Age UK join forces with Gransnet

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Since starting my blog I’ve become a regular visitor of Age UK’s website because it is packed with handy information, I’ve even taken part in several of their campaigns including the annual Spread the Warmth crusade and The Big Knit.

Now Age UK has teamed up with Gransnet, a social networking site directed specifically at grandparents, together they are hosting online forums which allow users to interact with other people who are a similar age and have similar lifestyles.

Gransnet Age UK online forum

Age UK recently joined Gransnet to host online forums

The forums covers all sorts of subject areas from hobbies to family and friends, TV and film recommendations to more serious topics like healthcare and politics- there really is something for everyone.

The partnership is set to be extremely successful as both Age UK and Gransnet have loyal followings that will get a lot from each other. Plus both organisations behold the same mission of ensuring a happy and healthy life for older people.

Join the discussions with Age UK and Gransnet here.

Age UK 10K run- Wrap Up & Run

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After a sporty start to the year, my daughter Lucy recently completed a marathon in Florida and Bath-Knight’s call centre manager Emma announced that she would be taking part in the 2012 London Marathon. I thought I’d share with you more information about Age UK’s 10K runs.


Throughout March Age UK will be hosting six 10K runs at up and down the country. ‘Wrap Up & Run’ will hopefully raise awareness of Age UK’s winter campaign ‘Spread the Warmth’. All fundraising money will go directly to the campaign which safeguards elderly people from ill health and in extreme cases death during the winter months.

I can’t say that I’ll be running 10K myself (it’s a little too far for me) but I’m hopeful that the local event in Tatton Park will be a great training opportunity for my team of fitness fanatics- register for the run on Age UK’s official website.

Age UK’s Bobble Day 2012

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This time last year the entire office when bobble crazy for Age UK’s first ever ‘Bobble Day’, a fundraiser to support the charity’s ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign.

After great success in their first year Age UK decided to make Bobble Day an annual event. Encouraging the entire country to wear their winter woollies, knit something woolly or even better make lots of woolly bobbles (we attached ours to hats, glove and socks). Hopefully raising awareness of how important staying warm during the winter is, especially amongst elderly and vulnerable members of society.

Bobble Day 2012

Unfortunately we’ve not had time to make any Bath-Knight bobbles this year but we are all wearing our winter woollies. I’m sure you’ll agree that today couldn’t be a better example of how importantly wearing warm clothing, drinking plenty of hot tea and ensuring that your central heating is warming your home sufficiently actually is.


This year Age UK has joined forces with Grannies Inc a fantastic company who produced one off knitted accessories. I’d highly recommend checking out their website as it packed with fantastic ideas and collections.

Together they have created a woolly bobble hat dedicated to Bobble Day, which is available to purchase now. The brightly coloured woolly is the perfect accessory to wear if you’re out visiting elderly friends, family and neighbours during wintery spells.

This year’s campaign has also gained support from well-known faces within the media as Sir Roger Moore, Joanna Lumley, Jo Wood and Roxanne Pallett have all pledged their support to Bobble Day.  You can join them by supporting Bobble Day via the Age UK website. Here you’ll find a fool proof guide to making woolly bobbles and more information about the campaign in general.

For more tips about staying warm check out my Winter Warmers blog which includes handy tips and advice on how to stay safe and beat the cold this winter.

Age UK Donate a Coat celebrity supporters

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Age-UK LogoRecently Age UK introduced 2011’s Donate a Coat campaign. Encouraging the public to dig out their old winter coats and donate any which they won’t be wearing to Age UK shops up and down the country. With all proceeds going to Age UK’s ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign.

Excitingly the campaign has kicked up a gear and attracted some high profile support as celebrities from all over the entertainment industry have parted with their winter warmers for Age UK.

Holly Willoughby

The likes of Katherine Jenkins, Graham Norton, Holly Willoughby, June Whitfield, Lynda Bellingham, Gary Lineker and Fearne Cotton have all donated a stylish coat along with a host of other famous names.

june whitfield

Working in association with The Daily Mirror, Age UK has set up an eBay store so that you can bid on the star studded coats with all proceeds going to Spread the Warmth campaign. Helping make winter easier for older people here in the UK.

View The Mirror’s article for more ways to donate and links to all coat auction sites.

Donate a Coat campaigns

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For many people winter is a particularly testing time and with ever increasing heating bills staying warm during the cold winter months is becoming tougher and tougher, especially for elderly and vulnerable members of society.

Age UK the charity for older people have relentlessly campaigned for further help for the elderly during the winter. Their ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign is rolled out each year and aims to make winter as easy as possible with advice, information and schemes which have the potential to make a real difference.

age uk donate a coat

This winter Age UK are introducing ‘Donate a Coat’ which has also been adopted by The Salvation Army. Both scheme run along the same lines, simply encouraging the general public to donate any unwanted winter coats which can be passed on to someone in need.

Age UK’s appeal is aimed more specifically at older people with donation been made in stores. The coats will go on to be sold and all processed will then be ploughed directly into the Spread the Warmth campaign.   

With some seriously high profile support from the likes of supermodel Elle MacPherson, actress Helen Mirren and fashion designer Stella McCartney, who have all donated a winter warmers. Age UK’s scheme is set to be a big hit.

Elsewhere The Salvation Army is working in association with breakfast TV programme Day Break who will be promoting the campaign from 21st– 25th November. Also rallying a host of celebrity support from Arlene Phillips, Gok Wan, James Corden, Theresa May, Phil Tufnell and soap stars from Emmerdale and Coronation Street plus many more, their Donate a Coat campaign is reaching out to the masses.

Salvation army donate a coat

With a promise to pass any donated coats on to vulnerable people who are struggling to afford suitable winter wear. The charity has created hundreds of outlet for people to donate with 150 Salvation Army depot points across the country and 340 ASDA supermarkets holding donation points on their car parks. Providing ample opportunity for everyone to get on board and make a donation.

I think that both schemes are wonderful ideas; brilliantly simply but incredibly effective in the winter months. The only specifications, which both Age UK and The Salvation Army ask are for the donated coats to be in a good condition. Remember that size, style, colour and brand don’t matter. The charities are simply looking for generous donations which will help keep someone safe and warm.

I’m more than happy to join a good cause and donate a coat myself. Will you be donating one too?

Cold Weather Alerts Service

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Last year we experienced the coldest winter in 100 years and despite efforts from various organisations to keep vulnerable sectors of society safe thousands of older people died simply due to the cold weather.

In an attempt to tackle the estimated 27,000 unnecessary winter deaths a ‘Cold Weather Alert Service’ has been launched today.

Provided by the Met Office and Department of Work and Pensions the scheme principally works with the NHS and other agencies such as social services to help implement safe guards against winter deaths.

Cold Weather PosterUpon reports of significantly bad or server weather approaching the Met Office will now issue weather alters (ranging in levels dependent on circumstances). From there the NHS and other organisations involved take actions to ensure public safety.

Read a full report from the Met Office regarding the Cold Weather Alert Service here.

These actions involve ensuring that vulnerable older people receive a daily house call when the weather is particularly bad, providing human contact and ensuring personal safety, which is particularly reassuring.

It comes as no surprise that Age UK– the UK’s largest charity for older people are backing the weather alert service incorporating the service in their ‘Spread the Warmth’ winter campaign.

Personally, I think that the service is a positive step forward. However, it’s difficult to avoid the problem of ever increasing high cost of energy bills, which is ultimately causing significant problems. I think many would agree that until people can heat their homes significantly winter will continue to be a difficult time.

Bobble Day

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Friday mornings kick off with a Bath-Knight Managers meeting; however last week’s meeting was a rather different affair.

As the team and I went over our facts and figures, we were soon whirled up in bright orange wool as we attempted to make orange bobbles for Age UK’s Official Bobble Day.

The bobbles, which reminded everyone of the finishing touch to a brilliant winter woolly hat, were the driving force behind Age UK’s first Bobble Day, which has sprung from the charities ‘Spread the Warmth’ winter campaign.


I’ve taken an active interest in this particular campaign as I was startled by the shocking statistics that show 250 elderly people die every day because of the cold weather.

Participating in the first ever Bobble Day was great fun for everyone involved, even if cutting out cardboard circles was a rather laborious task, the bobble idea itself was very unique and got everyone talking.

Age UK made a great effort to make the campaign digital and online. We tweeted the team over at Age UK throughout the day and heard that they were delighted with our efforts towards the brightly coloured bobble day; the entire day had an orange theme everything from bobbles to clothes and even cakes and cookies were orange!


A rather special touch is the online gallery which Age UK set up specifically for Bobble Day featuring fabulous photos of people from all over the country making and wearing their orange bobbles proudly. The gallery includes everyone from well know famous faces, elderly people, babies, office workers, charity workers and even their pets.

We made a special bobble for office doggie Portia and she was featured in the online gallery to my great delight. Bath-Knight’s Marketing Manager was also over the moon to see her cat Smokey in the gallery, after she took a photo of him rolling around in orange wool as she was making bobbles at home.

Overall Bobble Day was great and although we’re still not quite sure what we will be doing with all of our bobbles. Maybe we could stitch them onto a woolly scarf or quilt. The Bath-Knight team raised funds for Age UK’s Bobble Day which is marvellous.

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