Healthy weight loss tip for the elderly people waiting for surgery

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As summertime finally approaches losing a little bit of weight will be on lots of people’s minds. However, in recent months I’ve become more aware of people having to lose weight for more serious purposes than looking good in a summery outfit.

In January I read an article about one hospital not adding overweight patients to their surgical waiting lists until they shed the pounds and since I’ve spoken to friends, colleagues and customers who are looking to lose weight to make a pending surgical procedure more effective, and in some cases, safer.

With this in mind I thought I’d share some healthy weight loss tips that are targeted specifically at men and women over the age of 60.  It’s no surprise that our bodies change as we get older and so does the way we lose weight.

old lady cooking

Healthy weight loss tips-

  • If you’re over 60 and want to lose weight speak with your GP first especially if you losing weight ahead of surgery or because you want to improve your mobility. He/she will be able to offer practical advice and consult you on implications that dieting could have on any medical conditions you have.
  • Ask your GP to weigh and measure you then calculate your BMI (click here for the NHS’s online BMI calculator). Your BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates if you’re at a healthy weight, overweight or obese and will give you some indication of how much weight you should ideally lose.
  • Set yourself a target by coming up with a realistic weight goal that will ideally place you at a healthy BMI status. This goal will help you stay motivated and should ultimately encourage you to keep on track.
  • Join a slimming group if you need extra support. Groups such as Slimming World and WeightWatchers hold weekly meetings where you can be weighted and talked through the diet plan. Rosemary Conley offers a dieting and fitness plan with the addition of fitness classes. And the Jenny Craig plan is a good option for people who struggle to cook to diet restrictions as it delivers set meals according to your dietary needs and aims. Slimming groups are also a great place to meet new friends who have a common goal of losing weight.
  • Stock up on ‘superfoods’ such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, kiwis, salmon, broccoli, beans and nuts. These specific foods are packed with goodness, low in calories and include disease fighting nutrients that can be beneficial to your wellbeing especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Most are also part of your ‘5 a day’.
  • Read about other people’s dieting experiences to see how specific diets made them feel and how effective the dieting programs are in reality. Jenny Craig, WeightWatchers and LighterLife all have community forums or online blogs written by a variety of dieters (men and women) who are currently trying to lose weight. These first hand tales can be really helpful and give you a nudge in the right direction as to which one is right for you.

National Chip Week 2012

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As its National Chip Week it only seems appropriate to indulge in a bag of delicious chips.

Heston's triple cooked chips

National Chip Week

Content with staying healthy I’ll be indulging in “syn-free” chips from Slimming World. The homemade chips are especially easy to make and a real family favourite. The recipe swops deep fat frying for oven baking taking all the guilt out of eating chips. My top tip is to shake then bake, leave then in the oven until they get crispy round the edges.

In stark contrast the ultimate chippy chips have to be celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal’s triple cooked chips. Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the out these are the crème de la crème of chips and one of his ‘proudest legacies’.

As you can imagine the process of cooking these chips is classic Heston- a little more technical than usual, but there is a recipe which you can follow to create the TCC’s at home. Failing that treat yourself to some pub grub for scrumptious chips – Heston’s Fat Duck restaurant is the best!

Happy Pancake Day!

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Shrove Tuesday makes me think of two things Easter and pancakes.

Easter because Shrove Tuesday traditionally marks the final day before Lent begins and pancakes because Christians would traditionally make them with left over butter, milk, eggs and flour before fasting for Lent.

Classic Pancakes

Classic Pancakes

Today most people simply call Shrove Tuesday “Pancake Day” as it has an excuse for everyone to enjoy lots of delicious pancakes. Tonight I’ll be following Slimming World’s pancake recipe which is perfect for anyone looking to indulge without feeling too guilty.

But the ultimate question is… What is your favourite pancake topping? Vote in the poll below.

Annette’s Websites of the Week 9th-13th January 2012

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Annette's websites of the week

first choice logoFirst Choice- If you’ve got the January blues you’ve probably started to think about a holiday escape. A holiday lover myself, who isn’t? I’m regularly found looking at getaways on the internet where there are many travel sites all offering different tropical deals.

Recently all-inclusive holiday packages have become increasingly popular amongst holiday makers. I recently went on a short break to Tenerife on an all-inclusive deal, which worked wonderfully as all food and drink we’re included in my package. Meaning I avoided a hefty bill at the end of a fabulous weekend.

Beach holiday 2

Catching on to the trend travel chain First Choice now exclusively offer all-inclusive packages (as of May 2012 they will only sell all-inclusive deals) to their customers. Covering the most popular holiday destinations including Spain, the Canary Islands and further afield Mexico and the Caribbean I think that this is a rather clever business move.

Their website has recently been readjusted to publicise their very best all-inclusive packages and it’s most definitely worth browsing if you’re researching a luxury break whatever your holiday requirements; family holiday, couples retreat, group break.

Top Tip: Utilise all of the tools on the site. Explore the ‘Destinations’ to get a better idea of where you would like to travel too. Then use ‘Search’ to find a holiday which meets your budgets, destination, hotel type etc…

Save Something For the Weekend Facebook Campaign- What sad news to hear that the BBC have decided to axe Sunday morning television show Something For the Weekend.

The easy watching show hosted by Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and celebrity chef Simon Rimmer is one which I regularly tune after I’ve taken the dogs for a walk, and I have to say that it’s perfect Sunday morning TV.

something for the weekend

With weekly guests ranging  from musicians, actors, sports personalities and even scientist (Brian Cox is a big supporter) the show has brilliant variety. With cooking segment, cocktail tutorials and brilliantly banter between guests and presenters it genuinely is a pleasure to watch and will be greatly missed.

Disgruntled fans have taken to Facebook creating ‘Save Something For The Weekend From The Axe’ campaign with the hope that enough support will sway the BBC to recall the programme from exile.

I’ve joined the group which has a currently total of 24, 600 likes (wow). Fingers crossed the campaign will have a positive impact and bring back Something For the Weekend. Show your support by clicking ‘like’ – click here.

Slimming Earlier this week I wrote a blog ‘New Year, New You’ explaining why the new year is the perfect chance to start fresh especially if you’re thinking about getting fitter and healthier.

I’ve re-joined Slimming World to lose weight and regain confidence in healthy eating. Although I follow the Slimming World system through the tradition method of visiting a weekly session, I have also visited the Slimming World website for recipe inspiration and encouragement from other members.

Slimming World Image1

The site seemed incredibly appropriate this week as I’ve seen success with my own weight loss. My recommendation would be to use the site as a tool which can aid your progress. I like to find ideas but for new recruits or people who are thinking about joining Slimming World the website is packed with support and gives ideas of what you will be letting yourself in for. The free 7 day menu is a great example of how easy the Slimming World plan is and worth reading if you want to become healthier.

Remember that you can follow Slimming World Online- more information here.

New Year, New You!

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I know that during the New Year lots of people plan on making lifestyle changes to become fitter, healthier and lose weight.

As a professional business woman with a busy schedule and lots of responsibilities having a healthy lifestyle is greatly important. Furthermore, looking and feeling great makes me feel happier, which is why I’ve recently joined Slimming World and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost over two stone so far.

The Slimming World programme that I am following is a great resource and works brilliantly for me. I simply attend my local group each week where I get weighed and then meet up with other members to discuss progress, recipes plans which worked (and didn’t), future goals and any issues which I feel may become problematic.

Slimming World

The traditional method of attending a session, where support is visible and socialising is incorporated into weight loss very much suits me and my way of life. I even attended in between Christmas and New Year for a push in the right direction in avoiding too many Christmas temptations.

Although I’m a regular attendee I understand that for some going along to such isn’t as easy whether it’s due to schedule, location or being too shy to attend. However, there are other options available.

To the delight of many weight loss programmes have massively progressed recently and many are now available online. Supermarket giants including Tesco and Sainsbury’s both have diet programmes which are orchestrated online and are said to deliver great results.

Slimming World Meal

Healthy meal of chicken and roast veg

Similarly Yours Magazine now have an online programme which is exclusive to over 50’s. All offer easy to follow meal plans, healthy recipes options and keep track of any progress; including helping to encourage meeting target weight loss.

Although I’ve not tried online programmes (you can sign up to Slimming World online) I think that they are plausible options. Many supermarket branded schemes cleverly allow you to create a shopping list cemented with ingredients to make their suggested healthy meals. An addition which I feel is very savvy, ultimately making healthier eating incredibly easy.

dog walking

I walk my dogs to stay active

Regardless of which route you take I think it’s important to remember that applying a fitness plan is also significant. Don’t presume that you need to start running marathons. I take daily walks with my dogs Summer and Toffee which I find keeps me healthy and active.

My Top Tip: Be realistic with your weight loss. Keep your goal and targets at a manageable level and remember that the occasional treat isn’t the end of the world!

Websites of the Week 25th-29th July 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

Slimming WorldIn an attempt to get a little healthier I’ve joined Slimming World and what a fabulous success I have had.

Over the past three weeks I’ve worked on the ‘Extra Easy Plan’- by far Slimming World’s easiest and most effective yet- and managed to lose 10 pound, which I am really happy with.

The Slimming World website is a great place for members to visit, or potential recruits to find out where their nearest club is. I really like the online recipes for inspiration on what to make for dinner and the online advice is a great to keep the plan on track in between meetings.

If you’re looking to find a healthier approach to eating, or just in search of  delicious and healthy meal ideas it worthwhile paying a visit.

Earlier this week I blogged about the Southwark Circle, a social care scheme which helps members socialise and get practical help whilst growing older.

I’m really taken with the schemes credentials as so many people appear to be benefiting from the simplicity and effectiveness of the organisation.

southwark  circle

With a simple design, easy navigation and plenty of ways to inform potential members on how to get involved the websites does its job very well.

My favourite aspect is the monthly social calendar. Mainly because it includes so many fantastic opportunities for its members; with everything from social events, sporting events, teaching sessions providing the opportunity to learn a new skill and a variety of Q & A sessions.

In my opinion a website (and organisation) which really is worth looking into.

john_lewis_logoI was thrilled earlier to discover that John Lewis online stock so many great names from Bath-Knight’s local town Stoke-On-Trent with collections from Emma Bridgewater, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton featured.  

The latest to join John Lewis is the BTC Teapot Pendant, which was featured on The Apprentice and is manufactured here in Stoke-on-Trent. It’s a great boost to know that local products are such a hit with huge retailer.

Of course, there is more to than ceramics from the potteries, as the site offers a huge selection with ranges of clothing and home ware, electrical goods and beauty products. A one stop site for everything you need. Perfect!

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