Top Tips for September

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I can hardly believe that it’s September already. I think it’s safe to say that this year really is flying on by. I thought it would be a nice idea to come up with some ‘September Tips’ to help guide you out of summer and into autumn.

Back to school- September offers huge relief for parents and grandparents as the children are back at school. After six weeks of finding ways to keep youngsters entertained September is the perfect chance to make some time for yourself.

back to school photoFor some, however, the sudden lack of company can leave you feeling a little lonely. I’d recommend doing something with friends and neighbours to fill your time and don’t forget that grandchildren can always come around after school.

Think autumn- Sadly summer is behind us which makes September the perfect opportunity to start thinking about preparing for those colder autumn months which will be right around the corner. My advice would be to write a list of things which you need to do in preparation including;

  • Check all of your heating applications are working correctly.
  • Call in the handy man to get any small maintenance jobs around the house sorted out. This will save you worrying about them later on in the year.
  • Restock the pantry with essentials that might come in handy when it’s too chilly to walk to the convenience shop.
  • Alternatively, make a batch full of delicious home-made food which can be frozen (I like curries, cottage pies, lasagne, soups and stew).  These homely meals are all perfect for a comfy evening at home.

Become self-sufficient- Take the chance to become more self-sufficient in September. My daughter Lucy recently brought chickens, which is a great way to source delicious free range eggs.

self sufficientDon’t be put off by thinking that you need acres and acres to raise chickens. You simply need a decent sized area which they can enjoy and lots of love care and attention. By also growing delicious vegetables, herbs and flowers being more self-sufficient can be extremely rewarding.

Think ahead- It might sound a little scary but September is possibly the perfect time to start seriously thinking about Christmas. I know lots of us say we’re preparing much earlier in the year but sometimes it’s easier said than done. My advice to save money would be to actually start purchasing bargains now, which takes off lots of pressure in November/December.

Have a great month… Annette.

An addition to the family- Lucy’s chickens.

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I’ve had quite an exciting weekend as my daughter Lucy has welcomed four new members to the Greenwood family.

Squinty Eyed Josephine, Raspberry Ripple, Patches O’Hullahan, and Diplodocus are the grand names for Squinty, Raspy, Patches and Dippy four beautiful chickens who now inhabit Lucy’s farm.

The Speckled Rocks, Rhode Island red hens crossed with Plymouth Rock Cockerels- a reverse of the more famous black rocks are settling in nicely and have already produced two delicious eggs.

Lucy's Chickens

Lucy has always wanted chickens as she strives to live as self-sufficiently as possible. She’s fortunate enough have a great piece of land which is ideal for raising healthy hens and did lots of research before sourcing Squinty, Raspy, Patches and Dippy from a great local poultry farm called Creag Mhor Poultry located in Nantwich.

Furthermore Lucy has received some wonderful advice from the Poultry Club where she met an extremely well informed gentleman who has over 60 years’ experience in raising chickens and is a judge for the British poultry association. It’s a good idea to be well prepared for such a big venture as ensuring the chickens are happy and healthy is extremely important.

Lucy's chickens

There are some lovely products on the market for chickens. Lucy went for a wooden coop which is available to purchase on eBay. Alternatively designer chicken coops from Eglu are a great way to house chickens in smaller gardens, they look really funky and are great if you’ve got children.

The chickens are a great addition and have made a wonderful impression; we’re all very excited for them to lay more eggs so that Lucy can bake some of her famous cakes and pastries. 

I’ll be updating on chicken news as they get a little more adjusted to the life Lucy’s farm and living together.

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