Annette’s Websites of the Week: Pinterest, Carers Week and Holidays for All

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Annette's websites of the week

Pinterest is a new social media outlet that focuses entirely on visual images and photographs. Having used Pinterest for a couple of weeks I have to say that I think it’s one of the most exciting social media channels on the web as it incredibly creative and really does inspire users to ‘pin’ their favourite images.

Like Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest is simple to use, once you know how. Simply sign up and wait for an e-mail invitation. Once you’ve received it (mine took a couple of days) log into Pinterest and explore the visual delights Pinterest has to offer. Users can set up individual ‘boards’ to which they ‘pin’ their favourite images much like making a digital scrapbook.

Pinterest page

Pinterest- our favourite new social media channel

Pinterest is a great place to find blogs, websites and photo galleries that feature content which matches your interests. Plus you’re likely to network with likeminded individuals who share your passions, which will make going online lots more fun.

Even America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama has Pinterest… and so does Bath-Knight!


Carers Week runs from 18th– 24th June 2012 and is an awareness week that prides itself on highlighting the work and commitment that carers make to look after loved ones who are old, disabled or in need of additional care.

This year’s theme ‘in sickness and in health’ hopes to heighten the awareness of the side effects that  carers experience; becoming ill, neglecting their own needs and receiving little or no help  from social services. Carers Week organisers want to help Britain’s six million unpaid carers find solutions to the problems which they face on a day to day basic.

Carers Week 2012

Support carers via this week’s Carers Week campaign

The Carers Week websites features up-to-date information on the campaign and links to the eight charities which have collaborated to bring Carers Week to life. In addition you can read fascinating facts, stories from carers themselves and find events which are taking place for Carers Week.

Holidays for All provide accessible holidays for families, couples and individuals looking to escape everyday life for a week or so. I came across Holidays for All at Naidex and was delighted to find a holiday provider who has so many contacts who can each provide fantastic getaways, whatever your needs.

Holidays for all

Holidays for All- access holidays for carers and loved ones

The Holidays for All website offers links to ten different holiday providers who each specialise in different holidays and breaks. Some are here in Britain whilst others are abroad in Europe, or even further afield to America and Australia. This site is perfect if you’re a carer planning to take a loved one away because Holidays for All can advise you on your best holiday options (making it a stress free experience for you).

I’d also advice getting in touch with the Holiday for All team if you want more information about holidays that disabled or elderly people can go on alone with the addition of a care programme which is ready upon their arrival- a great option if you’re in need of a rest from caring.

Bath-Knight Facebook Timeline

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Some of you might already be aware that Bath-Knight has both Twitter and Facebook accounts. The team and I use these platforms as an extension to our website as they are great places to communicate with our customers online.

Recently Facebook announced that they would be changing all Facebook business pages to the new ‘timeline’ layout so on 31st March we made the switch to a timeline format.

BathKnight Facebook

Bath-Knight's Timeline on Facebook

To accommodate the change we’ve added new images, including a cover photo which shows our product range in its entirety and a new and improved welcome page. The content on Bath-Knight’s timeline will remain very similar to before and include details of blog updates and news stories that we feel will be relevant to you, plus links to our product pages on the official Bath-Knight website.

Facebook is a fantastic place to get online and share your thoughts so if you haven’t already, join us on Facebook by clicking the ‘Like’ button. Feel free to comment on our post and even share them with friends. Look forward to seeing you there!

Check out Bath-Knight on Facebook today –

Myfriends Online Week- what do you love about the internet?

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This week Age UK are hosting Myfriends online week (19th -25th March 2012) an annual initiative that encourages older people to see the benefits of using the internet particularly focusing on how the internet can keep you socially active.

During this week Age UK will be holding Myfriends online week events across the country, helping people who don’t use the internet to take their first step in doing so and explaining the countless benefits that the internet has to offer.

To kick start Myfriends online week Age UK took to social media platform Twitter this morning, asking people why they love the internet and they have received all different sorts of answers. Some people love the internet because it’s so convenient, other like that they can shop online but most people love how they are able to keep in touch with friends and family via the web.


Age UK's Myfriends online week 19th-25th March 2012

I love the internet because it is so multi-functional. I use the internet in both my professional and personal life and it has become hugely important. Not only is information available at the touch of a button but so are my customers and friends and family.

Over time I’ve learnt how to use all different sorts of online platforms to keep in touch with people and I’ve benefited hugely. Like most people in business I e-mail constantly and have found Facebook to be a great area for both personal and business purposes. However, I’m most fond of using Skype’s video calling service as it completely free and a great way to see my family and friends who are dotted across the globe.

I really couldn’t recommend social platforms as Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail and Skype highly enough as they truly do enable people to become more sociable and are all free and easy to use once you know how- check out a local Myfriend online event for extra help!

But my online guilty pleasure has to BBC iPlayer which stores television programmes shown across all BBC channels and allows internet users to watch whenever they like. It’s perfect if you forget to tune into your favourite programme or forgot to press record.

Take a step and go online!

The technologies which are getting elderly people online quick!

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I’ve come across a really interesting article on The Guardian online, which displays some wonderful statistics regarding how mature people are getting online and becoming more favourable with technology.

The information taken from AARP – The American Association of Retired People focuses directly on mature people’s involvement in the digital age. I’m sure elderly focused organisation and charities, along with the UK’s Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox will agree that these figures are fantastic and a real pleasure to read.

baby boomers on the internet

The facts to prove technology isn’t as alien to elderly people as some might think-

  • Over-65s are joining Facebook faster than any other age group’
  • ‘The fastest-growing demographic on the dating site is the over-50s’
  • ‘60% of baby boomers in the US (almost 47 million people) are consumers of social media including blogs, forums, podcasts and online videos’

The article, which focused primarily around care and housing provider ‘Housing 21’,  features fantastic tales of elderly people using online sources such as Facebook, Google maps, Google search and voice recognition to revitalise their lives or relive the past.

Personally I feel really impressed and inspired to know that elderly people are willing to try something new like the internet or social media. It’s great feeling to think that more of my customer base is trying to get online and connected.

Overall these statistics come as a huge relief for many who are trying to encourage their elderly friends and relatives to get online. Providing proof that technology is something to be welcomed rather than ignored.

AARP video- packed with facts and figures about baby boomers online!

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