe Julie’s generosity than lovely, an incredible friend and incredibly mother.

The stories of each woman will blow you away – read all five here– as they have each shown such courage in truly testing times all are deserving winners. Well done!


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